Jisc RSC Eastern VLE forum March 2013 'Moodle rooms'


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Moodlerooms Introduction presentation, Stewart Hutton

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  • Moodle partners have special status granted by Moodle trust in Australia who own Moodle. There only about 50 Moodle partners around the world who are authorised to sell moodle services using Moodle trade marks and so on. In return we give 10% of all our revenue back to Moodle in Australia and it’s that revenue that is responsible for keeping Moodle free. In return Moodlerooms get direct access to Moodle team in Australia and contribute to a lot of the code.
  • Joule is effectively is the same moodle everyone knows, but an improved version with a number of key additional capabilities which improve the experience for teachers, learners, managers and administrators, which delivers Moodle in an enterprise level way tier 4 which is more scalable, reliable, performant, provisioning and support moodle installations.
    Tier 4 explanation http://www.colocationamerica.com/data-center/tier-standards-overview.htm it seems to refer to the robustness of the system
  • First transition: This slide tries to show how Joule is based on the same open source core that everyone uses
    Second transition(the blue): But has many enhancements, including some major additions.
    Third transition Red: You can still use community plugins etc (red) but we ensure they are safe, performant etc.
    Fourth transition Grey: Conduit is our tool to integrate with other systems,
    Fifth transition White: Enterprise everything is cloud hosted and supported by a range of professional services.
  • Express Designer provides tools to create great interfaces, highly branded if you want … and works on mobiles and tablets, sensing the device and delivering all the course content reformatted for the screen etc.
  • Personal Learning Designer is a very powerful tool that allows tutors to create rules that react to learner interactions with the course and can do things like pop up alerts, send emails, add to groups, unlock content etc.
  • We have added a whole new grading tool which makes grading faster and easier – and allows communication with learners from within the grader.
  • Advanced reports give easy access to much better data, including dashboards.
  • World’s biggest Moodle cloud for the ultimate security, performance, reliability etc. Our SLA is for 99.9% Moodle availability – not just servers working.
    While we need to quote everyone individually – and there will be one-off startup costs for implementation etc that can vary, with all those caveats …
    … for most FE Colleges we can provide that functionality, cloud hosting, support, upgrades etc for about £5 per FTE per year (using the official FTE figures). In some WBL situations that may be £5 per user rather than FTE. Less than 2000 users/FTE we have some fixed price packages - £6000 per year for <1000 users/FTE, £9500 per year for <2000 (these include some bundled implementation packages). But every case is different so these are just broad indications.
  • Jisc RSC Eastern VLE forum March 2013 'Moodle rooms'

    1. 1. Enterprise Moodle Stewart hutton Sales Manager, UK
    2. 2. Blackboard and Moodle March Acquisitions Netspot and Moodlerooms Largest Moodle Partners 10% revenue back to Moodle Keeps Moodle free Direct access to Moodle team input to core access to core 2
    3. 3. Moodlerooms Moodlerooms is world’s largest partner >2200 hosted customer sites >2M hosted users Substantial code contributions Common Cartridge import/export LTI 1.1 capability Assignment module rewrite Rubrics 3
    4. 4. Moodlerooms Joule = Moodle + • Enhanced Moodle features • Additional key capabilities • Enterprise-Level provisioning and support Ease of use Recruitment Efficiency Retention Course creation Engagement Decision support Outcomes Ownership/adoption Economy 4
    5. 5. IMPLEMENT TRAIN Open Source •Tested •Certified •Secure •Performant SUPPORT CUSTOMISE
    6. 6. Moodle :: User Interface 6
    7. 7. Joule :: User Interface 7
    8. 8. Joule :: Personal Learning Designer 8
    9. 9. Joule :: Grader & Gradebook 9
    10. 10. Joule :: Advanced Reports 10
    11. 11. Cloud Hosting • World’s largest Moodle instance • T4 Cloud • Optimized Moodle code base • Enhanced for: • • • Scalability Performance Management • 120Tb data • >2200 sites • >1M active users 11
    12. 12. Joule :: Professional Services Implementation Training & Education • Consultative, needs-based process • On-Site training • Seamless transition from previous courses • Online courses & webinar courses • Full site configuration • Resources and training materials • 3rd Party integrations applied • Subscription Self-serve training – TRAIN Hosting • Largest Moodle cloud in the world • On-Demand Scalability • Enterprise-Level Security Customisation • Utilize unique plug-ins and integrations • Opportunities for feature enhancement • Client contribution program • 99.99% uptime Project Management Technical Support • Monitors project and all moving parts • Administrator and end-user help desk • Point of contact at Moodlerooms • Technical operations manager • Assess needs throughout duration of project • Support community 12
    13. 13. Stewart Hutton Sales Manager, UK Further Education Blackboard International Mobile: +44 (0) 7415 115043 stewart.hutton@blackboard.com www.blackboard.com www.moodlerooms.com/uk 13