Norwegian smoked salmon                                                                435/-
bite sized triang...
Hummus bi tahina                                                               150/-
a creamy puree of chickpeas, garlic, ...

Minestrone                                                                            110/-
traditional Italian veg...

Fettuccine marinara                                                          410/-
homemade fresh pasta cooked wit...

Seafood risotto                                                                 420/-
Italian rice cooked with prawn...

Lobster cooked to your choice(price as per weight)
grilled, thermidor & newberg accompanied with Chef...

Grilled lamb chops                                                                  300/-
on s...

Tiramisu                                                                   120/-

Honey and Almond pie with vani...
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The unique concept of 100ft where you can buy what you see and eat what you like also has a host of other unique offerings.For the City gourmets,the best Mediterranean food on this side of Florence.100ft revives the outdoor experience,with great Mediterranean Food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome to 100ft boutique restaurant.Located on the 100ft Road, Indiranagar,Bangalore, it has “casual but intimate”ambience,where you can dine under the sky,under a canopy or on the terrace lounge and admire Indiranagar lazily glide by.

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100 Ft Foodmenu New

  1. 1. APPETIZERS Norwegian smoked salmon 435/- bite sized triangles of smoked salmon with dill & horseradish mayonnaise fresh cucumber relish chili marinated prawns 425/- with avocado salsa and citrus aioli Char-grilled garlic prawns 425/- with garlic, lemon & chili butter, served along aioli Fish goujons 235/- deep fried fish fingers coated with coriander-mint pesto served with in house tartar sauce. Oatmeal coated calamari with chili mayonnaise 225/- Seafood platter 900/- Pollo basil 210/- boneless chicken smeared with basil & sun blushed tomato pesto served along aioli. Chicken picante 210/- spicy chicken chunks with Spanish spices served along aioli. Chicken tzatziki 210/- a Greek influence of chicken with yogurt, cheese, garlic & mint rub, char-grilled to perfection & served along cucumber yogurt. Chicken drums 255/- marinated with tequila & green chilies, crispy fried, accompanied with mint aioli Lebanese platter 800/- Tapas of olives & cheese 190/- a delicious medley of olives, fresh buffalo mozzarella, smoked sweet peppers marinated with paprika & olive oil served along warm Pitta bread Warm parmesan crust with fresh herb & cheese dip 190/-
  2. 2. Hummus bi tahina 150/- a creamy puree of chickpeas, garlic, lime & olive oil served along warm Pitta bread Bruschetta platter 150/- chilled tomato salsa on toasted garlic bread & parmesan shavings Crostini della casa 140/- an in house specialty of spicy vegetables /chicken on toasted garlic bread baked with mozzarella. Potato & cheese kibbe 145/- lebanese preparation of deep fried potatoes stuffed with spicy cheese. Stuffed mushrooms 140/- mushrooms stuffed with cheese & deep fried served along tangy tomato sauce. Classic arancino 160/- Italian arborio rice stuffed with mozzarella & sundried tomato, deep fried & served along rouille Vegetable platter 475/- Cheese sampler platter of four cheese 350/- platter of six cheese 500/- an assortment of domestic and imported cheeses, accompanied by fresh baked baguettes and crackers Pitta / garlic bread 60/-
  3. 3. SOUPS Minestrone 110/- traditional Italian vegetable soup Potato & leek soup 110/- with parmesan & croutons Roasted pumpkin soup 105/- with parmesan croute Pollo parementière 115/- creamy soup of chicken thickened with potato and flavoured with celery Seafood soup 140/- Mediterranean soup of shrimps, squids, and fish chunks with fresh tomatoes & garlic drizzled with extra virgin olive oil SALADS Grilled chicken salad 160/- salad of grilled chicken, haricot beans, red onions, capers & crisp lettuce in red wine vinegar & prune dressing The grilled caesar 175/- heart of romaine, greens, dredged in our house Caesar dressing and smothered with grilled chicken garnished by a parmesan cheese croustade and sun-dried tomatoes. Cobb salad 175/- forest greens topped with barbecue chicken, capers, tomatoes, feta cheese, diced eggs,and bacon. Served with your choice of daily house made dressings creamy blue cheese, creamy ranch, thousand Island, and Italian Vinaigrette Greek salad 160/- salad of lettuce, cucumber, olives, feta, green pepper & onion rings in a zesty Greek dressing Caprese 180/- a tri color salad of fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes & onion rings drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar
  4. 4. PASTAS Fettuccine marinara 410/- homemade fresh pasta cooked with prawns, squids & tomatoes Fettuccine boscaiola [woodcutter's sauce] 245/- homemade fresh pasta cooked with morels, shitake & button mushrooms in a creamy sauce Penne pollo picante 250/- penne tossed with chicken, sundried tomato paste & chili flakes Farfalle riviera 220/- bow shaped pasta with broccoli, carrot, asparagus, peas & mushroom in a cheese sauce Penne primavera 220/- penne with prime vegetables in a creamy basil pesto & roasted tomato sauce Fussili pepperoni 210/- spiral pasta with peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & olive oil Linguine sausage carbonara 245/- pasta with sausage, cream, egg & parmesan Spaghetti norma 220/- norma style, pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes, ricotta & aubergine. Spaghetti bolognese 225/- pasta cooked with meat (beef) sauce
  5. 5. RICE Seafood risotto 420/- Italian rice cooked with prawns, squids & lobster meat Wild mushroom risotto 275/- creamy Italian rice cooked with morels, shitake, button mushrooms & parmesan Paella [serves two] 450/- Spanish rice preparation with seafood & meat with mint yogurt & chilled salad VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSE Lasagna vegetariane 215/- creamed vegetable layered with fresh pasta leaves baked with mozzarella Italian barbecued vegetables 235/- garden fresh vegetables, cottage cheese, marinated with basil chili pesto served with rice Vegetable cous cous 235/- garden fresh vegetables cooked with chickpeas, eggplant & raisins served along steamed cous cous Vegetable fricasse 235/- prime vegetables cooked in a creamy mustard sauce served with saffron rice or warm garlic bread Fried cannelloni 235/- tossed spring vegetables rolled with pasta leaves, deep fried and served with spicy tomato coulis Mediterranean pitta pockets 210/- spicy spring vegetables stuffed into pitta bread smeared with chickpea puree served along fresh salad Baked cheesy macaroni 210/- creamy macaroni pasta & tomatoes baked with mozzarella served along warm garlic bread
  6. 6. SEAFOOD MAIN COURSE Lobster cooked to your choice(price as per weight) grilled, thermidor & newberg accompanied with Chef's pasta & chilled salad Grilled Norwegian salmon 495/- brushed with chipotle chilies, lime & garlic, accompanied with potato salad Vodka soaked tiger prawns 450/- with buttered vegetables & herb rice Grilled pomfret fillets 325/- on coriander mash, buttered vegetables, beurre blanc & raw papaya salad Mustard fish 280/- grilled fish served with mustard sauce, buttered vegetables & rice. Grilled fish 280/- grilled fish on potato roesti & saffron champagne sauce Sesame crusted fillet of tuna 295/- with salad nicoise
  7. 7. MEAT & POULTRY MAIN COURSE Grilled lamb chops 300/- on sweet potato mash, haricot beans, red wine jus & mint yogurt. Moroccan spicy lamb cous cous 295/- slow braised moroccan preparation of lamb with potatoes, chickpeas, aubergine & raisins served with steamed cous cous & mint yogurt Roast chicken (serves two) 450/- with bouquet of vegetables, baby potatoes & roast gravy. Roast beef (serves two) 450/- with bouquet of vegetables, baby potatoes & roast gravy. Fillet of beef 300/- on potato galette & asparagus spears with rich jus, horseradish butter & battered onion rings Basil pesto chicken 275/- on garlic mash potato, pesto sauce & sun dried tomato, caper & olive tapenade Chicken mascarpone 285/- chicken breast stuffed with mascarpone cheese & almonds pan grilled, accompanied with grilled peppers and thyme jus Chicken princess 275/- with garlic potato mash, asparagus spears smothered with wild mushroom sauce. Cajun spiced chicken breast 275/- on sweet corn mash, asparagus & creamy creole sauce Grilled chicken 275/- with Gorgonzola risotto, haricot beans and thyme jus Coq au vin 275/- chicken cooked with red wine, potatoes, carrots & mushroom served along herb & nut basmati or warm garlic bread. Grilled chicken breast 225/- citrus marinated chicken breast on health bread smothered with cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, pickled red onions and a chipotle cream dressing
  8. 8. DESSERTS Tiramisu 120/- Honey and Almond pie with vanilla bean ice cream 110/- Chocolate mousse cake 110/- Fruit cheese cake 100/- Chocolate marble brownie 100/- served with vanilla ice cream Apple strudel 100/- with vanilla ice cream Gin trifle pudding 110/- Chocolate banoffee pie 125/- pie with layers of chocolate caramel filling & whipped cream served with fresh vanilla ice cream Exotic home made ice creams (per scoop) 55/- Chef's dessert of the day