Business Opportunities for Marketers

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Wesleyan University-Philippines
College of Business and Accountancy
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August 12, 2011
Ron Batisan

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  • 1. College of Business and Accountancy JUNIOR MARKETING ASSOCIATION Business Opportunities for Marketers Ron Batisan, MBA Senior Manager UnionBank, Global Filipino Center
  • 2. Marketing Basics
    • Intermediary function between product development and sales
    • The core function is to take a “generic” product and/or service and associate that product or service with a brand name
    • A function that is needed in every company in any industry, therefore, career potential is UNLIMITED
    • Choose a career among the following marketing categories: (1) Market Research (2) Brand Management (3) Advertising (4) Promotions (5) Public Relations
  • 3. Market Research
    • Involves researching the intended target
    • Philippine Company: Kantar Media - formerly TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres)
    • Careers include: (1) Market Research Director (2) Market Research Manager (3) Market Research Supervisor (4) Market Analyst
  • 4. Brand Management
    • Distills the brand’s essence, maps out competitors in the brand category, identifies marketing opportunities and communicates unique benefits of the product or service
    • Philippine Company: SM Malls
    • Careers include: (1) Brand Manager (2) Product Development Manager (3) Product Manager
  • 5. Advertising
    • Works with all aspects of marketing from strategy to concept to the execution of the strategy
    • Philippine Company: McCann Erickson Philippines
    • Careers include: (1) Advertising Managers (2) Advertising Sales Director (3) Account Executives (4) Account Planners (5) Media Director (6) Media Coordinator (7) Media Buyers
  • 6. Promotions
    • Works on creating programs that unite advertising to purchase incentives such as special discounts, coupons, samples, gifts with purchase, rebates and sweepstakes
    • Philippine Company: Ensogo Philippines
    • Careers include: (1) Promotions Director (2) Promotions Assistant (3) Public Relations
  • 7. Public Relations
    • Manages the communication with the media, consumers, employees, investors and the general public – spokespeople for the company
    • Careers include: (1) Account Coordinator or Public Relations Coordinator (2) Account Executive (3) Media Relations (4) Director, Vice President (5) Government PR Departments (6) PR Consultant
  • 8. Is a career in marketing for you?
    • Marketing is not only for creative thinkers but also numbers-minded statisticians
    • Marketing is so appealing, however, marketers should ready themselves for long work hours and working on evenings and even weekends and holidays
    • Marketers should also be ready to work under pressure and thrive off meeting deadlines and goals that are set
    • In some positions, substantial travel is not uncommon
    • Marketing is a vital necessity not only for business firms, but is also performed by governments, educational, religious, social service, and nonprofit organizations or institutions
    • Marketing provides a great number and variety of job opportunities no matter which career track one decides to follow
  • 9. Good luck future marketers! Thank you!