PCampATL: Ladership narratives alignment of purpose
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PCampATL: Ladership narratives alignment of purpose



Product Camp Atlanta 2011. Focus on creating Corporate Epics

Product Camp Atlanta 2011. Focus on creating Corporate Epics



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PCampATL: Ladership narratives alignment of purpose PCampATL: Ladership narratives alignment of purpose Presentation Transcript

  • WORKSHOP The Blended Art of Leadership, Narratives, and Aligning Purpose Richard Cullom Product Camp September 10, 2011
  • Agenda
    • The Value of Narratives in Culture
    • Leadership, Narratives, Alignment of Purpose
    • The Structure of Business Narratives
    • Finding and telling the Inner Truth
    • Stakeholder Specific Narratives
      • You
      • Your Team
      • Your Organization
      • Your Customers
  • We are Narrative People (Complex and Messy)
    • We thrive in gooey mess of complex, personal relationships that change over time
    • We like rules, when they apply to other people
    • We fear change yet we hate tedium
    • We are masters of situational ethics
  • Choice
    • People choose their level of participation
    • Why is the most important question of this century
    • “ Because I said so” no longer works
  • Leadership, Narratives, Alignment of Purpose Build your narratives to provide leadership on WHY
  • Structure: For the Team
    • In this current state, a cry is heard among the people
    • Something is wrong
    • A group of committed individuals recognizes the problem
    • They realize they are the only ones who can help
    • They form a team and begin work
    • They work long and hard, with great purpose and urgency
    • They bring the solution to the distressed
    • The distressed are able to free themselves of the shackles
    • And there was much rejoicing!
    • A bond was formed, between the team and the people, which could not be broken.
  • Exercise: Breaking it Down
    • The Current State has a Problem that affects the Community
    • The solution we are providing solves the problem
    • We are the only people who can solve this problem
    • We must solve it now because people are not fulfilled in some way
    • When we provide the solution, the State of the Community changes
    • And there is a Happy Ending
  • Exercise: Community
    • The People (characters) who are suffering in the current state
  • Exercise: Current State
    • The environment (setting) where the people in the community live
  • Exercise: Solution
    • Describe the journey (plot)
    • Add the “why” for your team (theme)
  • Exercise: Villains
    • Describe the enemy
    • Competitors
    • Time
    • Bugs
    • Disease
  • Exercise: Happy Ending
    • People want to be part of something bigger
    • People want to matter
    • People want to make a difference
      • Tell them how
  • Exercise: Putting it together
    • Community in a current state
    • Needs a solution
    • We are the only ones who can do it right
    • When we provide it
    • The community has a happy ending
  • Rings of Belief Organization Organization Team Team You Convince yourself FIRST
  • Exercise: Find Inner Truth
      • Start with a theme
      • Give it time
      • Keep learning
  • Understanding People
    • The elevator pitch – what do they want to know?
        • The boss (1-3)
        • The lead architect (3-6)
        • The person selling the system (6-9)
        • One of your best customers (9-15)
    • Story + Inner Truth + Personal Need + Corporate Impact – Time = Elevator Pitch
  • Exercise: Elevator Poetry
    • My Team
    • Is developing a Solution (the x project)
    • To help a community
    • Do something better ,
    • That gives them a happy ending
    • So they buy more from us,
    • trust us more,
    • hate us less
      • Theme: Doing this makes us money
  • Embrace the Elevator Go Tell Your Story! Thank You