At the doctor's


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Vocabulary and instructions when going to the doctor

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At the doctor's

  1. 1. Unit 6Health & Medicineby Dulce Rosales
  2. 2. Check the meaning of the following words with your partner. Then put them in the three groups below:·asthma · a runny nose · antibiotics ·an allergy ·a rash ·hay fever ·painkillers ·flu ·pills ·diahrroea ·a sore throat ·a migraine ·sneeze ·a virus ·a temperature ·penicillin ·throw up ·food poisoning ·paracetamol ·a blocked-up nose ·an infection• 1. HEALTH PROBLEMS asthma, …• 2. SYMPTOMS a runny nose, …• 3. TREATMENT antibiotics, …
  3. 3. Look at some typical doctor’s statements andquestions and complete them with the words given1. What seems to be the problem? problem2. How long have you been ___like this?3. Are you ___ to anything? 4. What have you ____recently?5. Come ____ if you are not feeling better in a few days.6. Have you been ___ anything for that?7. Have you got any other ____? 8. Right, let me have a look at you.9. I am just going to take your_____.10. Here is a _______ for some painkilers.• problem prescription back feeling taking temperature symptoms allergic eaten look
  4. 4. Here are some typical patient’s expressions. Match them (1-10 to a-j)• 1 I am not feeling • A feeling very well recently• 2 I haven’t been • B getting really bad headaches• 3 I’ve got • C very well• 4 My chest • D a terrible stomach ache• 5 I keep • E hurts• 6 I can’t stop • F to penicillin• 7 Do I need • G sneezing• 8 I’m allergic • H should I take them?• 9 How often • I make another appointment?• 10 Do I need to • J some antibiotics
  5. 5. At the Doctors OfficeCommon Questions Your DoctorMight Ask You ·What seems to be the problem? · How can I help you ? · What can I do for you? · How long have you been experiencing these symptoms? · Are you in pain? · Can you describe the pain? Where exactly does it hurt?
  6. 6. • Does the pain get worse when you do something?• Are you taking any medication for the pain?• What prescription drugs are you taking?• Do you have any allergies? Are you allergic to anything?• Are you pregnant? (if you are a woman)• Is that uncomfortable?• Does that hurt?
  7. 7. Common Directions or Instructionsduring an Examination• · Lay down on the examination table/bed.• · Squeeze my hands.• · Relax your leg/arm.• · Tell me when it hurts.• · Stand and face the mirror.• · Breath in (inhale), breath out (exhale).• · Take off your /shirt/sweater etc. (!)
  8. 8. Preparing for Your Appointment Do you know how to effectively describe pain? In English, as in other languages, there are many different forms of pain.• Dull pain• Sharp pain• Throbbing pain (punzante)• Slight pain• Tingling (hormigueo) or numbness(sensation) in my fingers (como dormidos)• Burning pain• Itchy ( when it’s itchy you need to scratch) scratch• Cramps (retortijones)Try to be as specific as possible, so that your doctor can assess you accurately.
  9. 9. Doctor/Patient Conversation • Patient: Good afternoon. • Doctor: Good afternoon. Have a seat. So, what seems to be the problem? Patient: Thank you. Im feeling ill, Ive got quite a bad cough, but I dont seem to have a fever. • Doctor: I see. How long have you had these symptoms? Patient: Oh, Ive had the cough for two weeks, but feeling ill just these past few days. • Doctor: Are you having any other problems? Patient: Well, Ive got a headache. Ive also had a little bit of diarrhea. • Doctor: Do you produce any phlegm when coughing? Patient: Sometimes, but its usually pretty dry.
  10. 10. Doctor: Do you smoke?Patient: Yes, a few cigarettes a day. Certainly no more than a half a pack a day.Doctor: How about allergies? Do you have any allergies?Patient: Not that Im aware of.Doctor: Does your head feel stuffy?Patient: Yes, for the past few days.Doctor: OK. Now lets have a look. Could you please open your mouth and say ah?
  11. 11. Key Vocabulary• symptoms to feel ill• cough fever to have a cough headache diarrhea phlegm to cough allergy stuffy (nose) tapada to feel stuffy
  12. 12. Phrasal Verbs at the Doctors Office• Please lay down on the examination table.• Id like you to look up and then look down as I shine this light in your eyes.• You need to cut down on the amount of sugar you eat.• You can put on your shirt now.• Sit down here, while I write you a prescription.• You need to take better care of yourself.
  13. 13. Utensils and other Vocabulary• ( adhesive) Bandage• Plaster• Injection• Syrup• Ointment• Examination table (also stretcher)• Blood pressure cuff• Stethoscope• X-ray• Blood test• High blood-sugar level• Urinalysis /ˌjʊərɪˈnalɪsɪs/• MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)• CAT