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iPad blogs and resources
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iPad blogs and resources


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A collection of ipad-based resources and blogs from around the world

A collection of ipad-based resources and blogs from around the world

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 100 iPad blogs and resourcesCompiled By Matt Ewens – Information OfficerThis list has been created primarily through some greatexisting resources that I have found through Twitter as wellas my own research.iPad educational resources: me at @mattewensRSCSWOr @RSCSouthWest 1
  • 2. 10 iPad apps for web curation 2Find out more:
  • 3. 10 Creative iPad apps for aspiring artists 3Find out more:
  • 4. iPads in the classroom 4Find out more:
  • 5. Kathy Schrock’s guide to everything: iPads in the classroom 5Find out more:
  • 6. iPads in education part 1 6Find out more:
  • 7. WritePad for iPad demo 7Find out more:
  • 8. 40 most awesome iPad apps for science students 8Find out more:
  • 9. The ultimate guide to using iPads in the classroom 9Find out more:
  • 10. Prezi for iPad 10Find out more:
  • 11. iPad Academy 11Find out more:
  • 12. Guest Post: Managing iPads in the classroom 12Find out more:
  • 13. iPads in education 13Find out more:
  • 14. How you’re using your iPad 14Find out more:
  • 15. Innovate teaching and learning 15Find out more:
  • 16. iPadagogy 16Find out more:
  • 17. 12 Characteristics of an iPad-ready classroom 17Find out more:
  • 18. 5 Ways to wow your audience by presenting with an iPad 18Find out more:
  • 19. 5 Must-know tips for deploying iPads in the classroom 19Find out more:
  • 20. 10 Real-World Tips For Using iPads In Education 20Find out more:
  • 21. Quick list of iPad resources for the classroom 21Find out more:
  • 22. Interactive magazine - classroom ideas for iPads 22Find out more:
  • 23. Sharing our experience engaging teachers using iPads for teaching & learning 23Find out more:
  • 24. iPad resources for teachers 24Find out more:
  • 25. iPad Apps that work with smartboards 25Find out more:
  • 26. Screencasting apps for the iPad 26Find out more:
  • 27. iPad on campus – what to do with the iPad? 27Find out more:
  • 28. 30 Cool educational iPad apps for science lovers 28Find out more:
  • 29. 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom 29Find out more:
  • 30. 14 Smart tips for using iPads in class 30Find out more:
  • 31. Creative uses for using iPads in the classroom 31Find out more:
  • 32. iPad lessons 32Find out more:
  • 33. iPads in education 33Find out more:
  • 34. An open source, HTML5 framework for iPad e-books 34Find out more:
  • 35. iPads in education - examples from the classroom 35Find out more:
  • 36. 250 best iPad apps: education 36Find out more:
  • 37. iPad apps for learning 37Find out more:
  • 38. 40 iPad apps for language learners 38Find out more:
  • 39. An encyclopedia on your iPad 39Find out more:
  • 40. 10 Great ways to get more from your iPad 40Find out more:
  • 41. iPads innovate education in Massachusetts schools 41Find out more:
  • 42. Plymouth College of Art: Syncing student blogs with RSS feeds through innovative mobile applications and iPad devices 42Find out more:
  • 43. Gloucestershire College: Using technology to aid enrichment 43Find out more:
  • 44. 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks 44Find out more:
  • 45. 92 iPad apps for accessibility 45Find out more:
  • 46. Apps for education 46Find out more:
  • 47. Innovative music applications for the iPad 47Find out more:
  • 48. Innovative music apps for the iPad 48Find out more:
  • 49. Innovative music apps for the iPad 49Find out more:
  • 50. James Clay, Gloucestershire College: My favourite iPad apps 50Find out more:
  • 51. A few of my favourite iPad apps 51Find out more:
  • 52. A few of my favourite things 52Find out more:
  • 53. Horsing around with iPads 53Find out more:
  • 54. The complete list of iPad tips, tricks, and tutorials 54Find out more:
  • 55. 10 Useful apple iPad tips and tricks 55Find out more:
  • 56. Cybrary Mans educational websites 56Find out more:
  • 57. Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and donts 57Find out more:
  • 58. Configuring accessibility features (including VoiceOver and Zoom) 58Find out more:
  • 59. iPad & iPad 2 guides, tips, and information 59Find out more:
  • 60. iPad: Transferring Files with iTunes 60Find out more:
  • 61. Tips and tricks for idevices 61Find out more:
  • 62. First iPad university course 62Find out more:
  • 63. Martial demonstrating using an ipad with RSS feeds 63Find out more:
  • 64. The iPad and autism: One familys story of success 64Find out more:
  • 65. iPads headed into operating rooms along with surgeons 65Find out more:
  • 66. Could Alabama school boards move to iPad tablets signal a paperless classroom future? 66Find out more:
  • 67. Ten sites supporting iPads in education… a post of resources! 67Find out more:
  • 68. Apple education learning with ipad 68Find out more:
  • 69. 102 Interesting ways to use an iPad in the classroom 69Find out more:
  • 70. Learning and teaching with iPads 70Find out more:
  • 71. The physical education teacher 71Find out more:
  • 72. Teach with your iPad 72Find out more:
  • 73. iPad curriculum 73Find out more:
  • 74. iPad multimedia tools for creativity 74Find out more:
  • 75. iPad apps resource area 75Find out more:
  • 76. iPads in schools livebinder 76Find out more:
  • 77. iPads in education – how’s it going so far? 77Find out more:
  • 78. The iPad part 1 – some thoughts appertaining to its use in education 78Find out more:
  • 79. Guest post: How teachers are incorporating iPads into the classroom 79Find out more:
  • 80. iPad tips: Getting started with the iPad 80Find out more:
  • 81. Embracing technology: Are iPads the future of learning? 81Find out more:
  • 82. iPads/iPods in education 82Find out more:
  • 83. 40 iPad apps that librarians love 83Find out more:
  • 84. 50+ iPad apps by a geography teacher 84Find out more:
  • 85. A Day in the life of the iPad classroom 85Find out more:
  • 86. The debate over iPads in education 86Find out more:
  • 87. Digital storytelling with the iPad 87Find out more:
  • 88. An incredible way to teach music using iPads in the classroom 88Find out more:
  • 89. Five ways readers are using iPads in the classroom 89Find out more:
  • 90. iPad transfer 90Find out more:
  • 91. The ultimate guide to using iPads in the classroom 91Find out more:
  • 92. iPad for eLearning 92Find out more:
  • 93. Top 20 must-have educational iPhone & iPad apps used by real teachers in the classroom 93Find out more:
  • 94. iPads at University of Chicago Medical Center 94Find out more:
  • 95. 100 iPads in a single classroom at University of Ottawa 95Find out more:
  • 96. Free iPads and great teaching: does it get better than that? 96Find out more:
  • 97. The iPad for Hood College 97Find out more:
  • 98. Goshen College iPad stories - Blake, incoming student 98Find out more:
  • 99. FileMaker go for iPad helps Berklee College of Musics international recruiting team 99Find out more:
  • 100. Using the iPad - James Clay, Gloucestershire College 100Find out more:
  • 101. James Clays talks about AudioBoo for the iPad 101Find out more: