Future space re imagining learning spaces
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Future space re imagining learning spaces



City College Norwich Project on tool kit for learning space design.

City College Norwich Project on tool kit for learning space design.



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Future space re imagining learning spaces Presentation Transcript

  • 1. JISC REFURBISHMENT FORUM Harry Greiner, City College Norwich
  • 2. Why am I here today?
    • I want your interest
    • I want you to say you’ll come to our workshops and give it a try!
    • But mostly, I want to pick your brains!
  • 3. The Project
    • “ Re-imagining learning spaces through change management
    • and virtual simulation scenarios.”
    • ‘Future Space’ aims to equip FE College management teams with the tools
    • to re-imagine their existing classroom spaces to deliver the ‘built
    • pedagogy’ required to support 21stC learning and behaviours.
  • 4. The Project
    • What’s it adding to a debate that’s hardly new?
      • The project promotes equality of input because it requires teaching staff
      • to consider how the learning environment impacts on learners and make
      • changes. ‘Future Spaces’ also enhances the personalisation of space and access.
      • It gives broad access opportunities to experimental, virtual spaces that
      • are available to all on an equal basis – character and space are re-invented
      • within the virtual and physical and cultural signifiers are lost.
  • 5. The format
    • We are looking from buy-in from a range of institutions to experiment with
    • this new model – to get feedback on its suitability and to constantly
    • improve what we are doing. To this end we are
    • Running 3 dedicated one-day workshops at different points around the country, beginning October 2011
    • Selecting 5 willing participants from each conference who we will work through the complete change management system, addressing a particular area in their institution
    • Each of those 15 participants will go through the process and up with a real plan for refurbishing and repatriating of its existing spaces. We will then work with them to produce a usable virtual rendering of their project so that it can be experienced and tested with students and stakeholders.
    • Finally, we will present the complete toolkit to the sector for use and further development.
  • 6. The format
    • The workshops will be run as real, hands-on problems solving days
    • but will double as an introduction to the tools and techniques we’re putting
    • together to enable attendees to take these back to their institutions for
    • immediate use. At the workshops we would like
    • 3 members of staff from each institution – a teacher, a corporate manager and your equivalents
    • Workshops will be facilitated by JISC, City College Norwich and Clever Atom
    • Each institutional group will receive all resources 2 weeks beforehand along with a set of guidance notes on any preparation (all cerebral, not practical!).
    • There will be opportunities to work with other institutions and contribute to their thinking and problem solving.
  • 7. The tools: Change Management
  • 8. The tools: Workshop question card packs
  • 9. The tools: Workshop scenario card packs
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Your turn!
    • This is where we get to the bit of this that is really useful to me – getting
    • your thoughts and ideas – let me kick you off with some questions that are
    • bothering me:
    • Is this going to be helpful?
    • Will people use it … or does the Principal get the last word in all cases?
    • Should we be adding something? Is there anything you guys use that could be useful if turned into a simple tool for others?
    • Is refurbishment even an issue now – or is everybody treading water until the sky falls in?
    • Does creating the model flythoughs add any appeal to joining in?
    • Is there an appetite for an online resource that gathers the best in new builds, refurbissments, future thinking etc – or does JISC and Futurelab have it covered?