Introduction to Xerte
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Introduction to Xerte



Part of the workshop prepared for Attainment for All: Inclusivity, Diversity and Success in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Higher Education Academy (HEA) Scotland

Part of the workshop prepared for Attainment for All: Inclusivity, Diversity and Success in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Higher Education Academy (HEA) Scotland



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  • Intro to xerte <br /> Genesis, collaborative development, open source <br /> Inclusivity benefits - Mags (10) <br /> Xerte page templates, accessibility, differentiation and interactivity <br /> Unpacking the structure of Xerte – John Integration options and support. <br /> Activity <br />
  • Xerte in a nutshell is software that allows the creation, management and sharing of learning objects and resources within and amongst academic institutions. <br />
  • Xerte is a software development kit that was Developed by Nottingham Uni and released to the academic community in 2008 as open source software, <br /> To facilitate the adoption of elearning in academic environments and to reduce barriers to technology and remove the need for required technical skills for creating elearning content <br /> Xerte as open source software led to development of XOT <br />
  • Xerte Online Toolkits offers a quick way for people with limited technical skills to create interactive multimedia, accessible resources. With the new developments in Xerte Toolkits v 1.9 (released Dec 2012) you can now create one set of content and instantly create two versions - one in HTML5 which will run on a wide range of devices (including mobile devices); and one in the traditional Flash format. <br />
  • The Xerte project has a host of different tools available under a GNU public license (free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works.) <br /> Xerte developer’s edition, for those who are technically literate and If you know a little code you can create more complex structures and sophisticated interactivity. <br /> If you can write a lot of code it allows you to write and develop powerful components, extending the Xerte authoring interface with your own tools, and even contribute to the Xerte project itself. <br /> Xerte Online Toolkits is a suite of browser-based tools that allow anyone with a web browser to create interactive learning materials quickly and easily. Content can be delivered to all devices using standards compliant HTML5 and a responsive template can deliver material to both small screens and large desktop computers. It’s also possible to run xerte online toolkits from a memory stick or standalone computer <br /> The Xerte Flex Compiler is a completely new tool from the Xerte Project, built on top of the open-source Flex SDK. The Xerte Flex Compiler offers developers a much more powerful and flexible solution for interactive development and includes tools and components designed specifically for developing mobile applications for Android and iOS. <br />
  • Over 70 templates <br /> Xerte has templates feature, allowing a user to enter data into a form instead of expecting them to have some coding knowledge. <br /> Text – bullet lists, learning outcomes and structured content for orientation <br /> Media graphics and sound can be embedded, video and audio slideshows <br /> Interactivities such as drag and drop labelling, annotated diagrams, multiple choice and quizzes and matching pairs <br /> Connectors and navigators that allow you to control the format and flow of your learning object, choosing from tabbed navigation, accordion or button navigation <br /> Miscellenaoues that allows you to embed content from numerous social media landscapes such as Youtube, flickr and google maps to name but a few and you can also embed QR codes to further information <br /> You can also embed games and charts and tables of data <br />
  • TechDis saw the potential of this highly sophisticated tool but <br /> They liked the fact that this resource incorporated interactivity, personalisation and keyboard accessibility, TTS, colour and text changing features. <br /> Synergy between eLearning agenda and accessibility agenda <br /> TechDis have now steered Nottingham to use templates that mere mortals can use. <br /> Over 35 templates <br />

Introduction to Xerte Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome! HEA Annual Conference 2014 Creating Inclusive Content using Xerte Online Toolkits
  • 2. 04/14/14 Margaret McKay Advisor: Accessibility & Inclusion John Maguire Advisor: Learning Technologies Penny Robertson Advisor: Learning Resources
  • 3. Overview • Intro to Xerte • Inclusivity benefits • Integration • Activity 3 By en:User:Timjarrett [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (via Wikimedia Commons
  • 4. Introduction to Xerte
  • 5. Xerte background • Released to the academic community in 2008 • Nottingham Uni e-learning toolkits could be: –Tutorial guides –Enterprise applications –Bespoke learning tools –web2 • Led to the development and creation of Xerte OnlineToolkits 5
  • 6. Xerte OnlineToolkits • e-Learning can be time consuming • To minimise the reinvention of the wheel • Support reuse and repurposing of content • Flexible and powerful • Accessibility (JiscTechDis) • Enhance productivity: –Developers –Teachers Ref. A. Beggan, Nottingham University 6
  • 7. Multiple routes of access • Xerte Developers Edition • Xerte OnlineToolkit • Xerte Flex Compiler 7
  • 8. XerteTemplates • Text • Media - Graphics, Sound. • Media –Video Audio Slideshows • Interactivities • Connectors & Navigators • Misc Title of presentation 00/00/2013 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. 10 Insert xerte nottingham uni link and screengrab
  • 11. References 11 • Xerte resources • Xerte page types • Xerte