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Portfolio estudiolab

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO<br />RUDY E SANCHEZ<br />
  2. 2. INDEX<br />RESIDENTIAL<br />House 418<br />House CANALES<br />House 214<br />House 313<br />House 716<br />More Residential/Projects….<br />COMMERCIAL<br />NIKE Shop <br />INNOVA SPORT <br />ADIDAS Shop<br />
  3. 3. RESIDENTIAL<br />
  4. 4. Entrance<br />Guest room<br />Garage<br />Bathroom<br />Living<br />Dining<br />Indoor patio<br />8. Kitchen<br />9. Laundry<br />10. Studio<br />11. Terrace<br />12. Jacuzzi<br />13. Master Bedroom<br />14. Reading<br />15. Balcony<br />16. Walk in closet<br />17. Master bathroom<br />18. 250gal Rain w tank<br />19. 800gal water tank<br />20. Solar water heater<br />21. Skylight<br />HOUSE 418<br />2009-MTY-MX- 66236<br />Function: Project Architect/Design<br />Project Type: Remodel and Addition<br />900 sq/ft added to second floor<br />2200 sq/ft in total remodel project<br />Owner: Manuel Contreras MD<br />Budget: $150,000 (preliminary)<br />Design:EstudioLab<br />General Contractor:MCL<br />The original roof was demolished to increase the overall new ceiling height for the first floor and increasing exponentially natural light coming in. A second story was added to include the master bedroom, and bathroom, a studio space and a terrace overlooking the mountains to the north-west. Bioclimatic design for this project was based on local climate aimed at providing thermal and visual comfort through passive solar systems for heating, cooling and lighting. In addition, compressed adobe bricks for the south-west walls, a solar water heater, double paned windows and solar panel ready installation were included in the project design.<br />
  5. 5. HOUSE 418<br />
  6. 6. HOUSE CANALES <br />2008-MTY-MX-66276<br />Function: Project Manager<br />Project type: Addition & Renovation<br />700 sq/ft added garage and terrace<br />2 700 sq/ft renovated in total<br />Owner: Bernardo Canales<br />Budget: $ 73,000<br />Design: Colective3<br />General Contractor: ARConstruction<br />This $2.4 M house had been recently purchased by a young couple of newlyweds, and along with some general renovations the program included the addition of a garage area for 3 vehicles; thus creating a new terrace space on top for evening gatherings.Automated steel doors custom made for the garage and exterior entrance were fitted with kumaru wood banners. San agustin marble stone floor, tempered glass, river stones and elephant foot palms were added to the new terrace. Additional openings on the east wall for natual light, tempered glass for the main entrance and stairs, volcanic stone cut and placed on walls and columns, cement plaster renovations, exterior and interior painting, lighting fixtures as well as a stained concrete sidewalk were all part of this project additions and renovations.<br />
  7. 7. Entrance<br />Garage<br />Kitchen<br />Dining<br />Living<br />Bathroom<br />Library<br />8. Patio<br />9. Housekeeping<br />10. Laundry<br />11. TV room<br />12. Bedroom<br />13. M aster bedroom<br />14. Master bathroom<br />15. Balcony<br />HOUSE 214<br />2008-MTY-MX- 64620<br />Function: Project Architect<br />Project Type: Remodel and Addition<br />1,995 sq/ft added to second floor<br />4, 576 sq/ft in total remodel project<br />Owner: Edy de la Torre<br />Budget: $205,000 <br />Design:Collaboration<br />General Contractor:GDT Engineering<br />The clients were a young couple who were planning on having a larger family, so the program demanded 3 additional bedrooms with bathrooms and a TV room on the second floor. The study was done through different models focusing on natural light and ventilation , overall aesthetics and a combination of sloped rooftops that would allow the clients a new perspective on the original design they brought in on our first meeting. The project has been further modified by the clients and the construction is scheduled to begin in 2010.<br />
  8. 8. HOUSE 214 <br />
  9. 9. Sidewalk<br />Entrance<br />Garage<br />Terrace<br />Patio<br />Backyard<br />Kids sandbox<br />HOUSE 313<br />2009-MTY-MX- 66220<br />Function: ProjectDesigner/Proposal<br />Project Type: Remodel and Renovation<br />Front and back Façades, garage entrance, perimeter walls and landscaping<br />Owner: Marcelo Ferrara<br />Budget: $ 48,000<br />Design: EstudioLab<br />Mr Ferrara asked for a design proposal to renovate the main entrance and overall perimeter of his 3 bed-2 bath 3,300 sq/ft property and garage area. The program included renovating the badly deteriorated main entrance wall and re-enforcing the existing entrance columns to withhold a light steel structure supporting new garage doors. the exterior main entrance was framed and the volume was pushed 12inches forward.. A stained concrete floor would replace the old ceramic tile in the garage. New window frames, tempered glass, lighting fixtures and landscaping were all part of the design proposal. The south-side perimeter wall was to be painted in a modular sequence with bright colors as a fun traveling path to the backyard for his 2 children; were a custom made 6 x 9 ft sandbox would be ready for them.<br />
  10. 10. New roof<br />Skylights<br />Office space<br />Garage<br />HOUSE 716<br />2009-MTY-MX- 64610<br />Function: ProjectDesigner/Proposal<br />Project Type: Addition and Renovation<br />400 sq/ft added to second floor for<br />a new office area.<br />Owner: Rogelio Morales M.D.<br />Budget: $ 81,500<br />Design: EstudioLab<br />Dr Morales oldest son was starting his computer-repair business at home, so an additional 400sq./ft of covered space was proposed on the terrace area above the garage of the house. After a careful study of the soil condition and the original foundation drawings it was determined that no structural reinforcement was needed for the new loads. The project included enclosing the new space with brick walls and a sloped concrete roof top with terra cotta shingles so that it follow the same design and style of the original house. New windows, access doors and two skylights were added to increase natural lighting. Good ventilation, proper rain water drainage and views to the park across the street were other elements taken under consideration.<br />
  11. 11. RESIDENTIAL <br />2001-<br />Function: Project Manager<br />Managed and Coordinated <br />15+ residential projects of new<br />Construction, Renovations & Remodels<br />Client: Privately owned/for sale<br />Budget: $ 10,000 - $300,000 USD<br />Projects size: 400-6,000 sq/ft<br />Over the course of my professional career I’ve worked various positions in the design and construction industry. In some projects my job has been to develop conceptual programs and architectural drawings; in other instances I’ve been involved in various building sites as project superindendentent or project coordinator, moving on to managing the planning, scheduling, and budgeting of several projects simultaneously.<br />Coordination among the different trades; wether electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and all others in any given project is always a challenge. Communication has been a key ingredient to developing a good relationship between the architects, engineers, contractors, inspectors and specialists; thus allowing for the planning and scheduling of tasks to be done in a timely fashion and within budget. There will always be set backs and part of my job has been to anticipate and minimize the impact of these on a given project. <br />
  12. 12. RESIDENTIAL -details<br />
  13. 13. COMMERCIAL<br />
  14. 14. 1. Office<br />2. Storage<br />3. Kids<br />4. Women<br />5. Men<br />6. Fitting rooms<br />7. Registry<br />8. Footwear<br />9. Initiative<br />10. Entrance<br />11. Men apparel<br />12. Women apparel <br />NIKE SHOP <br />PLAZA TEZONTLE<br />2007-Mexico City-MX<br />Function: Project Manager<br />Project Type: Commercial/Retail<br />2,935 sq/ft Interior (new)<br />Client: Nike/Innova Sport<br />Budget: $ 189,700<br />Design: Nike <br />General Contractor: FORMA <br />Construction Period: 6 weeks<br />Nike brand headed an expansion program across major Mexico cities, so in partnership with Innova Sport a development and construction program was put into place to open 10+ stores per year. Mexico city, Guadalajara and Monterrey were to open high end retail stores, and other cities like Torreon, Reynosa and Toluca were to open outlet-type stores. The design team was headed by Nike Mexico, the development and construction team was leaded by Innova sport and merchandising and operations was done by both.<br />
  15. 15. NIKE SHOP <br />
  16. 16. 1-2<br />INNOVA SPORT H.Q. MTY, MX.<br />3-4<br />I.S. La Nogalera,Saltillo,C OAH <br />I.S. Plaza Country,Monterrey, NL<br />I.S. Plaza Palmas, Cd Victoria, TAMPS<br />I.S. Centro, Reynosa, TAMPS<br />I.S. Plaza 4 Caminos, Torreon, COAH<br />I.S. Plaza Ixtapaluca, Mexico City<br />I.S. Gran Plaza, Guadalajara, JAL<br />I.S. San Nicolas, Monterrey, NL<br />5-6<br />INNOVA SPORT SHOPS <br />2003-2008 <br />Function: Project Manager<br />Managed and Coordinated over <br />200,000 sq/ft of retail space for new<br />Construction and Renovation projects<br />Client: Nike/Innova Sport/Adidas<br />Budget: $ 10,000,000 USD (5-years)<br />Locations: Nation-wide <br />Projects size: 1,000 - 6,000 sq/ft<br />7-8<br />Innova Sport is a full line sporting goods retailer in partnership with Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok offering a broad assortment of brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel and footwear. In 2004, along with Innova Sport’s parent company Soriana, a nationwide expansion program was put into place and over a 5 year period 35+ retail stores were built, remodeled and/or renovated. Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Saltillo, Torreon, Tampico, Cd Victoria, Durango, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Puerto Vallarta, Toluca, Queretaro along with others were some of the cities the expansion program covered.<br />
  17. 17. Entrance<br />Women<br />Kids<br />Men<br />Registry<br />Footwear<br />Fitting rooms<br />Storage room<br />ADIDAS SHOP <br />PLAZA COUNTRY<br />2005-MTY-MX-66711<br />Function: Project Manager<br />Project Type: Commercial/Retail<br />2,859 sq/ft Interior (new)<br />Client: Adidas/Innova Sport<br />Budget: $ 126,000<br />Design: Adidas <br />General Contractor: FORMA <br />Construction Period: 7weeks<br />Adidas had planned to open more high-end stores in major cities across Mexico, so in partnership with Innova Sport a development and construction program was put into place to open 5 new stores. Mexico city, Guadalajara and Monterrey were to open high end retail stores for the growing population of these cities..The design team was headed by Adidas Argentina, the development and construction team was leaded by Innova sport and merchandising and operations was done by both.<br />