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Ultimate music applications for the iPad
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Ultimate music applications for the iPad


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By Matt Ewens - Information Officer for the JISC RSC South West

By Matt Ewens - Information Officer for the JISC RSC South West

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  • 1. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Ultimate Guide This is a guide to music apps for the iPad, it features apps that at time of research (June 12) were rated over 4 stars on iTunes. All of the apps are available via the iTunes store and can be found by searching iTunes using the iPad device. To view the presentation please visit the Prezi, available: tions-for-the-ipad/ Sound Production Musical Instruments Music Tuition Other MusicalBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 2. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Sound Stars Cost Information production 4.5 £5.99 This is one of the top music production apps available. Has a Garage Band range of instruments, including: Voice, guitar, piano/keyboards, bass guitar, drums and allows you to plugin a guitar. (this requires a special device) V-Control Pro 5 £34.99 Fully-featured multi-touch mixing desk with control surface for Pro Tools, Logic 9, Cubase/Nuendo. Provides advanced control of sends, automation, groups, audition- ing, plug-ins, I/O assignment and more. Meteor Multitrack Re- 4.5 £13.99 Multi-track recorder, includes up to 12 tracks - stereo, mono or corder MIDI. Built in mixer and multi-effects processor. It also includes: virtual instruments, MIDI editor, Splitter, Metronome, bounce. StudioMini XL 4.5 £6.99 Easy to use recording studio, has a range of features including: metronome, records in 44.1kHz, multitracking, input monitoring, audio loops, import, solo, mute, recording, tuner, timeline, mixer faders. There are 78 loops, in 13 styles. DJ World 4.5 £5.49 Combines vinyl and jogdial MP3 control styles to suit every DJ. Comes with 30 tracks for free and has an import option. Includes: CD pitch bend wheels, make recordings and remix, duel audio waveform display, 5 sound FX (echo, flange, fade, bass boost) twin turntables and more. djay 4.5 £13.99 Full DJ system, features: music library, turntable, mix mode, beat/ tempo matching, FX list, live recording, scratching, pitch-bend, mixer, EQ, icloud integration iDJ2GO 4.5 FREE Create mixes with your iTunes music library. Features: scratch & mix, two turntables, crossfader, sync, pitch controls, interactive tutorial. idiotic 4.5 FREE Fun music instrument for creating pitch changing sounds, 8 colour- ful big keys. There are 20 sound banks built-in. TouchAble 4.5 £17.49 Control Ableton live from the iPad, navigate around your live set, walk away from the PC and perform live anywhere within a wifi range. Play sythns, use a double keyboard, record rhythms with 16 drum pads, 5 velocity steps & octaves. X-Y multi-dots play and morph movements. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 3. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Sound Stars Cost Information production 4.5 £13.99 Beat-synchorised DJ application to allow you to mix songs and Beat Rock beat match. Features: manual beat mode, time shift, add/remove frequencies, cue points, parametric looper, 3 effects simultaneously, record live sets, upload recordings, perform wirelessly. Pocket Wavepad HD 4.5 FREE A free sound editor for adding effects, recording, editing and send- ing audio, features: supports a number of file formats, editing, cut, copy, paste, insert, trim and more, normalise, echo, amplify, autotrim and select sample rates. Mixtikl 4.5 £4.99 Create music, mix in sound synths and customise, features: 12 track cell sequencer, note sensitive, tone generators, FX units, edi- tors, export, auto time stretch, play nad record and more. NanoStudio 4.5 £10.49 Recording studio, it features: Virtual analog synths, sample trigger pads, sequencer, sample editor, mixer, multiple effects, record- ing, layers, reverb, compression, EQ, share via SoundCloud, MIDI export. (try it for free by downloading via their website: Hip Hop Studio 2 4.5 FREE Features: Mastered instruments, tap metronome, 6 channels, low latency, save lyrics, export music, pan 6 vocal stacks, 1 free instru- mental. Geo Synthesiser 5 £6.99 Musical instrument and MIDI controller, features: load waveforms from samples, octave rounding, whammy slider, mono, string and fully polyphony modes. Pulsate 5 £0.69 Orbical rhythm creator iGuzheng 4.5 £1.99 A Chinese plucked zither, features: Record songs, stereo sam- ples, many playing techniques, pitch, two demo songs, two display modes. BeatMaker 2 4.5 £13.99 Build a virtual home studio, includes: multiple instruments, drum machine, keyboard interface, 10 effects, 3 effects slots, CoreMIDI support, Keyboard sampler, multi- track sequencer, wave editor, mixer console, large sound bank, sharing and global options and much more. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 4. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments XiPhone 5 FREE Simple interface, you can play 3 different instruments, flute, piano and xylophone. This would be useful for beginners as it shows which notes are played. Grain Science 5 £6.99 Designed for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX engineers, features: built-in waveforms, or record or import, programmable parameters, morphing, modulation, 4 FX units, distortion, high-low pass filters, phaser, flanger, chorus, echo, loop, synthesis, supports MIDI and customisable X-Y screen and more. Animoog 4.5 £20.99 Professional polyphonic synthesizer. Can control sound dynami- cally through an X/Y space. The sounds have been created from vintage Moog’s and oscillators. Sunrizer synth 5 £2.99 Virtual analog synthesizer. Mimics different sound waves, such as square wave and saw tooth. Features oscillators and mutli filters and modulators. Has a number of effects and an arpeggiator. Magic Zither 4.5 FREE A Chinese instrument, which allows tuition for a number of free tracks. Beautiful soundscapes can be played as a solo instru- ment. Play along to the free music provided, or switch between a keyboard and zither control. When the sounds are played watch in full screen mode Chinese images form when playing in the back- ground, this is wonderful! iTablaPro – Tabla Tan- 5 £17.49 Realistic table instrument, ideal for indian classical musicians and pura Player students. Includes 6 instruments, sound samples, metronome, tap tempo, mixer, presets and background play. DXi FM synthesizer 4.5 £1.49 An FM synthesizer, includes: 4 operators, Anti-aliased oscillator, 8 algorithms, envelope/frequency control, 2 master effects, inport/ex- port, audio recording, supports MIDI keyboards via core MIDI USB adaptor. Anaphobia Mini N/A FREE Basic synthesizer, can change the frequency and change the pre- sets. NodeBeat HD 5 £2.49 Make music with this app. Features: MIDI controller, 20 musical scales, 12 musical signatures, 7 octave range, different waveforms, sound sculpting, panning, record and save. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 5. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments Thicket 4.5 FREE Fun music app, which allows the user to change the dynamics of the music by using their finger or fingers. Interesting and lots of fun. Easy Xylophone 4.5 FREE Fun xylophone app, tap on the keys, which are listed – nice design and sound, although no recording features. SongSynth Free 4.5 FREE Interesting free app, includes a basic synthesizer, with 3 main sounds. Tone controls and release controls. Ideas can be recorded and easy major, minor, diminished chord sounds can be played with 1 key. Also has a notepad for jotting any thoughts. Drum Tap 5 £1.49 Mobile drumming studio, record, edit and playback. Designed for beginners and advanced. Visually pleasing drumkit and tab editor. Stochastik Drum Machine 5 £2.99 Drum machine that allows a probability setting. Can practice with 15 samples at a time and has over 1000 drum sounds. 32 voices and background audio. Import/export features. ThumbJam 5 £4.99 Has over 30 instruments, multi-sampled. Features tracks in any key or style. This makes use of tilt, shake to add vibrato, note bends and more. Can record samples. Orphion 4.5 £2.99 Pitched as an instrument between string and percussion sounds. Create soundscapes. polychord 4.5 £6.99 Hit the chord circles to play chords, strum keys and play notes. Switch from major to minor and different keys. NodeBeat HD 5 £2.49 Make music with this app. Features: MIDI controller, 20 musical scales, 12 musical signatures, 7 octave range, different waveforms, sound sculpting, panning, record and save. Nylon String Guitar 4.5 FREE A virtual nylon guitar, easy to play. Features: strumming actions, string vibration, configurable chord sets, 3 different playing modes, left-handed support, dynamic touch, capo. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 6. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments TC-11 Multi-Touch 5 £20.99 Fully programmable synthesizer, with 64 presets. 21 Synthesizer modulator synthesis, 22 oscillator waveforms, 3 control- ler modules iSequence HD 4.5 £2.99 8-track sequencer, with lots of instruments (160) and DSP effects. Has recording features and metronome. Sound Prism 4.5 FREE Synthesizer, with 4 different presets. Create pleasing sounds and scapes with this app. Record and export. 