(Social) Web 2.0 follow up notes and resources

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A follow up handout fomr a session delivered at University College for the Creative Arts' Maidstone campus on October 31st 2007

A follow up handout fomr a session delivered at University College for the Creative Arts' Maidstone campus on October 31st 2007

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  • 1. Web 2.0 & Libraries – some follow up materials from session at Ucreative, Maidstone 31st October 2007 Social Bookmarking Furl http://furl.net/member/rscselinks I have encountered some recent problems with this service. Although I am told that it is due to a rollout of a new version http://blogs.looksmart.com/furl/ I am not confident about the long term life of Furl. All of the valuable features like comments and site clips seem to have disappearedtemporarily,leaving it resembling not much more than a big list of 'stuff' del.icio.us I am trying to convert my links to this site (which seems a lot more stable) just in case! Harold Fricker’s link is at http://del.icio.us/hf.rscse I would recommend, whichever bookmark site you opt for, making regular backups of your links 1
  • 2. Book sharing Library Thing http://www.librarything.com/catalog/andykir k A great resource for producing visual displays, complementing your OPAC finding book reviews and Amazon-style similar titles http://www.librarything.com/zeitgeist for a flavour of the stats of the site http://www.librarything.com/tools for different ways of displaying your collections on a blog, receiving and accessing the information Using images Flickr Continuing the theme of visual displays in quite imaginative ways - see Sutton libraries' monthly displays with links into their OPAC http://www.flickr.com/photos/54117187@N0 0/747212623/ 2
  • 3. Social networks Facebook You may be throughly fed up with people talking about Facebook, but nevertheless it may be worth investigating appropriate strategies to tap into the UCreative audience on various University networks http://facebook.com/s.php?q=UCCA&k=2000 00010 Library services are making various forays into devloping applications for facebook - here are a few from a basic 'librarian' search http://facebook.com/apps/index.php?q=libra rian You will also find applications from resources and services sucn as COPAC and JStor Library2.0 http://library20.ning.com/ Although of a US bias, there are sometimes some interesting discussions on Web 2.0 resources and strategies for applying to library services. Worth keeping an eye on a a professional development tool. You will find my site in there somewhere 3
  • 4. Further materials RSC Web 2.0 for libraries course http://moodle.rsc- southeast.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=20 Guest access is enabled Andy Kirk, e-Learning Adviser (Resources & Technology JISC RSC South East a.kirk@kent.ac.uk http://www.rcs-southeast.ac.uk http://library20.ning.com/profile/andykirk http://eduspaces.net/andykirk/weblog 4