Augmented Reality - JISC RSC Scotland - mobile technologies event

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An overview of the concept of augmented reality with examples of educational use.

An overview of the concept of augmented reality with examples of educational use.

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  • Use to view things which could not normally be seen or be viewed from particular anglesEg anatomy and how it works in context, planets and how they rotate, how minerals react with each otherCould be used in sports, health, science, art etc
  • Glasses are being developed by Google’s Project Glass and will allow you to view a range of material overlaid on your view of the real world. This might include reminders to call someone, the temperature when you look out of the window, being able to capture pictures when you see something you like, have a video chat with someone and share with them what you are seeing…


  • 1. Augmented Reality JISC RSC Scotland
  • 2. "Every day, you walk down the street. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn.But on this day, you decide to use your smartphoneand look down at the screen. At that moment, yousee animation, tweets from people in the area, and you can respond. Interactivity meets reality. Social meets real time visibility. Engage, enlightenment and excitement in an instance.” Craig Weiss
  • 3. So what is augmented reality?
  • 4. AR in Education• Enhanced information• In situ visualisation• 360 degree visuals• Complex 3d modelling• Interactive books and games• Merge your real and virtual worlds…
  • 5. Enhanced Information - CollegeProspectusTry it for yourself… Open the Kendal College app onyour mobile device and focus on this image
  • 6. In Situ Visualisation View the world through different lenses…
  • 7. In Situ Visualisation Context relevant, just in time learning…
  • 8. 360 Degree Visuals View the invisible…
  • 9. Complex Modelling Watch a sketch come to life…
  • 10. Interactive Books and Games Control virtual worlds…
  • 11. AR You Ready?Access Wikitude to discoverwhat’s happening aroundyou…View Abraham Lincoln anddinosaurs using SecondSight … (codes, 100100,100101)See if you can find dragonsusing String…
  • 12. Merge your Real and Virtual Worlds Google Glasses Should have gone to specsavers?