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Learn about the journey our Business & Computing teachers have made in order to embed online submission and feedback into their courses... and hear why they’re still on that journey. Hertford Regional College presentation.

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Electronic submissions

  1. 1. HOW WE USE E-MARKINGIn the Computing Section, we have been using electronic collection and submission of assignments for the last three years.
  2. 2. BENEFIT FOR US................ We no longer drown in paper Assignments can be marked at any time via the VLE Archiving work is as simple as storing a CD and not stacks of folders
  3. 3. BENEFIT FOR THE LEARNER................... Learners receive instant feedback via email as soon as the work is graded Allows them to work on referred submissions straight away No waiting until the lesson to query feedback with the tutor
  4. 4.  All assignments are created on the college VLE  Assignments have timed deadlines  VLE provides a visual reminder of deadlines  Students collect and submit via the VLE  Staff are emailed by VLE when a student submits their work
  5. 5. HOW THE STUDENTS COLLECT THEIR WORK On the Moodle site, we use a document link to the assignment itself. Each activity upload link has the deadline for the tasks in it this allows us to check that students are actually working and progressing on the current assignments
  6. 6. ASSIGNMENT SETTINGSOur Grade Scale isUngradedReferredPassMeritDistinction
  8. 8. SUBMITTING THE WORK Students upload their work to the activity upload links Staff are informed by email
  9. 9. WE HAVE A TWO WEEK LIMIT FOR ASSESSMENT OF SUBMISSIONS Messages are filtered in Outlook Listed in date order Facilitate the correct targeting of marking
  10. 10. FEEDBACK TO STUDENTS  Feedback is entered into the submission page  Students receive an email to check the grade or see if it has been referredBtec First SV comment:“There is very good and constructive feedback given to the students for eachtask”
  11. 11. FEEDBACK ON THE REFERRED WORK Comments can be added to the learner’s work This is uploaded as a feedback document You could even upload a vodcast of you reading the work on screen and narrating what needs adjusting if you wished. Deadlines are set for resubmission
  12. 12. ALLOWS INNOVATIVE SUBMISSIONS BY LEARNERS This task was to Explain two fundamental principles of HCI design. This student created and uploaded to the VLE, a vodcast as his submission
  13. 13. ALLOWS INNOVATIVE SUBMISSIONS BY LEARNERS Last year, we had a student who was suffering a mobility handicap, he submitted his work as voice files
  14. 14. ALLOWS INNOVATIVE SUBMISSIONS BY LEARNERS The task was to explain the process of how two users agree a common encryption across the Internet This student created and uploaded a video  Though in this example it was via Youtube, he could have uploaded it directly to the Moodle link
  15. 15. ALLOWS INNOVATIVE SUBMISSIONS BY LEARNERS This student uploaded an automatically progressing PowerPoint presentation
  16. 16. ANY QUESTIONS?