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Wolf among lambs?
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Wolf among lambs?


Published on

  • I liked it very much too and I endorse what your classmates said. Congrats. And special congrats on the wolf metaphor you used. It really makes your presentation more appealing.
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  • Hey, Rach,

    I believe you managed to express your position very well in your presentation and to provide enough information on the Iran Issue in a clear, organized way. At the same time, you made a good use of the slide's space and made you presentation visually agreeable too.
    Also, I liked the title of your presentation, which, I suppose, summarizes your opinion on Iran in relation to bigger, more imposing countries like the USA.

    (Now, off-topic comment: I really liked the title of your presentation. It reminds me of Hannibal - what wouldn't he have done to Ahmadinejad if he could..., or to any president...?)
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  • Debora's comment:
    Rachel, your presentation is clear and composed by a adequade number of slides. I reckon you organized well the ideas, including putting the concept of trust in the begining. In all presentation have incorporated well he concepts of the text and the Iran case. We can note a good balance between the reasons of it side in this complicate situation. I had like very much the title. About the appearence, I know you are a discret person, but I think that you could use more colors in the slides.
    To sum up, very good presentation.
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  • Rachel, you made a really good work.
    I like the title and the quote in the beginning. From my standpoint it is well structured and all the main ideas are present. Your choice of layout is suitable, simple but beautiful. Besides, the presentation stands for itself. I don’t have any suggestion to give; I think is good as it is.
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  • Hey, Rachel! I really enjoyed your work. It was nice to see that you incorporated the text’s concepts and made a truly comprehensive presentation. Also, the visual it’s perfect for a UN conference, in view of the fact that the layout is neutral and the quantity of text in each slide is satisfactory.

    Indeed, your presentation can stand for itself, because the main ideas are explained and we can easily understand your point of view about the Iran Question and the agreement between Brazil, Turkey and Iran. To sum up, good job!
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  • 1. Wolf among lambs? The Iran Issue at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Rachel Maçalam Saab Lima
  • 2. Concept of trusting relationship
    • “ One into which actors enter knowing that as a consequence they increase their vulnerability to other actors whose behaviour they do not control, with potentially negative consequences for themselves.”
    • Jan Ruzicka and Nicholas Wheeler
  • 3. The NPT as a trusting relationship
    • Original bargain: the signatories forsake their right to acquire or develop nuclear weapons, limiting their capability of achieving national security by military means, in order to create stability in international field.
    • The original bargain demonstrates the presence of trust in the relationship between the signatories of the NPT. The countries increase their vulnerability, expecting others to act as they promised.
  • 4. Which prevails: trust or distrust?
    • Building trust in these relationships provides the prevention of nuclear proliferation and leads to nuclear disarmament.
    • Otherwise, the dominance of distrust conduce to a world in which a growing number of states have nuclear weapons, increasing the risks of war
  • 5. How can trust be strengthened?
    • Three key elements:
    • Exchange of reliable information
    • Greater acceptance of interdependence
    • Confidence in others living up to mutual agreement
  • 6. The Iran Case
    • The country is signatory of NPT.
    • Dispite that, Iran does not cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency
    • Other signatories fear that Iran has been secretly developing a nuclear weapon under the guise of a peaceful nuclear programme
  • 7. Security Dilemma
    • By pursuing the increase of its own security, through the development of nuclear weapons, Iran makes the other states less secure. That leads to the breach of trust in the NPT . Even if Iran intentions are benign, the signatories will see his attitude as a threat, and in consequence will react, acquiring nuclear weapons or imposing sanctions to Iran, that will be seen as hostile state.
  • 8. Brazil- Iran- Turkey Agreement: restoring trust?
    • The main objective of the agreement is to restore trust in the relationship between Iran and other signatories.
    • It establishes a cooperative approach
    • The exchange of reliable information and the belief that Iran will maintain the concert are the basis of the agreement.
    • It seeks a non-confrontational atmosphere
  • 9. Conclusion
    • The agreement demonstrates the will of Brazil and Turkey to re-establish trust among the signatories, preventing the instalation of a hostile environment that could lead towards the end of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee a peaceful interaction between Iran and other countries– that will depend solely on Iran’s attitude.