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Delivered as part of The Digital Practitioner event hosted by the College Development Network on 24th April 2013.

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Technology for learning_cm

  1. 1. Technologies forLearningIcons by
  2. 2. The Digital PractitionerThe Challenges Of Becoming A DigitalPractitionerPutting the Digital Practitioner In A RegionalContextCase Studies – Highlighting InnovativePractice Of Technology Used For Learning
  3. 3. The Challenges Of Becoming A Digital PractitionerOverarching Challenge:To stimulate effectivelearning through the useof suitable technologywithin a soundpedagogical designConsiderations:High LearnerExpectationsConsiderations:InstitutionalBarriers
  4. 4. New Methods of DeliveryNew Ways to Communicate• Understanding New Mediums• Tutor Tutor / Tutor Learner / Learner Learner– Socialisation - Collaboration - Peer Learning• Providing effective feedbackThe Challenges Of Becoming A Digital PractitionerFACE TOFACELEARNINGONLINELEARNINGBLENDED LEARNING
  5. 5. The Challenges Of Becoming A Digital PractitionerUnderstanding Evolving Pedagogies to EnableEffective Course Design• Social constructivism / Connectivism• Structure– F2F / Online– Loose / Tight• Contents– Sourcing suitable resources– e-Tivities – Synchronous/ Asynchronous
  6. 6. The Challenges Of Becoming A Digital PractitionerUsing Equipment and Technology ConfidentlyeSafety of Tutors and Learners• Netiquette• Dealing with Conflict
  7. 7. Curriculum Delivery in a Regional Context (CDRC)Day-long Staff Development SessionThe Digital Practitioner in a Regional ContextTo support the changing FELandscape, stimulatingthinking, debate and action onhow the curriculum might beredesigned to meet regionaloutcomes and begin a processof change
  8. 8. Teaching Across a Region•Teaching a course across different campuses•Working with remote learnersPersonalising Learning•Promoting Independent learning•Meeting Individual NeedsBlended Learning•Integrating face to face with remote•Supporting learners in an online environmentCommunicating and Collaborating at a Distance.•Using online communication tools effectively•Developing online skills-setThe Digital Practitioner in a Regional Context
  9. 9. creationiTech case StudiesJisc RSC Scotland promoting the use of technology inacademic institutions through our Case Studies, whichcapture and showcase innovative use of technology forlearning and teaching; shared in a timely fashion in abite-sized way.iTech Case Studies Awards - 7th June 2013The Digital Practitioner – In Practicecontent communication
  10. 10. ContentIntroducing and Embedding New Technology (Turnitin)@ Edinburgh College• ‘Learning Resource Exposed’ - Workshops• Turnitin Integrated with Moodle - Assessments Uploaded• Check Originality of Work – Learner and Tutor• Rich Online Feedback• Improvement in Submitting by Deadlines“144 Moodle Courses – 90 Lecturers – 8000 Submissions”The Digital Practitioner – In Practice
  11. 11. CreationThe Learning Technologies Team Supporting Staff in aNewly Merged College @ City of Glasgow College• High Quality Support Required Over 11 Campuses• 1 Learning Technologist dedicated to 3 schools• Blended Training Session – ‘Training’ VLE• Dedicated Help Desk• INSPIRE monthly e-Newsletter• Postcard projects“Meeting needs : 650 Academic Staff and 40,000 Learners”The Digital Practitioner – In Practice
  12. 12. CommunicationStranraer Cutting Crew Facebook @ Dumfries andGalloway College• Student Requested and Led – Set Up Facebook Page• Secure Groups• Initially for General Communication• School Links• Local Salons – Employability• Community CollaborationLearners Facebook Confident – No Training – Nearly Always On!The Digital Practitioner – In Practice
  13. 13. The Digital Practitioner – In PracticeContent – Communication - CreationDelivering a full HNC Engineering Course on the VLE @Anniesland College• Prospective students – working away from home• VLE to be used to create more flexible learning• Challenge – make concepts/theorems ‘come alive’• PDFs/WORD docs discounted –negative student feedback• Short videos – good but time consuming - compressed• Sourced short animations free for educational use“Geographical span : North Sea Oil Rigs to Middle East”
  14. 14. More iTech case Studies…• TQFE Induction Pathways @ University of Dundee• Webinar Tutorials to support TQFE Distance Learners@ University of Dundee• Student Led e-Portfolio Training Sessions @ Angus College• Using Cloud services- delivering learning in the field toGamekeeping Student @ UHIThe Digital Practitioner – In PracticeImage from Flickr by paulm licensed through CC
  15. 15.