PayPal Android SDK Integration + Tech/Business Highlights


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This deck was part of a presentations at GMIC, On Android Conf & AnDevCon 2013. Recent tech & acquisitions noted, as well as a review of the PayPal Android SDK integration basics. High level overview for developers new to PayPal Android SDK.

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  • Hi Friends, Few days back i got a chance to work on Paypal for Android App, now i want to share a code snippet how to integrate PayPal in Android App to you people so, follow the steps in the tutorial to integrate PayPal in your Android App
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  • Traditional boundaries are blurring In the past the offline and online commerce worlds were two completely separate spheres in which consumers purchased goods. Consumers researched and purchased goods online, or they did so offline- but never using both the online and offline worlds for a single purchase.Today we see a changing landscape where nearly 40% of offline purchases are influenced by online activity. The online world becomes a place to inform offline decisions, and vice versa. Today’s commerce landscape is devoid of the online-offline distinction. Consumers, empowered with both offline and online sources of information, will move seamlessly between the two spaces to make their purchases.
  • + eBay Now logo----- Meeting Notes (2/1/13 16:24) -----CUP partners --> can disburse to 80 banks in China straight to bank a/c's (CNAPS)Dir. debits and credits --> bank funding opportunity (4 now, going to 80)Based on ICBC relationship (e.g. incl. cash-in at ICBC branches)* Instant sweeps for CN exporters (Faisal / Clara)* MCA - aggregator of local-bank provided credit, develop data over time
  • PP vision is to ‘DELIVER THE FUTURE OF MONEY…TODAY. Which means being an ESSENTIAL part of our customers lives, enabling commerce anytime, anywhere and in any way.EVERYDAY, we should be part of their everyday spend – not just once or twice a year….and for this to be realized, we really have to be wherever they are – and so have to be available any time, anywhere and in any way. Our strategy to getting to this vision is based on three key pillars….the digital wallet, being omni-channel and providing our customers with financial flexibility.
  • PayPal Android SDK Integration + Tech/Business Highlights

    2. 2. OVERVIEW 2 • Payments Power Commerce – On & Offline • PayPal Payment Tech: today & tomorrow • Braintree & Venmo • Hardware: PayPal Here & Beacon • Mobile Payments • User / App Identity • Mobile SDK • Sample App Demo • Future of Money
    3. 3. Traditional boundaries have blurred Confidential and Proprietary 3
    4. 4. eBay provides ecosystem of commerce & payment tech Demand Generation Merchandising Shopping Transactions Business Services  Storefront  Catalogs  Full lifecycle  Local inventory  Product pricing  Closed loop  User and transaction data  Distribution  Merchant info  Check-in  Shipping  Discounts  Browse history  Pay in aisle  Mobile  Buying history  Buy on mobile  Order management  Identity  Traditional Web  Personal offers  Decouple pay vs. ship or fulfill Confidential and Proprietary  Re-targeting
    5. 5. PayPal digi wallet streamlines transactions Confidential and Proprietary 5
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    9. 9. GOOD TO KNOW • PayPal Mobile SDKS provides sleek, native UI interface • Users scan credit card via camera - via tech • 132 million active registered PayPal accounts • Payments via logging in with phone/pin or email/pwd • Remembered payment methods • Support for 25 different currencies &190+ markets • Extensive PayPal Security & Fraud protection mechanisms 9
    10. 10. IDENTITY ENVIRONMENT  Actors: End-user (consumer & developer), Application, Merchant & Services  API Callers: PayPal Services, 3rd Party & Partner Applications Authorization, Authentication & Profile Services Application End-User Device PayPal Services (XO, Wallet, Invoice, …) Merchant/P artner Internet 10
    11. 11. PAYPAL MOBILE SDK • Provides the UI components to accept PayPal or Credit Card Payment • Identifies the user, and creates payment transaction • Returns a proof of payment – or transaction errors 11
    12. 12. GETTING STARTED 1) Mobile SDKs overview & setup PayPal app: 2) Download Android / iOS SDKs: 3) Integrate the SDK in your mobile app 4) Create a payment 5) Process payment result: OK, Canceled or Invalid 12
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    15. 15. CONFIG_CLIENT_ID = "AUMy9ZBBBg84g8iGqc0Nrt98RZHaJXDzzICrKmPG8DIRq4ptBlStNctm7Va9i"; CONFIG_RECEIVER_EMAIL = ""; 15
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    19. 19. Delivering the future of money today An essential part of our customers’ lives, Enabling secure commerce anytime, anywhere, any way. 1 19 9