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JISC RSC South West Newsletter, Issue 20
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JISC RSC South West Newsletter, Issue 20


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JISC RSC South West Newsletter, Issue 20

JISC RSC South West Newsletter, Issue 20

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. RSC NewsletterStimulating and supporting innovation in learning Issue 20 - Dec 2011 In this issue.... New National Website 1 JISC RSC Impact Report 2New National Website for the RSCs S&B Award-Winning Bid 3JISC Regional Support Centres Regional Events 4(RSCs) are pleased to announce the JISC RSC Social Network 5launch of their new website. Social Media: 6The 12 RSCs - operating as a UK wide A Practical Guidesupport network - have a proven trackrecord across the sector for providing Social Media Case Studies 7expert advice and guidance in theeffective use of technology. The Teachers’ Voice 8website provides a common route tonews, events and resources, Turbo T.E.L. II 9increasing user access to a richer seam of information from all RSCs, Web Conferencing 10-11whilst maintaining regional connections. Procurement 12-13Key features of the new website include: Cool Tools For Teaching 14 • Seamless access to information from both a UK and regional perspective Webcast Experiences 15 • Up-to-date news and event listings • Advice and guidance on how RSCs support you and your Using QR Codes 16-17 organisation from maximising efficiencies to enhancing the student experience ACL Strategy Support 18 FE Strategy Support 19In creating a living website the RSCs can deliver more for less andimprove the user experience by reducing time spent in searching. What Workshops 20 Do You Want?Explore the new JISC RSC South West website by following this link: may notice several changes to the look and feel of the websiteand the way it functions. At the top left-handside of the page there are keythemes, these are national areas of interest. The regional navigation canbe found underneath for access to everything related to the South Westregion.We would also like to encourage providers to visit our educational socialnetwork, which will contain additional resources, information and updatedcontent, including other events of interest. Please get involved! Newsletter designed by Matt Ewens - Information Officer 1
  • 2. JISC RSC SW Webinars JISC RSC Impact ReportWe hold regular online webinars The impact of the RSCs work, demonstratingfoccused around a variety of the benefits brought totopics. supported learning providers is illustrated in a new report for the Academic Year 2010-11To find out about all of ourpreviously recorded webinars, Key achievements include:please visit our Ning, whichcontains all the resources. • Delivering over 2,500 consultations with UK learning providers to help them meet their technologygroup/onlineevents objectives. • Running more than 650 RSC eventsPast Online webinar snapshot and peer-to-peer forums attended by 10,000 delegates.The Future of Learning is Mobile • Providing bespoke training to over 350 learning providers. • Participating in over 600 events with partners to share knowledge and expertise. Case studies illustrate the tangible benefits the RSC network bring to learning providers - from improving strategies to reaping cost and efficiency savings. One learning provider said about their RSC experience “I would not be able to perform my role anywhere near as well as I do ifWatch the video online the RSC were not as active in my role and development as they have been in the three years that I have been in this position.”Intellectual Property Rights forEducational Environments VLE reaps rewards and awards Through direct support and advice provided by the RSC, S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol secured funding for an online learning project which has led to their winning a bronze award at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards in 2011. The ‘Jericho’ project involved the purchase of network cameras installed at apprentices’ places of work to create a more efficient system ofWatch the video online assessment. Now, assessment can take place at any time required; the assessor logs in to the VLE and accesses the online camera for thatCloudWorks and CloudEngine apprentice’s workplace. The project also allows the learning provider to host virtual workplace visits at schools allowing potential candidates to exchange information about the benefits of the scheme with existing apprentices, helping to increase retention. We helped to write the funding bid, exploring whether similar projects were already in existence, provided guidance on the length of interactive online sessions and found quantitative evidence from the National Learner Satisfaction Survey to tailor the bid by incorporating former student feedback.Watch the video online Without the successful bid S&B would still have ten assessors having to cover 300,000 miles to assess 450 candidates all across the UK, taking over 10,000 hours travelling to assessments. Read the RSC Impact Report here.2
  • 3. S&B Automotive Academy: Jon Winter, Managing Director, S&B Automotive AcademyAward-Winning Bid Writing on the award-winning bid and project as a whole:The Jericho project funded by the LSISFlexibility and Innovation Fund has “I think it’s great because it givesenabled S&B Automotive Academy to host the RSC a kudos, because thevirtual workplace visits at schools using concept was awarded bronze, butinnovative netcam technology. This allows the people involved in thepotential apprentices to exchange real concept were the RSC and S&B -world information so I think it is important to recognise the work behind theWebcamThe technology has been so scenes as well.”successful that both S&B and e-LearningAdvisor David Rowe from JISC Regional “I think that bidding for fundingSupport Centre South West (JISC RSC SW) have recently won a bronze will help a great deal. If you areaward at the international IMS Global Learning Awards. successful with the funding then it gives you a badge that says thatThe initial bids for both the award and LSIS funding were supported by it is endorsed - I thinkthe JISC RSC SW; therefore, this case study aims to provide practical nowadays it’s all aboutadvice on the writing of a bid to support practitioners who want to write a collaboration as well.”succinct, informative application to win hearts and minds. “To do it on your own is veryFollowing on from the success of S&B’s previous netcams project to difficult, I think that if you dostreamline assessment in the workplace, it wanted to provide potential create a project and do it aloneapprentices the opportunity to experience what it was like in the that is narrow-minded. It’s aboutworkplace. So the idea being that pupils in schools would be able to sharing and collaborating andexplore the workplace choices available to them and view existing benefiting the whole country. Andapprentices working live. benefiting people like ourselves by using technology.” In enabling potential apprentices the chance to explore these options, Jon “It’s definitely working with believed that this would help to resolve partnerships such as the JISC the issue of students dropping out of RSC SW that really works very apprenticeships or starting the wrong well to help replicate what we do ones. because they are a part of what we do. I think that these networks The real challenge that S&B and David act as a conduit for sharing. We Rowe faced during the development of certainly would not have known the project was the inception and about so many things availablecreation of the bid and the written content that formed it. For David in without these kind ofparticular, the most important and challenging part of the bid writing partnerships, I think everyone canprocess is to provide a succinct and well written summary. In fact the benefit from a single model.”summary is perhaps the most important aspect of the bid as it is this initialprcis that will either break or make a successful bid, as David Rowe sums “The sustainability is in everyup: project we have done and has been economical or cost-wise.‘You have got to get the language right and grab people’s attention in the The sustainability is that we areearly stages of the bid, because you really have to hit them between the using technology that anyone caneyes with the main objectives of what the bid is about. You have also got use.”to make sure that the language hits the criteria in a clear andunambiguous fashion. You have got to provide whoever is reading the bid “You’re doing something that canwith a hook to keep them interested enough to read the rest of it.’ - be easily replicated by anyDavid Rowe, e-Learning Advisor, JISC Regional Support Centre organisation with reasonableSouth West costs, in terms of the netcams project.”Read the full case study via the Excellence GatewayBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer 3
  • 4. JISC Digital Media Regional EventsWorkshops Making the Move to Moodle2?Video Production 1: Lecturesand Interviews 2-day course Date: 27/01/2012 Audience: The event is ideal for Moodle support teams(technical andWednesday 25 January 2012 and user support), Web Developers, Managers involved in26th January 2012 implementing/developing Moddle, anyone involved in developing or using Moodle and is considering an upgrade to Moodle 2Two-day course: 10.00 - 16.30 Location: South Devon Collegeeach day Price: £90 Starts: 10.15am until 4.30pmAim Booking link: use of video in education has php?id=23ceased to be an occasional View programmeoccurrence, but the quality of View flyervideos has not kept pace withtheir popularity. This course is Spring Specialist Colleges Forumintended to instil basiccompetence in the many areas Date: 01/02/2012of knowledge that are needed Audience: Networking and good practice sharing for IT, teaching andto produce good video work. A support staff in Specialist Collegeshands-on approach is taken, such Location: Ruskin Mill Collegethat during the two days of Price: FREElearning about video techniques Starts: 9.00am until 3.30pmthe participants will actuallyproduce two short videos. All Booking link: and facilities will be events.aspxsupplied. VLE & Intranet Developers ForumPLEASE NOTE: This is atwo-day course. Course fees are Date: 15/03/2012as follows: Audience: All staff interested in VLEs, from HE/FE/ACL/Specialist Colleges and WBL sectors£275 for participants from UK Location: Taunton SchoolHigher or Further Education Price: £35£325 for participants fromgovernment, charities, libraries, Booking link: or museums events.aspxBook: http://www.jiscdigitalmedia. To view all future events please visit the JISC RSC South West pages.duction-1-lectures-and-interviewsFor all training courses pleasevisit: http://www.jiscdigitalmedia. National NIACE Training Course: Making More of your Online Course A six week online course Dates: Monday 20 February - Friday 30 March 2012 Course fee: £175 (NIACE members rate) £195 (Non NIACE members rate) Book by following this link: 4
  • 5. JISC RSC Social Network eSafetyIt has been a year since we created our Ning social network and whilst it New UK cyber strategy –has not featured a long stream of conversations from the 300+ members, improving security throughit is being used as a repository for post event resources and information partnerships with private sector.about events and news. A national s ecurity hub, cyber crime unit and single reportingWhat do you think of our social network? What do you think could be system for financially motivatedimproved? What would you like to see in the cyber network? There is a suggestedWhat do you think we are getting right? How voluntary codeto you value the social network, are there of conduct forareas you are unfamiliar with, such as our ISP’s ofRSS feeds, Twitter feed or other social relevance inmedia? Would you like to know more about FE and media? http://www.These are the kind of questions I would really some feedback on to try and ManageCon-further develop the social network and make it tent/ViewD-as useful for our providers as possible. etail/ID/2246/ New-UK-Cy-Please fill in the quick survey, which will help us to make improvements ber-Security-Strategy-Unveiled. aspx Are you an Accidental outlaw? take the knowthenet test on the Video Highlights legal use of social networking, twitter face-book and Controlling email notifications Overview of the Ning so on etc http://accidentaloutlaw. Sourced by Julia Taylor, e-Learning Adviser View video View video How Inclusive is your Intellectual Property Rights for teaching practice Educational Environments View video View video 5
  • 6. RSC SW Social Media Stats Social Media A Practical GuideNov 10 - Nov 11 Social media, well firstly what is it and why is it important?RSC South West Ning Social Well social media is the ability to project media across the web and syncNetwork into that media the ability to target your audience and also generate dialog around that content. There are numerous examples of social media being4,603 Visits used today for many purposes, particularly businesses. In fact you could29,522 Page views argue that social media is the main advertising and marketing outlet for allAverage time on site 7 mins major companies around the world.Vimeo So why is this relevant to education?Total plays 1,180 It is relevant because now there is the ability to provide resources 24/7Total loads 19,606 and more than that of a VLE, to go beyond the spectrum and enable learners to access those resources using mobile devices and much moreSlideshare on the fly. Whilst not all learners will have access to these devices, particularly in the WBL and ACL sectors, it is likely in the future thatViews 23,800 prices will come down. Such is the demand for tablet devices and smart phones, for example Kindle are venturing into the market by developingYouTube the Kindle Fire. This potentially could be a lot cheaper than many other tablet devices.Views 617 So how on earth does all this help me, I mean I’m a teacher - what canPearltrees you suggest?5,700 views Okay that’s a fair question indeed. Lets see, well you could firstly contact myself Matt Ewens and I would be happy to talk through what I haveThe total views for all our done at the JISC RSC South West on social media are over 79,000 In terms of Facebook, there are now guides available about adopting Facebook into teaching practice and some very good examples can beFocus on Social Media in found on our Slideshare channel.Education; Some benefits andexamplesPresenting social media, a basicoverview of the benefits ofadopting social media, with usefullinks and resources SWGfL Facebook Guide Facebook as a Tool for Improving Student Outcomes This is a list of considerations that you might want to investigate: • Look at developing a blog to engage with your learners • Encourage learners to create their own blogs • Setup a professional Twitter feed • If you develop video content, use YouTube or Vimeo so that theView the presentation: http://pre- videos can be shared through blogs, Facebook and other • For seting up podcasts, use Huffduffer or Soundcloudsocial-media-in-education-some- • Use Pearltrees to capture useful websites to share and embedbenefits-and-examples/ • Get a account, sync to a Twitter list - automatic news and media everyday! • Sync accounts together so that they do the work for you 6