76 Synthesizer 4.5 £1.49 Virtual analog monophonic synth for the ipad. Inspired by synths from the 70’s. Includes 3 oscillators, voltage control, glide, pitch bend, modulation, 8 effects, MIDI input support. ZX Plectrum 4.5 £0.69 An app to relive old 80’s computer sounds Conga Drums Free 5 FREE Can play a number of different modes from: Conga, Quinto, Tumba. Features: metronome, 4 different drums, 3 unique playing zones, 29 pocket beats, play along to music, pitch control. Arctic Keys 4.5 £2.99 Virtual analog sythnesizer, with duel oscillator. Fea- tures: synthesis, polyphony, different sound waves, effects, arpeggiator, sequencer, live phase recorder, compatible with IK multimedia iRIG MIDI, supports ex- ternal MIDI. KORG Ims-20 5 £22.99 An analog synth studio and complete recreation of the KORG MS-20 analog sequencer. Features: drum ma- chine, Korg’s Kaoss Pad technology. Features: modula- tion, key/tempo, insert effects, control notes, pan, vol- ume, 7 channel mixer, master effects, 16 patterns and much more. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 7. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments Hand Drums Free 4.5 £1.99 Hand drums has 9 unique hand drums, including: Bon- go, Boudran, Djembe, Duff, Pakhara, Tambourine and Timbale, features: 4 unique playing zones, visual 3D effects, metronome, 29 pocket beats and loops, simulta- neously play drums. NLogSynth PRO 4.5 £10.49 Virtual analog synthesiser, features: On screen key- board, MIDI controllers, Sync to other devices, record, export and use other social media. Swarovski Refract 5 FREE Create audio and visual musical sound scapes – through triangles, easy to use and highly interesting music creator. Bongos Free 4.5 FREE Dynamic drums, if you hit them harder they sound louder, features: pro recorded drum sounds, natural drum rolling, pitch bend, duelling bongos so two people can drum away at the same time. SampleWiz 5 £6.99 Music creation app, features: 3 different sampling modes, presets, three playing surface modes, pitch rounding, finger vibrato, different scales, looping, trim- ming, unique visualisation, FX, two keyboards on screen, hold mode and more. Alchemy Synth Mo- 4.5 FREE Fun synthesiser, create beats and use a small X-Y pad bile area to develop interesting soundscapes, features: Remix pad to morph sounds, 16 performance controls, external MIDI support, copy and paste, velocity sensitiv- ity, 25 sounds. PixelWave 4.5 £0.69 Experimental sythn with old school pixel interface, features: Mutitouch arpeggiator, recording, export to .wav, copy/paste, predefined waveforms, changeable octaves, low-pass filter, MIDI IN support. 8bit Drum 4.5 FREE Vintage computer drum kit, 24 drum kits appropriate for 80’s video games. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 8. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments Djembe! Free n/a FREE Nice drum, which has different timbre, can select songs from the device to play as backing tracks, also drum beats and metronome. Bebot – Robot Synth 4.5 £1.49 Part robot, part synth – unique multitouch control meth- od, features: 4 different sythn modes, analog-sounding filters, effects and overdrive, polyphonic synthesiser. Organ+ 4.5 £1.99 Organ emulator, features: 7 different organs, tonewheel, dual manuals, effects stick, reverb, chorus, vibrato, overdrive, percussion effects, 36 factory presets, export, metronome, 61-note keyboard, core MIDI support. Disney Spotlight 4.5 FREE Practice singing along to tracks with this app, features: Karaoke Streaming lyrics cue when you sing, pitch corrections, effects, record audio and video. Monolith Loop 4.5 FREE Create interactive music and interesting soundscapes, features: tap the screen to create circles, which when they collide with other circles will produce sounds, alter the speed, sound type, minor and major. Curtis 4.5 £6.99 Granular synthesiser, works by creating many tiny grains of sound from existing recordings to create new sounds, can record or add iTunes recordings. Tabla HD 4 FREE The harder you tap the screen the louder the drums will play, features: pro recorded drum sounds, natural drum rolling, pitch bending, duelling tablas. Epic Drum Set 4 FREE Record beats and play back at any time, you can save recordings and play over any song from iTunes. Choose from a range of 4 different drum sets, standard, industrial, hard rock, and junk. 12-String Guitar Lite 4.5 FREE Virtual guitar, comes with 3 types of instruments, acoustic, electric (Full version is £2.49 and and nylon. Realistic strumming action, record and save loops, auto 5 stars) strumming, mix and match chords, customise chord sets, support for left-handed, capo. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 9. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Musical Stars Cost Information Instruments Echo String 4.5 FREE Harp sounding instrument, features: 3 partition strings, chord mask, cool visual effects, record/play, two play- back speeds, tap LED to show/hide string notes. ImproVox 4.5 £2.49 Vocal instrument, real-time pitch and harmonisation to create lush harmonies as you sing, features: Real-time pitch, 4-part harmonisation, customisable key/scale selection, effects, mix as you sing, recording, sharing, import. Core Synth HD 4.5 FREE Monophonic synthesiser, includes: Pitch wheel, 2 oc- tave keyboard, keys light up when played, oscillator, 4 wave patterns, volume envelope, low pass filter. iVoxel 4.5 £7.99 Not only a vocoder, but is a singing machine as well. Features: Realtime analysis/resynthesis of your voice, pitch follower, voice spectrum, 300 prerecorded, poly- phonic sequencer, time warping, breath noise, effects, export/import and more. SSSSYNTH 4.5 FREE Monophonic virtual analog synthesiser, features: Osc x2, modulation, glide, EG, LFO, FX, delay, overdrive, keyboard. Drums 4.5 £0.69 Drum kits, features: create unique drum sets, 16-bit drum samples, play along to songs, realistic hi-hat and more. Pocket Organ C3B3 4.5 £1.99 Musical keyboard that simulates a Hammond organ, features: 61 keys, 5-octave duel keyboard, scrollable keyboard, key transpose option, reverb, overdrive ef- fects, scanner vibrato, chorus, 20 presets and more Bloom HD 4.5 £2.49 By Brian Eno, part instrument part composition and part arkwork, features: Classic, infinite, freestyle modes, 3 sounds, random mood shuffle, adjustable delay, evolve when idle, sleep timer. Ratatap Drums 4.5 £1.49 Swipe your fingers over the drums to make them sound, the harder you hit them the louder they sound, features: 10 built-in kits, fast response time, pitch bend, multi- track recording and more. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 10. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Music Stars Cost Information Tuition Ply 4 HD 4 FREE This piano-based tuition app allows the user to play (Playityourself) along with music on the piano. It pauses each note and highlights it on the piano. As the student improves and scores a high enough proficiency other music is un- locked. Guitar toolkit 4.5 £4.99 A collection of essential tools including: tuner, metro- nome, library of chords, scales and arpegios. Supports banjo, 12 string guitar, mandolin and ukulele. Magic Piano 4 FREE Follow beams of light on the iPad to play the notes that are projected on-screen. Learn new music and hit songs and unlock new tracks by completing games. Rhythm sight reading 4.5 £1.99 Follow rhythms through this app and develop your abili- trainer ties through the exercises available. Exercises can be played at different speeds and there is visual/audio feedback on progress. Time Trainer Metro- 5 £1.49 Not only a metronome, this app has 3 training tools to nome help develop a sense of time. Chord Tutor 4.5 £0.69 Use chord detection technology, a useful app – geared more towards beginners learning chords on the guitar. Includes: 48 major, minor, major 7 and minor 7th chords divided into difficulty levels. GA (learn Bollywood 5 £4.99 Vocal coaching for Bollywood music in Hindi/Urdu lan- music) guage (also includes English). On the Music Path 4.5 FREE This app features a series of beginner/medium and (lessons advanced guitar lessons from some of the top session cost) and guitarists in the business. (lessons are not free and costs vary) Guitar in 21 Days 4.5 FREE Featuring the first 9 guitar lessons, ideal for beginner guitar players. Goes through the basics right from the start from how to hold the guitar through to playing sim- ple chords. To complete the 21 days students will need to purchase the full course. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 11. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Music Stars Cost Information Tuition Drum School 4.5 £3.99 Learn drum beats from beginner level through to pro. Includes: 260 drum grooves, different styles, standard drum notations, variable tempo rates, bass lines, video performance, drum fills, practice modes. Guitar Sight Reading 4.5 £1.99 Teaches the student to learn how to sight read. In- Trainer cludes a progress reader, 15 alternate tunings, visual fret board Ilmprov - modal 5 £2.49 Created for jazz musicians of all levels to help them take on challenges when improvising. Includes con- cepts and music theory, with written and audio exam- ples. Tenuto 5 £2.49 12 customisable exercises designed to enhance the students’ musicality. Teaching the student how to rec- ognise chord sounds, intervals. So there are many ear training exercises