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  • Worked with all but one version of SharePoint. I missed the first version. Slides will be posted to my blog at in the next 24 hours.
  • Show configuration screens and options. Show the display templates folder in master pages library. Show display template file
  • Share point 2013 search sharepointlandia

    1. 1. SharePoint 2013 SearchNo longer just for admins, No longer just for finding documentsBy: Ryan SchoutenIntermountain Technology GroupSharePoint Saturday Portland April 20th, 2013
    2. 2. About MeRyan SchoutenWorked with SharePoint for 6 yearsI have experience with SharePoint 2003 – 2013I have worked with ASP.Net for 10 yearsContact
    3. 3. Why are we here?
    4. 4. Search as an application tool It’s fairly obvious but we can search for content Quick access to a dataset Could be cached Could be near real time Security Trimmed results Cross Site Content Easy to work with LARGE sets data Can use SharePoint 2013’s GeoLocation field type to even return results nearuser’s location
    5. 5. SiteCollection ASearchSearchCrawlContentSearch WebPartSite Collection BSite Collection CSiteCollection DList of articles/documentsRecommendationsPopular items
    6. 6. We’re going to have a test.Raise your hand when you’re done.
    7. 7. Find the PDFNow findJoanna’sproject
    8. 8. What’s the problem All the results look the same Documents and sites look thesame but are not the same This is the experience thateveryone is used to.
    9. 9. Current ProblemSharePoint 2010 Search Not easily customizable Changes to Search require an admin SharePoint Enterprise Search not as feature rich as needed FAST Search costs extra FAST Search is not easily configured Refiners are not very snazzy Not easy to administer
    10. 10. SharePoint 2013 Search Rewritten to combine SharePoint Enterprise Search and FAST search New Functionality Display Templates Result Types Query Rules Query Builder Site/Site Collection Search Management Result Sources Continuous Crawl Automatic Property Creation Improved speed and scalability Search Data available through REST
    11. 11. Display Templates Determine how the content for search will be rendered Written in HTML/JavaScript instead of XSL Best approach is to take an existing template and copy it Place your display templates in your master page folder
    12. 12. Layers fordisplay templatesControl ItemAlso:Filter, Groupand HoverPanel
    13. 13. DemoDisplay Templates
    14. 14. Result Types Result Types are a combination of conditions and display templates Conditions match properties to identify a particular type of result The result type allows the changing of the appearance of this particular item This is what allows us to bring our and highlight the information that is usefulfor each item in search. Based on the conditions we can have specialized displays of content based onany managed property
    15. 15. Building a Result Type Plumb any properties you need into search Create the look you want with a Display Template Hook up the template to a Result Type Try it out with a search!
    16. 16. Query Rules Conditionally promote important results Show blocks of additional results Tune ranking
    17. 17. Query Builder: Connecting you to resultsCreate queries Preview ResultsFull screenquery builderto create/testqueriesFullyintegratedwith resultsources andquery rulesQueryvariables aresubstituted atquery time
    18. 18. DemoLet’s Get to work on that Bulletin Board
    19. 19. Questions
    20. 20. Thanks for attendingSharePointlandia
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