  • 7. Social Media Case Studies City of Bath College: Using YouTube and Facebook toRichard Huish College: Using Social Media to enhance deliver exceptional e-learningcommunication, peer review and reflective practice for music studentsGeography Teacher Millie Watts has The music team at City of Bathsuccessfully used social media, in College have utilised Facebookparticular Facebook and Blogger to and YouTube to create socialenhance and improve her students’ networking for their students. Thiscommunication, peer review and has had a direct andaccess to resources. Such has been positive impact on e-learning andthe impact of these developments that has been so popular with theone student in particular has been able students that the College hasto forge real-life business links and seen a 100% success rate forwork experience placements outside assignments completed. Thisthe college as well as generate an is the first time the College hase-portfolio that really stands out. seen such a high success rate forRadio broadcasts are also being used to provide Q&A sessions for its music courses.students that need extended support. All courses have now moved to aOne of the most important factors in the development of the College grade 1 and 2 for OfstedGeography Facebook pages has been the code of conduct/staff inspection results and their use oftraining to ensure that the right procedures were in place before the Web 2.0 applications (eg Googlepages were made available to students. Docs, Facebook and YouTube) has enabled a real collaborativeIn terms of the blogging Millie found this to be her preferred way of community, which is constantlyproviding her students with extended resources and content that her thriving and seeing real success.students could use and discuss. The blog called ‘What I Taught inGeography this Week’ has been a great success seeing well over 10,000 To read the full case study, visitviews. This is mainly not just because the content is rich and useful for the Excellence Gateway: http://the students, but also because Millie has embedded a CoveritLive into the blog which enables students to ask annoymous page.aspx?o=299885questions about any topic of study. Social media Articles written by“The ability to ask things anonymously is quite important because what Matt Ewens - Information Officerwe do tend to see is a bit of a paradox in that the really quietstudents who don’t like to put their hands up in class are theones that will engage the most online.” – Millie WattsGeography/Geology TeacherMillie asked one of her students, Vicki Taylor if she wouldlike to setup her own blog called ‘What I learnt in Geographythis Week’. The idea being that Vicki could use the blog tonot only put up all her own ideas and course notes on, butalso act as a portfolio of work. In fact Vicki’s blog hasbecome a very useful source for her peers as well ascreating opportunities at the MET office, where she hasactively been involved and even organising future guestblogs from local business.“I definitely think that the blogs and Facebook pages have made thelearning so much more interesting. It’s added another dimension to ussat in classrooms looking at text books and watching Powerpointpresentations.” - Vicki Taylor, Richard Huish Geography StudentA full case study will be published next year, which will be available onthe Excellence Gateway website, please keep posted on our case studiesweb pages: 7
  • 8. Previous Teachers’ Voices Teachers’ VoiceCornwall College on Second The teachers’ voice aims to bring together a collective ‘voice’ fromLife practitioners primarily part of the HE sector, covering their experiences of using and utilising technology within education. Richard Huish College: Facebook and Blogger Using Social Media to enhance communication, peer review andWatch the video here reflective practicePlymouth College of Art and Watch the video by following this linkeCPDWatch the video hereBridgewater College onm-LearningWatch the video hereCity College Plymouth one-Portfolios This year there have been several excellent examples of technology being used in education. There are also some examples from last year available to watch on our Ning, please visit the following link: http://jisc- ies-2010 By Matt Ewens - Information Officer Big thank you to Julie Swain - Student Experience & Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Co-ordinator, for her help and UPC resourcesWatch the video here 8
  • 9. Turbo T.E.L. II Eduserv Consultation request Eduserv is in negotiation withFollowing on from the great success of last Mintel to provide online access toyear’s Turbo T.E.L. (Technology Enhanced their market reports via a ChestLearning) event, the JISC RSC SW is Agreement especially for the FEpleased to announce its sequel, Turbo T.E.L. sector. We are trying to gatherII which will take place on the 14th June. as much feedback as we canThis will be a lively and fast-paced day of from FE Colleges in order that we‘turbo-talks’ centred upon the use of negotiate the very best possibletechnology in learning. Based on the deal. We would reallyphenomenal success of last year’s Turbo appreciate it if you could spendevent, the programme for the day will a few minutes reviewing theincorporate simultaneous streams of proposal and telling us whatconcise, rapid presentations lasting no more than ten minutes each. you think. If you are not the right person to comment then pleasePlans for this event are still underway and we are working to incorporate forward this message to anyour ideas and suggestions into the exciting agenda. The entertaining appropriate person.format of this event promises yet again to captivate and inspire attendees! Our proposal is to provideFocusing on successful and innovative use of technology within teaching online access to a range ofand learning, Turbo T.E.L. II provides an excellent opportunity for staff to market reports from Mintel, adisseminate, share and discuss Technology Enhanced Learning. There leading market researchwill also be ample networking opportunities for delegates to discuss company. We anticipate that theissues of common interest and learn from each other in a true agreement will start early in 2012.collaborative spirit. You can find an outline of theThis highly informative event is aimed at Senior Managers, proposal on our website – MintelPractitioners, Trainers, Support Staff and all IT enthusiasts involved in Agreement Proposal*.teaching and learning within FE, HE, ACL, WBL, Specialist Colleges andPartner Organisations. Our negotiations are not complete and your comments will help usA full programme will be released shortly and delegates will have the to ensure that any agreementadded benefit of being able to choose on the day their preferred sessions. will be affordable and provide theThis is an ideal opportunity to gain valuable CPD through a variety of range of reports you need at yourinspiring presentations and talks from leading contributors within the college.Learning and Skills sector. Please let us know if your collegeVisit our Ning and view last year’s resources from the Turbo T.E.L to get is (or isn’t) interested in a Chestan idea of the kind of great sessions and activity involved: http://jisc-rsc- Agreement for Mintel Is there anything else that youIf you would like to contribute to the day by way of a ten minute Turbo think we should consider in oursession we would be very pleased to hear from you. negotiation?Please email: * If you are unable to accessor this page then please contact Eduserv Help who will send youLyn Bender - e-Learning Adviser a document version.Please send your comments to Nikki Green. Thank you for taking time to consider the proposal. Hope to have good news soon. 9
