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Data analysispp[2]

  1. 1. Catch them beforethey fallThe Power of DataBy: Rani Baksh
  2. 2. If you want to see it,teach it!If you teach it,assess it!If you assess it,use it to guide instruction!Assess again to see ifinstruction was effective!
  3. 3. Step 1: Decide, as a team,which data to analyze** Utilize assessments given throughAssessTrax - it makes life easier!!
  4. 4. This report is thecommon report printedto view student results.Student Results Report Log in to AssessTrax Click “Work with my tests and classes” Select a completed assessment Click “View Results” Select the class Click “Student Level Results”
  5. 5. Step 2: Collect & Organize Data**Each teacher should access the AnswerFrequency Report in AssessTrax - resultsshould be compiled into one chart
  6. 6. Answer Frequency Report(percentage of the class that selectedeach answer choice) Log in to AssessTrax Click “Work with my tests andclasses” Select a completed assessment Click “View Results” Select the class Click “Answers” along the Analysisbar
  7. 7. Teachers should combinefrequency scores in one chart. Thechart should be saved on theshared drive and each teacher canin their own scores. A Any score below 70% shouldbe marked in red. Look for trends. Skills that indicate weaknessshould be noted.
  8. 8. Step 3: Analyze Data to identifystrengths, weaknesses and trends
  9. 9. What other data canAssessTrax give us?
  10. 10. AssessTrax can also give us reports calledMatrix Reports, which include:1. Student Answers by Question Number2. Student Scores by Objective3. A Description of the Objectives addressed oneach assessment4. Question Descriptions (not available for benchmarks)5. The ability to group student results according toassessment performance
  11. 11.  Log in to AssessTrax Click “Work with my tests and classes” Select a completed assessment Click “View Results” Select the class Click “Class Reports” along the Reporting bar Click on “Matrix Reports” Click “Continue” Select “Yes” and “Color” under Report Options You can select all students, or specific groups of students you’d like to analyze – you willalways get the same 4 reports Click “Continue” You will get a message box notifying you that the report may take several minutes togenerate – click “OK” Select “Get Printed Report”Steps to Assess Matrix Reports
  12. 12. Identify and click on scores below 70%Assesstraxs will group students and highlight whichquestions students struggled on . Wrong answersare marked in pink. Search for patterns!Criteria: Students grouped by scoredand questions.
  13. 13. The on level group of students. Trendsstart to emerge.
  14. 14. With students that scored high, you can targetspecific questions.
  15. 15. Another option, analyze by two differentcriteria. This report shows students grouped byscore and objective.
  16. 16. Middle group 70%- 80%
  17. 17. Students scoring >90%
  18. 18. When classroom instruction is notenough….strategically plan to do more!
  19. 19. Step 4: Create an Action Plan** Share ideas, strategies and lesson plansthat have been successful
  20. 20. Good decisions are based on data.Better decisions are made aftercollecting and examining data,reflecting on alternatives, and gettingfeedback from others.