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  • FE dominates the *number* of connections. (Typically 10Mbit/s  100Mbit/s).
    HE and research dominates the *bandwidth* of connections. (Typically 1Gbit/s  10Gbit/s).
    NB: FE connections includes 12 WEA sites.
  • Purpose
    deliver a highly reliable and secure network
    provide a network that is flexible in meeting future demand
    provide a network that is more agile in dealing with change
    Careful design choices
    Carrier class network equipment & infrastructure
    Strict SLA’s
    Management by Janet NOC
    Design enables capacity scaling at controllable cost
    Management by Janet NOC
    Close working relationship with industry partners
  • Year Jul12-Jul13 did not reduce payments as much as it might because the selected supplier failed to provide the service and so we extended an existing contract for the extension year.
  • Jisc RSC Eastern Technical Managers forum 'Janet' presentation

    1. 1. Janet Update Guy Sudron Customer Engagement Manager Southeast Janet guy.sudron@ja.net
    2. 2. • Ensure customer expectations are exceeded. • Ensure that we listen to the views and requirements of the customer. • Include the voice of the customer in service development and review. • Clarify the views of the customer. • Identify key and underlying issues. • Identify new services to be provided for customers. • Absolutely NOT sales! Janet works on your behalf as an ‘intelligent customer’ and trusted partner. Why Customer Engagement?
    3. 3. • Not-for-profit company • Part of the Jisc family • New Company - Jisc Collections and Janet Ltd. • UK’s National Research and Education Network provider (NREN), a private network • Headquarters at Harwell Campus in Didcot, Oxfordshire • administration, management, customer service, CSIRT, development activities • approximately 120 staff • Network Operations Centre in London • approximately 20 staff • home based • approximately15 staff Janet - the basic facts
    4. 4. • Funded by the Funding Councils for HE and FE in the UK via Jisc • Research Council funding via Jisc • Network charging – HE only • Funded by other organisations – DfE (schools and sixth form colleges) • Income from customer connections – European Organisations – British Library – NIBSC – Commercials Janet Funding
    5. 5. Customers of Janet Local Authorities/ Schools HE/FE Adult Relative sizes of sectors: from funding body statistics on staff & student numbers 18 million possible users of JANET. ConnectionsUsers Area Sites Higher Education 212 Further Education 520 Local Authority 101 Self-funded 73 Research Council 38 Charity / Funders 25 969
    6. 6. • upgrade of UK national backbone – tuned to the needs of data-intensive research – procured long-term (10-15 year) fibre leases and equipment – in-house operation (Janet NOC) – Replaced the SuperJANET5 backbone during 2013 • upgrades to regional networks – systematic review of options aligned to procurement cycles 1. in-house operation by Janet NOC 2. use a public-sector shared-service network • to: - deliver a highly reliable and secure network - provide a network that is flexible in meeting future demand - provide a network that is more agile in dealing with change Janet 6
    7. 7. Fibre Network Normal rules apply: •Core ladder •Regional networks have 2 uplinks •Collector arcs & spurs 4 types of PoP •Core •Transmission •ILA •RNEP
    8. 8. Pathe News Akamai Virgin Radio Bogons Logicalis UK Pipex BBC Datahop InTechnology INUK RM Education LINX multicast NHS Redstone Google NetrinoUK Gamma Getronics London 2 Getronics aql Janet 3G VT Group Akamai Google Edge-IX Manc’r MCIX VM IXManchester Google Limelight Limelight InTechnology NHS Capacity: 709Gbit/s Akamai BTnet Gamma Exa Net BBC 10Gbit/s 1Gbit/s 100Gbit/s Init7 London 1 Amazon Microsoft Synetrix TMnet External Peers
    9. 9. Global Transit Usage/Cost
    10. 10. King Richard III Mbit/s
    11. 11. Limelight peering during the Olympics Gbit/s
    12. 12. Limelight peering during the Olympics Gbit/s
    13. 13. Regional Network
    14. 14. • Network due for re-procurement • Plan to reduce costs to end sites • Janet will be updating customers and inviting input post- summer 2014 Regional Network Developments
    15. 15. Recent Developments
    16. 16. • Service is being re-invented as ‘v-scene’ • Replacement for the current booking service with improved user interface and ease of use • Replacement desktop client • Improved interoperability with a variety of standards based clients (not Skype unfortunately) JanetVideo Conferencing Service
