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TeleConsult Group Services

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TCG Services

  1. 1. TeleConsult Group w w w. tel eco n su l tgro u p .co m
  2. 2. TCG’s Goal Our goal is to make our country more visible to others and bring in more work 2 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  3. 3. Our Profile: TeleConsult Group (TCG) is one of the leading Management Consultancy firms in Bangladesh and a dream realized by Naila Chowdhury, founder Chairman. TCG provides high quality, specialized advisory and consultancy services in most areas of Management, Human Resources, Call Center, Corporate Social responsible (CSR) Projects, Corporate Image Consultancy, Media/PR & Event Management. TCG also provides specialized consultancy services in various sectors, of ICT drawing on resources from a large domestic and international network associated with us professionally such as BPO. The main differentiators for the customers are our unique & combined experience of diverse, multifunctional - modern management. We take great pride in our ability to exceed client‟s expectation by taking a partnership approach, working closely with clients to achieve their business goals through meticulous planning and timely execution of projects. © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  4. 4. Our Mission:  Bring visible change in social responsibility and civic activities by 2010 through awareness and development programs  Develop scope for local expertise for enriching the knowledge base of the country  Use international trainers and expertise to empower and train local talent to grow into mid and senior management positions currently filled by expatriates  "Up-skill" the exportable knowledge worker base for higher paying jobs enabling to increase the incoming remittance 4 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  5. 5. Our Success: Success to TCG means that innovation is driven by the adaptability to bring in positive change with honest intention for our valued customers through a young dynamic team. TCG is well known for out of the box creativity and leadership. We take great pride in team work, extreme efficiency and high quality innovative output. We believe in delighting our valued clients in every level of service. We walk the talk and Customer's success is our pledge and promise. Our ability and confidence as a team to master technology transitions to keep head counts to a minimum thus creating productive employment of people and machine. On the top level, however, only one goal is valid: We commit totally to customer loyalty and become a partner in their continuous success . 5 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  6. 6. TCG Team 6 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  7. 7. Profile: Naila Chowdhury, Chairman & CEO Naila Chowdhury is Chairman & CEO of TeleConsult Group. Previously she was Director Customer Relations, Human Resources, Revenue Assurance, Billing, Walk in Service Centers of GrameenPhone Ltd. She held position as Director, Customer Relations in Telenor Pakistan. She served as CHAIRMAN & CEO, HIIT - Training & Skill Development Institute She was also a Consultant & Group Director Business Development and HR in a local company in Bangladesh. Her latest achievement was to become the Management Consultant for BASIS SOFTEXPO 2009. This is the largest ICT EXPOSITION in Bangladesh held each year. Due to the dint of the position she and her team will be overlooking Media, Press, Sponsorship, Audio Channels, TV Channels and all media, newspaper would also be under this jurisdiction. Recently, she has received an award for her excellent contribution to development of Human Resource in Bangladesh for the year 2006 from BSTD – Bangladesh Society for Training & Development & Rapport Bangladesh. “Presenter of the BBC documentary Michael Palin was accompanied by Naila Chowdhury, during Grameen Banks visit to Village Phone site. She also acted as an interpreter during the interview with Abida. The BBC team is visiting Bangladesh as part of its 2,000-mile journey from Afghanistan to the Bay of Bengal to film the documentary.” She started her professional career in UNICEF. Subsequently she had worked in Marketing in Marie Stopes and was a key person in branding the organization present logo introduction in this market 7 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  8. 8. ……profile continued Then on she joined DHL, World Wide Express as Head of Customer Service and had an enriching experience establishing best practices from Asia to other countries for long 5 years. She is a pioneer in setting up State of the Art 24X7 Call Center in DHL Express- Bangladesh. At this point of time she started her International in-house training unit for Team Building, Leadership and Quality Customer Service in DHL in association with other affiliates of DHL mainly in India, Malaysia & Singapore. Her appointment as Director of Customer Relations in GrameenPhone Ltd in 1999. was through a reputed head hunting company. During her enriching tenure in Grameen Phone, the GSM Mobile Company became one of the largest leading organizations in Bangladesh with the highest growth in Customer Service. She was subsequently given additional responsibility and made Director Human Resources from 1st March 2000 to September 2003. She is one of the only Director‟s in Grameen Phone who held two portfolio‟s simultaneously. She has had the privilege to work in seven countries by merit of her expertise and has lead Customer service and Call Center projects as Synergy Head of Asia-Telenor. Her Telenor Projects gave her exposure to work in Ukraine, Hungary, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Pakistan & Bangladesh. She holds a Masters Degree in Marketing from Dhaka University. She has also attained Sr. Executive Business Management Diploma from Singapore National University and has also completed Sr. Executive Management Diploma from Stockholm School of Economics. She had the privilege and expertise to travel and write project reports on few European affiliates of Telenor on „Best Practice & Synergy Effect‟ like Pannon-Hungary, Sonofon-Denmark, Oslo-Norway, Djuice-Sweden & Kyivstar-Ukraine. While in her position as Head of Revenue Assurance at Grameen Phone along with the other portfolio‟s she has completed Fraud Analysts course from i2 University in Cambridge. During her international posting, she was on unpaid leave from Grameen Phone Ltd while still holding portfolio of Director Customer Service. She also shouldered additional responsibility and was in charge of the Village phone Project of Grameen Bank on behalf of Grameen Phone Ltd for 2001 & mid 2004. She has attended the quarterly Board meetings with Grameen Bank and in many occasions had the privilege to work along side with Noble Laureate Prof Md. Yunus‟s team from Grameen Telecom. 8 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  9. 9. ……profile continued She worked as a Task Force member in Telenor, Oslo, Norway. This was right before license purchase and launch of Telenor Pakistan . This was in recognition of her expertise, as one of the most skilled Synergy Experts in Service from Asia. She has had successful project implementation in- Kyivstar-Ukraine, DTAC- Thailand, DiGi-Malaysia, Grameen Phone-Bangladesh and Telenor Pakistan on the basis of her diversified expertise and skill. She is well known for her timely process and policy implementation in every unit under her leadership. INSEAD has written about her expertise in their formal report (Ease of reference Google Naila chowdhury) on rapid progress of Telenor in Asia. She is well traveled and has represented her company in many prestigious International forums, seminars and workshops. She has successfully held responsibility as Acting Managing Director in absence of the Managing Director, Grameen Phone Ltd during the leadership of GrameenPhone‟s 2 most successful Country Head‟s Trond Moe & Ola Ree. Over the past 21 years of her professional career of which she had 14 years of Senior. Management position, she has gained extensive & versatile experience in the field of mainly telecommunication and diversified management. Her personal goal is to be able to empower, build & rightly place talents of Asia in the International & local market. Thus she wants to build a platform to voice Asian talents in the local & international arena through her CSR focused organization and able team members. They are focused into Job Placement Services, Payroll Services, CSR Activities, HR Consultancy, Career Counseling & Guidance and Professional Grooming etc. She is also affiliated with social work for under privileged children of Bangladesh. She has visited many countries as guest speaker from UNICEF and other organizations. Her passion is to be involved in various charity Associations and clubs in Bangladesh, Pakistan and UK. As a person she is outgoing, people oriented individual, with excellent written & oral communication skills. Her wide exposure & multi- functional experience has groomed her for multi cultural environment, adaptable to change. Her expertise lies in leading, training small to very large teams. She is an articulate presenter. She is focused, self motivated & goal oriented. This makes her effective in nurturing client relationships & developing in-house synergies between different affiliates of a company to establish Best practice and cut down company‟s-bottom line. She is very accustomed to producing positive results for greater efficiency in product delivery, customer loyalty and to bring about immense customer satisfaction in a bid to delight customers professionally. 9 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  10. 10. Our Services:  Tele-marketing Services  Call Center seat rentals/leasing  A to Z Call/Contact Center Consultancy  Call Center Software solution  HR & Management Consultancy  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  Climate Survey/External Client Survey  Roll out of CSR projects  Professional Trainings  Corporate Image Consultancy (PR & Media) 10 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  11. 11. Call/Contact Center Services:  Inbound Services  Order Taking  Customer Support Services  Help-desk Services  Advanced Telemarketing Sales  Product Information Request  Tele Sales and Order Booking  Cross Sell and Up Sell  Query Handling Services  Technical Support  Collections  Email & Chat Support 11 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  12. 12. Services Continued…..  Outbound Services  Product Promotion  Market Intelligence  Database Selling  Direct Mail Follow-up  Lead Generation/ Qualification/ Management  Seminar Population  Debt Collection  Info & Literature Fulfillment  Appointment Scheduling  Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns  Surveys 12 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  13. 13. Services Details…..  Customer/client Registration - banks, credit unions, investment firms - universities, government departments  Reservations - airlines, hotels, trains, entertainment  Package Shipping & Tracking - courier companies, distributors, manufacturers  Catalogue Sales - personal products, educational resources, furnishings, gourmet foods  Information Services - government services, professional health, insurance & counseling advice, customer service  Manufacturers’ Product Hotline - appliance, food, beverage companies TeleConsult Group 13 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  14. 14. Services Details…..  Polls & Surveys - research firms, marketing & advertising firms, political lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies  Collections - fundraising, accounts receivable departments  Ticket Sales - theatre companies, sports organizations, non-profit lotteries  Emergency Response - roadside assistance, ambulance dispatch, 999  Order Processing - exists within most businesses spanning all industries  Technical Support - software & hardware companies, information technology specialists 14 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  15. 15. Call Center Seat Rentals/Leasing facility: Our Seat Leasing Advantages  10-60 seat plans  Spacious 1m wide modular cubicles with acoustic panels. Comfortable chairs with arm rests  Expert IT support  Quality desktops and high-end servers  Access to three 20-30 seat training rooms. with mission-critical grade UPS.  Catered food available 24/7.  State of the art network: D-Link switch  Comfortable and spacious employee lounge infrastructure and Linksys routers. and resting areas.  Multiple internet  Employee lockers.  Dialers with inbound/outbound ACD  Multiple managers‟ offices available. capability.  Recruitment assistance.  100% power back-up through in-house  24/7 security. generators capable of supplying electricity  Flexible and competitive terms. for days. 15 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  16. 16. Why choose  Lower operating cost  21+ years of experience in call center management  More time/resources available to focus on core function  Quick setup and delivery of function & services  Lack of internal expertise in specific skills  Improve credibility and image by associating with superior providers  Turn fixed cost into variable cost  Increased flexibility to meet changing business condition  Improve risk management 16 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  17. 17. TCG will hold hands to bring a POSITIVE CHANGE for YOU, YOUR ORGANIZATION and for THE COUNTRY Be Proud to be a Bangladeshi Thank You 17 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9
  18. 18. We provide round the clock support and services TeleConsult Group Bangladesh Office: House # 01, Road # 15 (new) Dhanmondi R/A Dhaka-1205 Tel: 880 2 8151726 Tel: 880 1613308888 Email: USA Office: 7700 West Classic Court Severn, MD USA, 21144 Phone : +1 (202) 374-3596 Mobile : +1 (202) 777-3633 Email: 18 © C o p y r i g h t T e l e C o n s u l t G r o u p 2 0 0 9