that will prove useful. SongBook Chordpro 5 £3.99 For amateur and professional musicians, manages the songs complete with lyrics and chords. Includes chord libraries for guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and piano. Synchronised with dropbox. Perfect Pitch Piano 4.5 £0.69 Piano game for learning how to play the piano. Moozi Maj Pro 4.5 £0.69 Claims that the student can learn to read music in 10 minutes. Has help to learn about keeping in time, dura- tions, sharps, lines and spaces on the stave. iReal b 4.5 £5.49 Create, edit and share chord charts of favourite songs, practice with piano, guitar, bass and drum accompani- ments. Features different styles of music: Jazz, swing, bossa nova and rock. Transpose, 50 exercises includ- ed, loop, support for iRig/AmpliTube. Piano Notes Pro 4.5 £1.99 Teaches piano, features: MIDI input, large note range 5 octaves, teaching mode, multiple quiz types, all key signatures, help modes, coloured keys * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 12. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Music Stars Cost Information Tuition Guitar Trainer HD 4.5 £1.99 An educational game to learn the location of notes on the fretboard of the guitar. Train your ear, realistic rendi- tion of instrument, left-hand mode available, training options, visualise progress. Piano Complete 4.5 £6.99 Learn to play songs, with over 500. There are over 1000 lessons, features: 88 key piano with multi-touch, reverb, metronome, resizable keys, chord support, glis- sandro, sharps, labels, sustain pedal, sheet music. Dave Mustaine: Gui- 4.5 £6.99 From beginner to expert, learn how to play heavy metal tar Prodigy music, features: slow down, looping, line-in enabled so you can hear your own guitar in the mix, guitar FX, chromatic tuner, touch screen time bar, fast forward and rewind, pause, play, guitar backing track volume, poly- phonic pitch detection, original megadeath recordings, performance feedback, 4 levels of difficulty. Blues Guitar Lessons 4.5 FREE Easy to use app to help students learn how to play blues music, features: Blues video lessons, 6 must know blues chords, 6 blues scales, 6 guitar lick tutori- als, blues manual, video streaming, access to over 900 lessons. Drum Linear 4.5 £0.69 No audio, it generates random beats for the drummer to practice and much more. Drum Secrets 5 £1.49 Contains 10 videos professionally presented giving expert demonstrations, features: Tutorials on building stamina, develop speed and strength, combinations, learn rudiments, fills, keeping time, triplets, samba and more. Piano *+ 4.5 £6.99 Learn melodies using this virtual piano app. Play Along with a 4.5 £1.99 Helpful hints to keep up with the music, follow the vio- Violinist lin part, features: Fully functional 85-key piano keys, 3 piano types, draggable, 6 included songs. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 13. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information Pro metronome 5 FREE Not just a metronome, but will also enable the musician beats with sounds & to see the beats, features: extremely easy to use and lights AD FREE! 12+14 daily-used & extra time signatures, 7 best-selected Metronome tones, tap the beat, Tap to calculate BPM, power-saving mode, universal APP, RTP(Real Time Playback) Songsterr Plus 4.5 £6.99 Songsterr is a tab player app with instant access to re- alistic playback of 400,000 high quality guitar, bass and drum tabs. You can search tabs by keyword or browse by tags and popularity. forScore 4.5 £2.99 This is a music score app and enables the user to view thousands of music scores. There is a visual metro- nome to keep time and scores can be easily managed. The user can even add their own notes and annotations to the scores. Tunebook 4.5 £1.49 Music score app, for music expressed in ABC format – for a simplified text-based notations. Autoflip Sheet Music 5 £2.99 Sheet music viewer, automatically turns the pages in Viewer sync to the music. Also has a training session mode. DeepDish GigBook 5 £2.99 A music organiser, allows scores and songbooks to be added and organised. Metronome! 4.5 £0.69 Easy to use, simple design – adjust the tempo, tap beats, can mix with other apps, Italian tempo reference names. Anytune Pro HQ 5 £10.49 This enables the tempo of songs to be slowed down. Ideal for trying to learn a complex solo. Tuner 4.5 FREE Tune for guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, cello, violin, viola or ukulele. Useful app for hearing the correct tuning pitch/notes. Pro Tuner 4.5 £1.99 A chromatic tuner for guitar and bass. Has up to 100 built in tuning modes. Supports built-in mic and lin-in modes. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 14. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information Meta DJ - DJ. Mix. 4.5 £13.99 iTunes integration, BMP analysis, sync to tracks and Beats tempos, 4 cues/loop points, performance drum ma- chine, sampler, 15 master effects and more. EasyBeats 2 Pro 4.5 £1.49 Create new drum beats, 16 pads, sample kits, 16 loop- Drum Machine able bars, multitouch pattern editor, change samples, adjust pitch, wav export and more. HardWire HT-6 Fast- 4.5 £2.99 Tune the guitar fast with this app. One stum is all that is Tune required. Works with acoustic and electric guitars. unrealBook 5 £2.99 Access to entire library of music or lyrics. Alphabetized and indexed to make it easy to find music. StepPolyArp –MIDI 4.5 £7.99 Does not play sound itself, it transmits MIDI notes to Step Polyphonic a mac or PC to be used in combination with any se- Arpeggiator quencer. Features: 1-32 step programmable matrix, 16 presets, 11 configurable transposition lines, 8 octaves, velocity, modulation, pan, aftertouch, pitch bend, 6 ar- peggiator modes. The history of Jazz - 4.5 £6.99 Interactive timeline of the history of jazz, featuring audio an interactive time- and video. Features: chronological order, traverse line through genres, learn about seminal figures in jazz, es- sential songs from essential musicians. RealBeat 4.5 £1.99 A sampler to enable you to record sounds and create rhythms from. Features: text to speech, pitch, sequenc- er, patterns, live effects, mixer, export, internal micro- phone support. 50 Blues Guitar Licks 4.5 £2.99 Features interactive video lessons, tab, commentary, standard notation and practice rhythm tracks. Bandm8 4.5 £1.49 All-in-one musical performance rehearsal organiser, fea- tures: manage multiple bands, detailed notes, practice along to tracks, performance screen, make recordings. The Guitar Collec- 4.5 £6.99 This is an exploration of George’s historic guitars and tion: George Har- the songs he played on, features: 360 degree images of rison guitars, detailed history, music library, rare audio, hi-res images, interviews, postcards. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 15. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information MidiPads 5 £2.99 Fully configurable drumpad and MIDI controller, fea- tures: support for USB MIDI, presets, customisable, 64 drum parts, several modes, touch pads, drum pads, pitch bend, modulation, much more. SoundPrism Pro 4.5 £10.99 Composition and MIDI controller, features: interactive generator, control VSTis, synthesiser and sound mod- ules, find new chord progressions, create loops, sound texture. JamUp Lite 4.5 FREE Studio grade guitar/bass effects processor, features: multi-stage authentic modelling engine, 1 hybrid amp model, 4-studio grade stomp boxes, racks, proces- sors, iTunes jam player with loop, drag and drop path, 6 user presets, chromatic tuner, supports JamUp plug and most headset guitar adaptors and Alesis IO Dock, Apogee JAM and more. GlitchMachine 4.5 £1.99 Music synthesiser – the BYTE wraps around a final out- put value to a number between 0 – 255, features: Inter- active code editing, waveform and data visualisations, WAV export, save and load expressions, configurable theme. Bagpipe Tuner 5 £7.49 Accurately detects the pipe chanter notes, drones and displays the note, frequency and pitch position, fea- tures: Auto detection and display of notes, analog style meter, frequency display meter, input waveform meter, frequency position bar, calibration, internal microphone, large frequency detection range. Metronome 5 FREE Accurate timer, provides audio/visual feedback, fea- tures: Tested with clock time regulation, visual indication to see the beat, 4 metronome voices. Guitar Tuner! 4.5 £1.99 Easy to use, accurate audio/visual tuner can check the pitch, features: standard Musicnotes Sheet 4.5 FREE Access your music library and sheet music on the iPad, Music Viewer for features: Importing to, high resolu- iPad tion arrangements, built-in type tool, easy page turns, zooming, organise into sets, transpose, includes 5 free songs, conductor mode. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 16. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information Cleartune – Chro- 4.5 £2.49 Instrument tuner and pitch pipe to accurately tune your matic Tuner instrument. Uses the built-in mic in the iPhone or exter- nal mic Looptastic HD 5 £10.49 Create re-mixes and non-stop compositions, features: Includes more than 900 loops, record, tempo sync, 13 realtime effects, mixer, scratch strip, capture and export performances to MAC or PC, tap tempo. Filtatron 4.5 £5.49 Real-time audio effects suite and studio tool, features: Oscillator, FX modules, waveforms, envelope follower, presets, record and playback, file sharing. SightRead4Piano 4.5 FREE Trains the brain and eye to play new music effectively, features: browse by grade – key signature or time sig- nature, preview mode, adjust the playing speed, keep time with audible metronome. Overdub 4.5 FREE A layered sound recorder and sampler sequencer, fea- tures: Record and play, layer tracks, audio clips, song resizes, metronome, loop recording, zoom, export. Tempo SlowMo - 4.5 FREE Practice tool for musicians and dancers, allows the BMP Slow Dancer musician to slow down the songs to practice slowly, fea- tures: Import tracks, support for iTunes, change tempo between 50% and 100%, plays in the background, con- tinuous loop, input for mic, import from dropbox, import from computer over wi-fi, import from email. Control (OSC + 4.5 FREE Control enables users to create their own interfaces for MIDI) controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applica- tions, features: Outputs both wireless MIDI and open sound control, Bi-directional communication, script behaviours, auto wi-fi discovery. GrooveMaker Elctro 4.5 £6.99 For creating electronic dance and hip hop tracks in real for iPad time, features: Instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks, play, mix and randomise, combine tracks, ma- nipulate loops, save/preview and recall mixes, upload tracks via wi-fi. AmpKit 3.5 FREE Is a guitar plugin app, enabling effects boxes for exter- nal guitar. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 17. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information Ear Trainer Lite 4.5 FREE Educational tool for musicians or anyone wanting to improve their musical ear, features: Interval comparison, chord identification, chord progrssions, scales, piano, plays exercises and allows students to repeat the notes and shows the score. Stompbox 4 £13.99 Turns the iPad into a fully fledged digital effects box, complete with chromatic guitar tuner, features: Loop, 17 effects, 7 distortion units, chain up to 12 effects, media player, 4 track loop recorder, metronome, chromatic tuner, stereo routing, visual foot controller, tap tempo, whammy bar, iRig compatible, bass guitar compatible. ProTuner Chronmatic 4.5 £0.69 Chromatic instrument tuner, features: Unique ‘note Tuner wheel’ interface allowing you to quickly find the pitch, can tune acoustic, electric, bass, bowed, woodwind, brass, piano, tympani, tablas and more, needle damp- ening option, change theme. iShred LIVE 4 FREE Plug your electric guitar into your iPad and have access to free effects pedals, features: Hot fuzz, duel chorus, trembler, adrenaline, compressor, screamer, phaser, octavinator, autowah, resonant. Optima Guitar Tuner 4.5 £0.69 Real time chromatic tuner for guitar, features: Frequen- cy display, note/octave display, invert colours, rotation, guitar audio samples. Spectrogram Pro 4.5 £1.99 Conducts real-time spectral analysis of the sounds around you, us it to discover images in music, analyse frequencies. GuitarScript Tab Edi- 4.5 £5.49 Makes writing guitar tab simple, features 13 instrumen- tor tal voices and built-in tunings, features: Share and view from PC using iTunes, tap and drag features, intervals of eighth and sixteenth, play back, change tuning, built- in capo and more. Microphone + Re- 4.5 FREE Turns the i device into a microphone, features: record- cording ing, backup using iTunes, share recordings, manage recordings, retina display. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer
  • 18. Innovative Music Apps for the iPad Other Musical Stars Cost Information PocketAmp – Guitar 4 £2.99 For use with iRiffPort device, features: High fidelity, 4 Amp and Effects amps, 4 cabs, 7 effects, built in iPod music player to play iTunes music, time stretch, modulation, low latency, different style amps for other musical styles and more. Metronome 9 4.5 £0.69 For keeping time, features: Intuitive interface, tempo ranges from 44 – 208, 30 different time signatures, Ital- ian tempo marking, adjust sound, tap tempo, lock mode, animation effects. SoundYeah 4.5 £1.99 Record sounds and play them back with various effects, features: record using a mic, using a headset, using a custom cable, play and much more. AmpliTube Fender 5 FREE Tone guitar with built in recording and practicing stu- Free dio, using AmpliTube iRig interface adaptor, features: Real time guitar multi-FX, 4 stomp boxes, 2 mic modes, single track recorder, import/play songs, slow down or speed up the tempo, 36 presets can be saved, includes tuner and metronome. Play along with the 4.5 £6.99 Includes guitar transcriptions for early Beatles songs, Beatles Volume 1 includes: tuner, tab guide, tab and 27 songs. * Prices and star ratings may vary over timeBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer