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Is an iPad the only solution
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Is an iPad the only solution

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  • Tablet Computers are much lighter than the lightest netbook or ultra book, typically half the weight between 500-700 grams.They are much more portable, easier to carry in backpacks and carry cases, and nowhere near as noticeable.
  • Modern Tablet computers are highly functional and come fully equiped.Note taking Apps: Evernote, Built-in Note Apps etcCamera and Video Apps: Built in, good quality cameras for use in a pinchSpell Checking: Most popular dictionaries are available as Apps, Merriam, Collins, ConciseCalculator: All will have a built in Calculator App, with options for Scientific, Regular etcE-Readers: Kindles are great, but any Tablet can become a Kindle, all through the free App, and they have the added functionality of being able to be used for multiple sources of books.Internet Access: Of course the tablets greatest asset is the ability to reach and browse the internet on a good quality size screen. Most popular websites are optimised for mobile device viewing, and content will be easily accessible on Tablet Devices.
  • Powerful devices, but not quite to the standard of a standard Laptop ComputerOften still as expensive as a Laptop would be.While there are literally 1000s of Apps out there, in terms of truly useful Apps, there aren’t many out there.Connectivity is limited, especially on the iPads.They can be quite rigid, but easily broken, and an easy target for thieves.
  • iOS 6.0 is the most current Apple Operating System for Mobile Devices4.1 Jelly Bean is the most current Android Operating SystemWindows 8 is the most current Microsoft Operating System for all devices – cross-platform OS.
  • 3 general options:iPad Mini for 7”Older iPad 2 or iPad 4th Gen depending on budget for 10”Pricing Guide (based on 16GB Wi-Fi models)iPad Mini - £250 +VATiPad 2 - £300 +VATiPad 4th Gen - £350 +VAT
  • Multiple options for a 7” Device, there are cheaper unknown brands available, but the better known branded ones belong to Google, Kindle and Samsung:For the small budgets, the Kindle or Nexus is going to be the best choice. For the higher needs, or 3G capacity the Galaxy Tab may be more suitable for an iPad Mini alternative:Pricing Guide (based on 8GB Wi-Fi models)Kindle Fire - £140.00 + VATPricing Guide (based on 16GB Wi-Fi models)Nexus 7 - £170 + VATGalaxy Tab 2 - £200 + VAT
  • Lots of options that are out there, depending on what level of device you are looking for, and what you intend to use it for.Toshiba AT-300 is an entry-level device, great for the basics, such as Internet browsing, E-Reader etc.Samsung Galaxy Note is an iPad equivalent, in the same ballpark in both price and functionality.The ASUS Transformer is a higher end device, designed more for business, for those using it as a note-taking device, this may be a better option.Pricing Guide (based on 16GB Wi-Fi models)AT-300- £325 +VATNote 10.1 - £350 +VATTransformer - £400+VAT (£460+VAT with Keyboard)
  • Microsoft have 2 Tablets on the way, Surface RT, and Surface Pro. The RT is out but in limited supply, the Pro is due out end of January / February. With an optional cover with a built in keyboard, it can be a good option to go for mobile note taking. One big limitation they have is the memory, the operating system and files do take up a lot of space. 32GB actual available is 16GB64GB actual available is 45GBThe RT is a basic Windows 8 Tablet, coming with an Office 2013 preview pre-installed on to it, it would be a good portable notetaker, however it doesn’t have the specs for assistive software to be comfortably installed on to it.The Pro model when it is released however, will be a very interesting machine. It could quite feasibly take the place of a WKH Spec Laptop, with a 3rd Generation i5 processor, and 4GB of Ram, it will easily run all assistive tech, including dragon, it is still unknown as to whether the USB Port would mean Dragon via a USB Headset would be useable, or whether it would need to make use of the internal microphone. The Pro however does not come with Office 2013 installed.The Acer W510 is another Windows 8 Tablet, that offers slightly lower specs for the basic note taking capabilities, the optional keyboard is a lot more robust for those who might not like the Soft keyboard of the Surface.Pricing Guide based on lowest modelSurface RT (32GB) - £400 + VATSurface Pro (64GB) - £600 + VAT (No UK pricing is known at the moment, but going off US price estimates)Acer W510 (32GB) - £450 +VAT


  • 1. Hello andWelcome“Is an iPad the only Solution?”Graham HugginsEporta0203 432 6589Email: ghuggins@eporta.net
  • 2. PortabilityLightweightiPad 4th Gen 652gToshiba AT-300 590gStandard 10” Netbook 1320gCompact and DiscreetTypical width and shape of a magazineCan be carried in almost any kind ofbag, from rucksacks to handbags
  • 3. UsesNotepadCamera, Video and PhotoSpell CheckerCalculatorE-BooksInternet Access
  • 4. DownsidesComputing powerCostApps (Assistive Apps)ConnectionsCan be a target forthievesEasy to break, or lose
  • 5. The Operating Systems AvailableApple iOSAndroidWindows
  • 6. iPad 4th GenRetina DisplayWi-Fi & 3G16GB / 32GB / 64GB9.7” Display652grams – 662gramsiPad MiniWi-Fi & 3G16GB / 32GB / 64GB7.9” Display308grams –312gramsApple iOS Options 7” & 10”• iPad 2– Wi-Fi & 3G– 16GB– 9.7” Display– 601grams –613grams
  • 7. Android 7” Options• SamsungGalaxy Tab 2– Wi-Fi / 3G– 8GB / 16GB / 32GB– 7” Display– 345grams– Android 4.0• Google Nexus7– Wi-Fi– 16GB / 32GB– 7”Display– 340grams– Android 4.1• KindleFire– Wi-Fi– 8GB– 7” Display– 400grams– Android 4.0
  • 8. Android 10” Options• ASUSTransformer– Wi-Fi & 3G– 16GB / 32GB– 10.1” Display– 680grams– Keyboard Dock withbuilt in additionalbattery– Android 3.2• SamsungGalaxy Note10.1– Wi-Fi & 3G– 16GB / 32GB / 64GB– 10.1” Display– 597grams – 600grams– Expandable storage(64GB via Micro-SD)– Android 4.0– S-Pen• ToshibaAT-300– Wi-Fi & 3G– 16GB /32GB– 9.7” Display– 590 - 595grams– Expandablestorage(32GB viaMicro-SD)– Android 4.0
  • 9. Windows 10” Options• Acer W510– Wi-Fi– 32GB / 64GB– 10.1” Display– 580grams– Expandable Storage(32GB)– Windows 8• Surface Pro– Wi-Fi– 64GB / 128GB– 10.6” Display– 907 grams– Windows 8 Pro– USB Slot– Expandable Storage(64GB)– I5 Processor, 4GB RAM– Pen Input– External Video Output(Mini DisplayPort)• SurfaceRT– Wi-Fi– 32GB / 64GB– 10.6” Display– 680 grams– Windows 8RT– USB Slot– ExpandableStorage(64GB)
  • 10. For further information contactGraham HugginsEportaTel: 0203 432 6589Email: ghuggins@eporta.net