    17. 17. • Dynamic Purchasing Framework • One stop shop telephony purchasing service • Customers can purchase anything telephony related • CPE – PBX and handsets • Hosted Services • SIP Trunks and ISDN • Mobiles • etc etc….. • The more services purchased the greater the savings - up to 50% • Reduce procurement time by up to 2 months as Janet stepped through OJEU processes • All suppliers will have to meet various financial and technical requirements Online briefing – Thursday 15th , 12.30pm, www.ja.net/events Janet Telephony
    18. 18. • Move telephony traffic onto Janet – SIPTrunking – Flexibility – Reduced cost (50%+) – Note *keep some ISDN for resilience! • Hosted PBX – move intelligence to core – Flexibility, new starters and new sites…. – Reduce Cost • Remove organisational call charges – Landlines + Mobiles from one supplier = intra call cost A couple of scenarios
    19. 19. • A service which facilitates the sending and receiving of SMS text messages to and from relevant groups and individuals at a competitive price • Pay per text only service for any Janet community organisations. • Web based service • No annual licence fee • Recently re-procured with lower cost per text, down to 3.7p SMS - Janet txt
    20. 20. • Funding from BIS • Covers installation and first years annual rental • Organisation liable for future annual charges • Not applicable toVIth Form, just FE • Not to late to register your interest • Register your interest by emailing Neil Shewry (neil.shewry@ja.net) Second Network Connection Offer
    21. 21. • ‘dropbox’ type service • Out for procurement, will be a dynamic procurement system • Janet imposing technical and financial entry requirements • Basic service (e.g. dropbox type service) plus additional security measures including EEA storage, encryption, federated access Sync n Share
    22. 22. • Janet has now peered with AWS – Provides managed bandwidth for Janet customers connecting to AWS • Microsoft Azure imminent • Office 365 and Google Apps agreements • Data archiving framework (Arkivum) Cloud Services
    23. 23. • Agreement with ‘The Cloud’ • Allows public, unauthenticated access to the internet over Janet • Co-branding, filtering, on site router Public Access over Janet
    24. 24. Other Janet Services
    25. 25. • Business continuity – resilient network connectivity • Security – advice before and when things get tough – services to help protect the customer site • Savings through frameworks – network equipment, videoconferencing, telecommunications • Education and research community collaboration • Advice and support for customers’ strategic direction • Services that customers do not wish to run themselves – third party suppliers connected to Janet – cloud services via the Janet Brokerage How we might be used
    26. 26. Primary & Secondary Nameservers Primary: •Free to Janet Primary connected organisations •Provides a good basic DNS service and easy and quick to setup • “Self service” administration web portal or full support from Janet Secondary: •Free to Janet connected organisations • Provides an off-site nameserver as a backup to the PNS service • Is available to all organisations .ac.uk domains • One telephone call sets the service up.
    27. 27. eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.
    28. 28. Benefits for your organisation
    29. 29. • Single wireless network on campus • Improved student and staff experience • Minimisation of the administrative workload of managing user and guest accounts • Reduction of visits to service desk by students, staff and visitors Benefits for your organisation
    30. 30. • Users use their familiar username and password, regardless of location • Once their device has connected to eduroam once, it will connect everytime wherever eduroam is available • You might not trust the device but you can trust the authentication – you can then decide what services to offer over the wireless network • Eduroam is device agnostic – it’s standards based so will work with any student device that supports wireless • Students & staff can visit any location that offers eduroam and have securely authenticated wifi access Benefits for students & staff
    31. 31. Janet’s vision for eduroam • Throughout education • Public spaces e.g. museums and public libraries • Public transport – trials have been conducted on the greyhound buses • City wide – e.g. Portsmouth Connected City project
    32. 32. Janet Support • Don’t forget, we can assist in other ways: • Janet training courses – www.ja.net/training • Janet Community website – community.ja.net • Janet regional events • Janet online briefings • Janet Networkshop – networkshop.ja.net – 31/03 to 02/04 2015 in Exeter
    33. 33. Thank you Guy Sudron Customer Engagement Manager Southeast Janet guy.sudron@ja.net