  • 10. The Pros and Cons of OnlineMeetings Web Conferencing Over the last few years, there has been anBex Ferriday, presently VLE explosion in the number and variety of webLearning Technologist at Cornwall conferencing solutions available, bothCollege, has used a variety of commercially and via open sourceweb meeting platforms for opportunities. With economic factors nowteaching, and has extensive increasingly curtailing staff developmentexperience of both developing budgets, and financial and environmentaland delivering online courses. factors reducing the viability of travel, more providers are considering these alternatives. As the technologies themselves have improved, andHere Bex gives us her objective greater bandwidth has become available to Institutions, the potentialtake on the pros and cons of reach and functionality of web conferencing has exponentially increased.using Webinars in Education: After initially developing a reputation as being impersonal and technically“I’ve used a range of online unreliable, most of these solutions are now far more advanced than theremeeting systems such as pervious iterations. Whilst there are attendant costs in purchasing theGoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, software and licences in the first instance, the long term financial gainsElluminate and WizIQ over the are manifest. Also, with the student body becoming increasingly diverse,years as conference or seminar allied to the on-going economic imperative for providers to broach newpresenter, online teacher and markets, these delivery modes are congruent with demands for moreparticipant. All have been flexible delivery. Many of these systems now incorporate mobileuseful, all have worked well functionality, so users can participate in online interactions on the movewithout too much technical utilising their smart phone or tablet device. In most instances, sessionsdifficulty and all seem to can also be recorded so that those unable to attend can review thefundamentally do the same thing interaction retrospectively; recordings of lectures/seminars also serve as(talk to people, show them your valuable revision aids.desktop, present slides /documents, etc but without the Many of you will have by now participated in web meetings; Some of youneed to travel miles at ungodly may even have been brave enough to step up to the plate and presenthours of the day!) using this media. The JISC RSC South West have run several series of “Webinars” for there diverse user communities. Webinars are describedAlthough I heartily recommend in by Wikipedia as:this fast-paced, technologically-rich, cash-poor climate that we “…a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted overmake use of such software the Web, specifically a portmanteau of web & seminar, to describe awhenever we can, all isn’t perfect specific type of web conference. Some argue that webinars might bein the world of online meetings. one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited audienceThe experience can be very interaction, so one-way broadcasts are perhaps more accurately called‘passive’ from an attendee’s webcasts. Webinars themselves may be more collaborative and includeperspective as there is often little polling and question & answer sessions to allow full participationroom for interaction. between the audience and the presenter.”When hosting meetings I usually Essentially, all web conferencing systems allow the current presenter tostart by explaining to attendees broadcast (or screen share) there PC view over the internet to delegates.that their microphones have been Presenters and delegates are accorded differing degrees of functionalityswitched off so that I can speak. to interact with the presentation, depending on the software utilised andParticipants are rendered mute the administrator privileges granted. Likewise, presenters and delegatesand able to communicate via have audio rights, and are usually able to communicate via a conventionalchat windows only, which helps handset based phone conference, or using VOIP technology via headsetsthe management of conversation directly linked to their PC’s. In addition, some systems allow users toand halts any technical issues share and view multimedia (i.e. sound and audio files) within the interface,with sound before they have even to annotate the screen using markers, to answer multiple choicehappened. However, this does questions etc. Most platforms now also incorporate webcamseem to add a certain air of transmission, allowing participants (usually presenters) to show their‘hierarchy’ over the proceedings. faces via peer-to-peer video conferencing as part of the meeting interface; there is some evidence to suggest that this additional element improvesCont.....over the user experience and enhances engagement with the presentation.10
  • 11. As you would expect, JISC are presently involved in researching the The presenter holds the power,pedagogical impact of these innovations, and a number of funded projects as he or she has the ability toreflect this. For instance, the SWEET project aims to develop and switch attendees’ cameras andevaluate a course delivery methodology which addresses specific / or microphones off wheneverdifficulties in teaching work based learners, using synchronous web he or she wants and speaks withconferencing with work based learners within the hospitality, leisure, travel voice - something attendeesand tourism sector. rarely have themselves. Teaching and presenting today is all aboutBigBlueButton is an open source application which incorporates a variety learner (or attendee) led,of media to give employees an interactive, remote learning experience: collaborative and reflectivedesktop sharing, VOIP, presentation, webcam, shared whiteboard and processes, and onlinetext chat. The project will integrate BigBlueButton with Moodle to create conferences do feel,and evaluate a work-based learning environment which brings the pedagogically, like a step back.qualities of simultaneous classroom delivery to cohorts of isolated Many of the presentations I havelearners ( attended - and, admittedly,sweet.aspx). delivered, are very presenter-focused with very littleLikewise, Stream 2 of the JISC funded project to utilise Technology input from attendees (other thanEnhanced Learning to support a Welsh centre for Workforce the ubiquitous chat pane to oneDevelopment. This project has recently finished, and you can side of the screen). There maydownload outputs from the website via: be a few minutes dedicated toprogrammes/elearning/workforcedev/wcwd.aspx screen sharing or allowing microphones to be switched on,As a corporate entity, JISC and there is almost always autilise the BlackBoard ubiquitous voting poll at the endCollaborate (formerly of a session.Elluminate) platform forweb conferences. The So - I like the concept and themind map on the right current applications used toillustrates five generic deliver online conferences andprinciples for participant the like. I like that companies areengagement