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VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
VLE Standards
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VLE Standards


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VLE Standards …

VLE Standards

Vicki Weavers - Weston College

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. VLE Standards
    Vicki Weavers
    Weston College
    June 2011
  • 2. What are the VLE Standards?
    A set of criteria that we use to assess the quality and content of our courses on the VLE
    A means of demonstrating and sharing good practice.
  • 3. Student evaluations showed perceived value of good VLE courses
    Little consistency in quality of provision
    More structured approach to eLearning
    SMT determined access to online resources as a student entitlement
    Move from the ‘digital filing cabinet’
    Why were they developed?(1)
  • 4. Why were they developed?(2)
    Sets minimum expectations for online learning (Bronze)
    Structures training
    Coherent development & quality improvement plan
  • 5. Bronze
    Bronze Level Courses should have ALL of these:
    Scheme of Work or similar document
    Course handbook (may contain the above)
    Uses weeks/topics layout to group resources effectively
    A completed Course Summary (including key words) to enable course searching
    A Tool for communicating notices to students (eg News Forum or course calendar)
    Links to external websites
    Uploaded Assignment documents
    Active students
  • 6. Silver
    Silver Level Courses should have ALL of these:
    Evidence of online interaction between students and lecturers ( discussion forum or scheduled chat sessions)
    Multi-media / visual or audio resource (eg NLN, Youtube resource)
    Use the Upcoming Events function in the Calendar (eg assignment dates, visits, tutorials)
    Interactive self Marking Quizzes (or Hot Potatoes or similar)
    Use ‘Assignments’ to set, collect and mark student work or
    Use ‘Gradebook’ to record student achievement
    Use ‘Glossaries’ to build up a searchable bank of terms or concepts
    Feedback forms or similar to collect student opinion / data
    Clearly signposted extension and support activities / resources to provide differentiated learning
  • 7. Gold
    Gold Level Course should include at least three of these
    Use of student blogs (or similar reflective tool) to aid reflective learning or record progress
    Use of Wikis to allow collaborative student work
    Make use of Moodle forums to deliver Podcasts
    Embed self created video or sound clips in Moodle course
    Include some self created interactive content (egEXE, Glomaker, Xerte or similar)
    RSS Feeds to stream relevant news to your course page
    Use the HTML block to provide custom content
    Evidence of weekly activity from ALL learners on the course
  • 8. Timeline
    VLE Standards 2010/11
    All fulltime courses are to have a corresponding Learning Portal course by 1st September 2010
    All fulltime students must be informed of their Learning Portal log in and course details by lecturing staff by 20th September 2010
    All fulltime Learning Portal courses must meet the Silver standard by 3rd Jan 2011
    All fulltime courses will be assessed against the VLE Standards, and results passed to Faculty Heads by February 2011
  • 9. Why is it working???
    Monitoring/Reporting (written in to Course Reviews)
    Senior Sponsorship
  • 10. Impact...
    Staff and Learner Voice
  • 11. Next Steps
    Self Assessment
    Re-write the Standards
    Differentiate the Standards (WBL, HE, Inclusive Learning)
    Keep moving the goalposts!
  • 12. Questions?
    Or after 31st July -