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Manifest destiny and mexican war1
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Manifest destiny and mexican war1


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Sponge• The first ten amendments of the Constitution are known as_____.• Which amendment • allowed women to vote. • Lowered the voting age to 18 • Prohibited alcohol • Provided equal protection under law
  • 2. Sponge• The _________ _________ stated that NO European nations will be allowed to colonize in the America’s.• Describe Manifest Destiny.• The War of 1812 was a conflict between what two countries?
  • 3. Sponge• What states were acquired from Mexico?• For what purpose did America buy the Gadsden Purchase?• Name one great piece of technology used from 1800-1860.
  • 4. Manifest Destiny - belief that the U.S. had the right to all theland between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Manifest Destiny: Video
  • 7. Manifest Destiny“The American claim that it is our rightto possess the whole of the continentwhich fate has given us for thedevelopment of the great experiment ofliberty.” John O’Sullivan, New York editor
  • 8. Election of 1844• Presidential candidateJames Polk believedstrongly in ManifestDestiny, and he favoredannexing Oregon andTexas. • His Presidential slogans were:President James K. Polk “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight” and “All of Oregon or None”
  • 9. • After winning theelection, the U.S. and GreatBritain compromised bydividing Oregon at latitude49 degrees north.
  • 10. How did they get there?Oregon Trail: stretched 2,000 miles acrossnorthern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.Trip took about six months, most went inwagon trains.
  • 11. Mexican War – The Beginning• The U.S. declared war onMexico in 1846, shortly afterannexing Texas. MULTIMEDIA
  • 12. Gen. Zachary Taylor * First battle of the war.Gen. Santa Anna
  • 13. • Northerners opposed the war. They felt it was a Southernattempt to add more slave states to the Union. Balance of Power Between Free and Slave States as of 1844 Michigan Arkansas Maine Missouri Illinois Alabama Free Indiana Mississippi SlaveStates Ohio Louisiana States Vermont Tennessee Rhode Island Kentucky New York Virginia New Hampshire North Carolina Massachusetts South Carolina Connecticut Maryland New Jersey Georgia Original Pennsylvania Delaware 13 States
  • 14. California• Americans in California overthrew the Mexicans in 1846,declaring the independent nation of the Bear Flag Republic.• Soon afterwards, California joined the United States.
  • 15. Were not done yet• The United States wanted to put a Railroad between the East and the West.• The most likely southern route included territory still owned by Mexico.• The U.S. bought the area in the Gadsden Purchase
  • 16. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – 1848 (Video) • Mexico recognized the Texas-Mexico border as the Rio Grande. • Mexico ceded the Mexican Cession to the United States. • Today, the Mexican Cession are the states of CA, NV, UT, and parts of AZ, NM, CO, and WY.Gadsden Purchase • The United StatesThe United States bought southern paid Mexico $15NM and AZ for $10 million. million.
  • 17. California Gold Rush• Gold found at Sutter’s mill• Chinese immigrated for Gold Rush• Many headed to California from the east• Great wealth and California will ask for statehood in 1850