in web starting to jump on the mobileconference sessions. platform bandwagon (GoToMeeting has an app forThe JISC Regional Support the iPad, for example). I like theCentre South West utilise a fact that online meetings savecommercial solution called time, money and a tiny part of theGoToMeeting. We have ozone layer. I like the fact that Iutilised this in a variety of can deliver an online class,different contexts, from meeting or seminar attendedoperating it in a live lecture by 50 people from all over thecontext (one to many world. I just want to find out howdelivery, with minimal to make them more collaborative,interaction, and entirely more dynamic...and lesspresenter led) to using it in didactic!”smaller consultative milieu(with a small group of participants able to discuss issues synchronously By Bex Ferridayand all interact with screen based media concurrently) and the team havecollectively accrued a great deal of experience in setting up andadministering these sessions. If you would like to have a look at thesoftware, or perhaps borrow a licence to try it in a live context within yourorganisation, please get in touch.Elsewhere, the JISC Mail service are inviting users to try their onlinevideo and audio conferencing service powered by BigBlueButton. Theservice is ideal for web seminars and distance learning. You can accessthe server, and additional training materials, here: - By Dan McCaffrey 11
  • 12. BIS confirms funding for SixthForm Colleges until 2014 Procurement JISC Advance/RSC Support for Procurement:JISC Advance is pleased toannounce that Sixth Form The post-compulsory education sector represents a major market forColleges will continue to prospective suppliers. The institutions which make up the higherbenefit from JISC services for the education and research communities within the United Kingdom alone2012/13 and 2013/14 financial spend in excess of £4 billion annually on goods and services. By anyyears. standard the sector is an important and attractive market place to the many suppliers who have, or would like to have a share of this substantialThe funding, confirmed by BIS volume of business.(the Department for Business,Innovation and Skills) yesterday, From the sectors angle, self evidently, getting the best value for moneywill apply to Sixth Form Colleges should always be a preeminent consideration during a purchasingin England. It will include cover process. However, in the present economic climate, the importance offor all JISC Advance services procurement decisions being made in an informed and enlightenedincluding Regional Support fashion are particularly important. Institutions need to know that not onlyCentres and Advisory Services is the product or service they are about to acquire fit for purpose, theyas well as JANET and other JISC also need to increasingly factor in other considerations; adherence toservices. legal obligations/standards, Sustainability, shelf life etc. It is against this backdrop that JISC Advance are able to articulate their procurementThe announcement follows support offer. Not only can existing JISC Advance services providediscussions between BIS and the credible and informed advice and guidance on procurement concernsDepartment for Education (DfE) relating to Technology, they can expedite access to an extensive library ofwho now has responsibility for resource which covers all aspects of prudent procurement practice.Sixth Form Colleges. Within JISC Advance, the specialist service dealing with these issues areJISC Advance welcomes the JISC ProcureWeb. JISC Procureweb is a procurement support service,news which reflects that our for the UK Higher Education Sector, UK Further Educationservices are recognised by both Sector and Research Councils. Based at Cardiff University and funded bydepartments as JISC. Procureweb provides tools, information and support to anyone whorepresenting good value to the participates in the procurement process. Procureweb is a JISC supportsector. service developed to support anyone involved in the procurement process in Higher and Further Education. It comprises a variety of databases andGuy Lambert, websites which play a key role in the efficient procurement of resourcesManaging Director for JISC and services. The use of Procureweb has the potential to achieveAdvance said: savings by further education learning providers of up to £5 million per annum (Source: ProcureWeb).“The continuation of this provisionwill ensure that Sixth Form Services provided include Central Universities Purchasing InformationColleges can benefit from the free Database (CuPID), web site hosting, tools and systems development,advice and guidance provided by website design, forums, documentation, and links to relevant resources.JISC Advance services and theother JISC services which are so ProcureWeb have also recently launched there new Xchange system.vital to the sector.” This online portal will help Institutions meet their sustainability agendas and save money by allowing users to post advertisements for items they no longer require. The advertisements can be made available to the whole of the education sector or restricted to a user’s local institution. The system allows users to register an interest in advertisements and manage communication with the seller. Xchange will fully support mechanisms such as RSS and web services so that data can be displayed on any other web sites. Xchange will additionally provide email updates when users register an interest in an advert and optionally when new adverts are put onto the system. Visit the new procureweb website for more information12
  • 13. Elsewhere within JISC Advance, there are other tools available to support Inclusion news:Procurement. JISC Advance recently launched the new Generice-Marketplace service (GeM). Designed by education sector experts, this Government eAccessibility forumnew system, run under the auspices of the Procureweb Service, will This discussion forum on http://provide HE and FE Procurement Departments with free access to shopping facilities and a manageable contract data cessibility/regulatory/ launchedrepository making the buying of day-to-day goods and services that much by government DCMSeasier whilst driving down costs. (department for culture media and science) on EU frameworkBenefits of GeM: on Electronic communications networks and services. • FREE OF CHARGE to sign up and use Comments and suggestions are • Value for Money - access to negotiated sector contracts promises invited through questions posed lower costs on goods and services on the following topics: • Time efficient - can offer up to 90% reduction purchase process • Easy to use - a simple system guides users through the process 1. The effect and impact of • Secure and manageable - can be restricted to authorised staff current regulations on access to • Faster than old systems like CuPID - offers a sleeker and quicker digital services new platform 2. How best to build accessibility into consumer technology and digital equipmentJISC InfoNet have also produced a variety of their customary “InfoKits” on as government services moveProcurement related activities; These are discrete, multimedia packages towards digital delivery Theof resource which can be used either as they are, or disaggregated and (GDS) Government Digitalmade available to staff via the institutional intranet etc. The Impact Services project.Calculator, for example, can be used to demonstrate the impact of aprocess redesign or system implementation by quantifying the tangible 3. website accessibility, Thebenefits or efficiency gains that can be derived from it: Assisted Digital programme that will run alongside the Digital by • identifying and recording the efficiency savings and costs of a Default agenda addressing process redesign accessibility point of view by • determine if and when a return on investment (ROI) is made offering alternatives, transition • identify and measure as many benefits as you wish support and training to start using • quantifying efficiency savings in monetary and non-monetary digital services via UK Online terms Centres. Plans for a single government domain and assurance.calculator 4. Accessible content on and offJISC Digitial Media have produced some specialised advice on “Budget- the web as in ebook readers,ing for a Digitisation project” which includes some esoteric guidance on digital tv and radioProcurement and may be of value to colleagues operating in these envi-ronments. 5. How best to spread the word and promote Sourced by Julia Taylor -Outside of the JISC Advance network, there are many other agencies and e-Learning Adviserinstitutions which can provide technologically mediated and focussedsupport for Procurement.In the procurement field, HEFCE have aggregated a SustainableDevelopment in Higher Education Guide. The resource guide also assayssustainability considerations in areas such as transport, carbonmanagement, strategy etc, and is available here; sourced by Dan McCaffrey - e-Learning Adviser 13
  • 14. Even more Useful Software Cool Tools For TeachingThe JISC RSC South West There are so many great online tools out there, so this article will hope-Pearltree of Useful Software fully point you towards some of the best ones. As touched on in previ-contains many more useful ous articles about social media, there are many useful pieces of softwaredownloadable software, as well available for FREE online, which either work in the browser or can beas resources of interest downloaded.Visit: Online software that works in the browserJISC Inform One of the great advantages of using software that works in the browser is that you don’t need to clog up your PC with software downloads andThe new look JISC Inform is an saved work can utilise the cloud, i.e. stored online. The only downside ofexcellent online publication, course is that you might not be able to download or use software withoutviewable in the browser. It getting permission from your IT department.features a whole host ofinteresting articles for post 16 Jaycut: A great video editing suite, easy to use and can be published for mobile devices, the web or direct to PC. The video can then be added straight toHave a read and send some Facebook, a blog or YouTube. (This service will no longer be free shortly)feedback. Prezi: http://prezi.comVisit the publication: Prezi is an effective presentation creation tool, which has the added dimension of zooming on objects. It can be embedded and offers aform32/ different perspective to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.By Matt Ewens, Information Animoto: Turn your photos and music into stunning video slideshows. You provide the photos, you pick the song, and we’ll add the magic. Give it a try - it’s fast, free and shockingly easy. Dvolver Movie Maker: Create fun cartoon movies, for free using this online software Google Swifty beta: Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads). Swiffy can’t yet convert DoubleClick Studio creatives. Chirbit: Free online tool that enables the ability to upload, record and share audio easily. Record directly from the browser, via web cam or microphone. Up to 2 hours of audio uploading. Coursesites: CourseSites is a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation ser- vice. Titanpad: This works in the browser, it is a free document collaboration tool, can be imported and exported with different formats and handy revision points saved. VoiceThread: Create group conversations around media and images and collaborate onine14
  • 15. Webcasts - Practitioner Experiences JISC AdvanceClin Ed “distance learning” support: the learning technologist’s An organisation that bringsperspective: Sally Holden together the collective expertise of eight established JISCAs learning technologists within PCMD an important part of our role is to services:facilitate the educational missions of our academic and clinicalcolleagues. For some time we have explored the use of various • JISC Digital Mediawebcasting tools/systems and, since it was decided that the Clinical • JISC infoNetEducation team would deliver online synchronous sessions to participants • JISC Legalthroughout the South West (and beyond), we needed to move this • JISCMailforwards quickly. • JISC Netskills • JISC ProcurewebTo a certain extent the technology chosen should be irrelevant, however, • JISC RSC UKwith all the systems we’ve investigated and used it’s clear that, although • JISC TechDispedagogy should drive technology, sometimes compromises have to bemade due to the limitations of various systems. The JISC RSC have been Focussed clearly on the needs ofinvaluable in helping us to overcome problems and move forwards this our users, JISC Advance isyear. The PCMD eLearning support group (eLSG) has worked closely committed to providing agile,with Dan McCaffrey to successfully run several online sessions with a holistic services. Offeringgroup of widely distributed Clin Ed students using both Macs and PCs, flexible, comprehensivesome working within the NHS. knowledge and support, the organisation addresses new andIn terms of watching our ClinEd colleagues become very competent at challenging requirementsrunning online sessions, it’s been a very rewarding experience. Once the throughout the education andinitial technical issues were sorted out we tended to step back as much research communities andas possible while remaining vigilant in the case of any problems. Gentle beyond.reminders were made and accepted now and then e.g. for the presenterto pay attention to some comments or questions in the chat window. Help Working with the Regionalwas always there from Dan at JISC and that was invaluable in helping us Support Centres, JISC Advancesupport our academic colleague. provides a distinctive combination of independent advice, guidanceIt’s interesting that at some points the flow of conversation and resources to enable effective,transcended the technical barriers. I’ve included a screenshot below innovative use of technologies.(although have not got consent from the participants for this to be usedin the article but will do if you’re interested) to show a point within one where it’s clear that there is a mix of responses and posture....I’mfascinated to watch how people in an online group interact. One thingwe’re all agreed on is that the video component adds an important extradimension to the online experience.Confidence has grown in our abilityas learning technologists to managemore students at once and to helpacademic and clinical colleaguesbecome competent onlinemoderators and facilitators. TheeLSG looks forwards to the nextexciting stage of development aswe expand the DL provision withinPCMD.By Sally Holden 15
  • 16. Further QR Resources Using QR Codes In Your PracticeA very good source of information A QR code (abbreviated fromabout QR code developments Quick Response code) is a type ofcan be found by visiting the blog matrix code (or two- dimensionalby David Hopkins, called ‘Don’t code) first designed for thewaste your time’ automotive industry. More recently, the system has become popularhttp://www.dontwasteyourtime. outside of the industry due to fast readability and comparatively large storage capacity. The codeJISC RSC South West QR consists of black modulesPearltrees arranged in a square pattern.This contains some useful links to The rise in ownership of the Smartother QR code blogs and Phone with its embedded cameraresources and the ability to install custom applications, coupled with the suite of communication media available to them (voice, SMS and data (wireless or 3G) makes the use of QR codes a viable tool in providing additional ma- terial to support the Teaching and Learning goals. The example on the left has a link to a Web site encoded within it, to decode, it needs to be scanned by the cam-era on the mobile device which is passed to installed. “Where do I get the software?” Many Smartphone handsets already have a free version installed, but different ver- sions, often with additional features can be found by searching the internet, or visting the main application store (app store) for your type of handset.Another site for creating QRcodes, which also has the added Of course, choosing which to install is the next problem, fortunately mostfeature of embedding images have a star rating system to help you in your choice. This is often backedwitin the code is Unitag by reading through a few forums for reports on the on the user experience of using the software. Producing QR Codes for use, could’nt be simpler, there are many webHere’s one we made earlier: sites that allow them to be created for free and the images saved in a variety of formats. Examples are: So what can I do with QR Codes? QR Codes once produced can be used in may formats, printed, projected, or attached to electronic documents and electronically distributed. The advantage is that the code can be read and the data used immediately rather than having to be transposed into a different format. Codes can be coupled together to set tasks16
  • 17. This code sets a Location A Useful List of Twitter Feeds For QR Codes This code sends an SMS message to say they have arrived This code!/BarCodeArt contains a task to be done!/QRTimes!/hopkinsdavid A selection of QR Code PublicationsCodes can be generated in any of the colours available on your computer. QRazy Times: This code includes a Calendar appointment, an invite web2learn/1296177680 could be emailed to a student to a tutorial, placed on advertising for an event, either of which could be The qr code Daily: scanned directly in to their mobile device calendar waynesutton/qrcodes rather than having to transpose the information. The format of the coded data complies with the RFC for The QR Daily: iCal use. So it will work with underlying calendars powers/qr such as Outlook, Google Cal, Lotus Notes and many others. QR Codes: niaPhoto/1312731194 Of course, the QR Codes exampled above are very unfriendly for decoding by the human brain, they The Qr-Codes Daily: http://paper. would need some supplementary text to make sense li/QRmedia/Qr-Codes in their use. This is eas- ily done in many graphic manipulation applications. Some other exmaples of QR Codes being used in JISC RSC Easiest, is simply to add a label or logo somewhere South West: around the code. Accessibility Kit Box: QR Codes are quite resilient, and will work with up to 30% of error within the reading of the code. This can be exploited to add a graphic in to the code, this is usually done in a graphics app that supports layersIn summary. QR codes are a supplementary tool for the passage ofinformation that ex- ploits the wide adoption of smart camera phones.Taking advantage of the embedded communication tools and the ability todetermine location reasonably accurately, that the QR code can access Accessibility Kit List:all of these tools in an automatic way should allow them to be used inyour Teaching and Learning activities.By Noel Davis - e-Learning Adviser 17
  • 18. What happens next - on-goingsupport for implementation Strategy Support For Work Based Learning And Adult Community LearningThis support can be provided in anumber of ways, including JISC RSC South West provides support to organisations wishing to create or review an e-learning strategy. For WBL and ACL, the focus of this• face to face and visits support has involved the use of the e-Learning Positioning Statement• via electronic means (e-LPS for ACL, We-LPS for WBL). This tool allows organisations to rate• attendance at RSC events their current stage of e-learning development using one of six stage descriptors, ranging from ‘Not yet started’ to ‘Embedded. Managers canThese are the normal support and then plan future e-learning activities to move their organisation forwardguidance routes provided by RSC from their current position to the next stages.advisers to WBL and ACLproviders. However, a number of JISC RSC South West has recently revisited their offer of strategy supportproviders have taken the step of to providers in WBL and ACL. The review comprises an 8 stage facilitatedcreating a dedicated ILT process; it produces both an in-depth review of an organisation’s currentdevelopment group consisting position in relation to the use of ILT and e-Learning and a detailedof representatives from all staff action plan. The action plan includes implementation timescales of whatlevels. The role of the RSC the organisation wants to do and how to get to its desired target position.adviser in this group is to supportits activities by providing The timescale for the completion of the review process is approximately 5information, examples of learning working days; however, the involvement of the organisation is managed tomaterial, software ideas, consist of the interactions below:exemplars etc.; however, the keyto the success of the relationship 1. Initial contact from provider to request review and set up initial siteis the willingness of the group to meeting.invite the adviser to attend groupmeetings in the role of supporter 2. The initial meeting establishes the purpose and parameters of theand critical friend. review process and agrees participants, location and date of facilitated review meeting.If you would like to discuss thisoffer further with an RSC Advisor, 3. Pre-circulation of We-LPS or eLPS question document to all staff takingcontact part so the questions can be studied plus a link to a Survey Monkey version for any staff not able to attend on the day.David Rowe (WBL), 01392205472 / 07809 594850 david- 4. Facilitated We-LPS exercise with chosen representatives of organisation. The RSC adviser records judgements and evidence to support the organisation’s chosen position (e.g. “Not Yet Started”,Tracey Morris (ACL, 01752 “Developing”). The adviser will also record where the organisation thinks it587033 / 07834 678159 tracey- should be (e.g. “Established”) within a chosen timescale records/suggests actions to enable the organisation to achieve its target position.Another tool which you may wishto consider using is 5. The RSC adviser in collaboration with the organisation will produce anGenerator. LSIS have recently analysis of the We-LPS or eLPS exercise plus a summary document and,worked closely with NIACE and if required, construct an exemplar ILT strategy document.the Association of Employment& Learning Providers (AELP) as 6. If required the RSC adviser will collaborate with the organisation towell as ACL and WBL providers produce a detailed action/implementation plan.who have used the tool in order todevelop Generator and 7. The implementation plan/ILT strategy document is then presented toproduce specific user guides the organisation’s management team and any ILT development group.aimed at leaders and managersof ACL and WBL. Continue 8. The RSC adviser will support the actions of the management or any ILTreading the next page to find out development group through the usual RSC support mechanisms or bymore about Generator attendance at group meetings etc. By Tracey Morris - e-Learning Adviser18
  • 19. RSC Strategy Support For The FE And Continued...Skills Sector for the strategy and enable its implementation to be monitoredUsing Generator for strategic improvement through future reviews.Generator is the technology improvement leadership tool for the Further RSC south west support serviceEducation and Skills sector. The initial development for this free tool was for providers using Generatorled by Becta working with national partners and providers across the FE The RSC south west can guideand Skills sector. Progress and improvement for Generator was you through the whole Generatortransferred to LSIS in March 2011 and in response to user feedback, an review process if required – ourupdated version with many new features and enhancements is now level of involvement is entirelyavailable. your choice. For example, our service can take you through theNew Generator Features: early planning stages, ensuring you are fully prepared to begin • tagged efficiency questions your Generator review. We can • efficiency reporting then work closely with you to • export reviews to Excel facilitate the review process • delete old reviews amongst key staff if required. • download questions to review/discuss prior to a review Or it may be that you choose to • development of the web portal as a new access point for involve us at a later stage once Generator including case studies and sector user guides your Generator reviews are • an improvement area linked with new case studies complete, in which case we can • integrating relevant aspects within the new portal work with you to address the • hints and tips on using Generator areas for improvement and support your ensuing actions.Generator offers a review of your current deployment of technology, You may choose to call upon usclearly demonstrating areas where technology is effectively used to to help interpret your Generatorachieve outputs. It further highlights areas where there are opportunities review outcomes, and provide afor improvement. It is a powerful and flexible tool which can be used in a structured source of actions,variety of scenarios, individually or in collaboration across teams, ideas and good practicedepartments and sites. information to help support follow-up action. If required, yourThe JISC RSC south west has developed their support service to focus RSC adviser can collaborate withspecifically on helping providers to take a thoroughly planned and you to produce detailed action/project-managed approach to using Generator to ensure the required implementation plans. We areoutcomes are achieved. proficiently skilled to provide authoritative (as well asGenerator can be used in a variety of ways, for example, at individual, accessible) resources to helpdepartmental or organisational level: providers progress with their use and deployment of technology. We can also • developing and monitoring college technology strategies publicise and promote the areas • informing technology investment and supporting bids of good practice revealed by your • raising awareness of the technology strategy with governors, Generator reviews. senior management team (SMT) and college staff; • supporting the technology element of Self-Assessment Reports To find more about our Strategy • validating provider perceptions of their technology use Support Service or for an • identifying improvement support informal chat about your strategic requirements, please contact:Using Generator to create your Technology Strategy Lyn Bender, lynbender@rsc- you are creating a Technology Strategy for the first time or Mob: 07734062661.replacing or updating an existing one, Generator can provide theframework for this strategy through its three themes and nine areas of By Lyn Bender -organisational operations. For example, the RSC south west can support e-Learning Adviseryou in the use of a Quick Review which can provide the baseline 19
  • 20. RSC South West Team Staff Development, What Workshops Are You Interested In?Manager As many providers may remember during 2008, 2009 and the first halfJohn Mckenzie of 2010 the RSC South West set up and delivered a range of highly cost effective one day training courses for training provider staff. The courses were well attended bydelegates from WBL, FE and ACL as well as otherAdministrator/ mainstream and non-mainstream educational organisations. The courses,Event Coordinator which were always well received, were on a wide range of subjects including - The 6 x 1 Day Moodle programme (Beginner toExpert),Jan Holt Adobe Flash (Animations), Cascading Style Sheets, Graphic Design for the Web, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere (video editingeLearning Advisers suite) and many other subjects. However, due to circumstances beyond the RSC’s control it was not possible to run similar courses in the laterDan McCaffrey part of 2010 and so far in 2011. Happily the opportunity to revive thisDavid Rowe offer has now presented itself. However, instead of running the sameJulia Taylor courses and seeing if there is a demand the RSC wondered if providersLyn Bender had any ideas as to training they would see as valuable to their staff and organisations.Noel DavisTracey Morris The RSC has during 2010 and 2011 also delivered a number of in-houseDavid Bevington staff development days around the theme of digital storytelling, During the day the organisations staff were trained from scratch on how to produceInformation Officer simple e-learning resources, using hands on activities on storyboarding, creating or obtaining images and video and the use of these images toMatt Ewens tell a story. Although all attendees at these development days went away with a useful e-learning object at the end of the day, the real idea behindJISC Regional Support Centre these days was to remove some of the fear factor around the use ofSouthwest e-learning. These staff development days were delivered by RSC staffUniversity of Plymouth, and therefore, were extremely cost effective as they were free; however, this may not always be the case in the future.Babbage Room 316Drake Circus So the question is. Are there any areas of technology, the use ofPlymouth. PL4 8AA technology, e-learning or any related subject, providers are keen to offer their staff as a staff or organisational development opportunity.Phone: 01752 587031Email: rsc-advice@rsc-south- If networks or providers want to collaborate on a staff opportunity we would welcome this and indeed we would be very happy to work with them to support the activity in any way we could, perhaps by sourcing the expertise or identifying a suitable location. If providers or their staff do have any ideas please let us know. You will get a detailed response; however, we cannot guarantee to generate a full response in the form of a development opportunity to every idea, but we will certainly examine any and all ideas to see where we can fulfil the need. Please contact your organisations RSC adviser or for further information or an informal chat contact: David Rowe (e-Learning Adviser Workbased Learning) e: mob: 07809 594850, or Tracey Morris (e-Learning Adviser ACL) e: mob:07834 678159. By David Rowe - e-Learning Adviser20