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Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
Theme and symbolism
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Theme and symbolism


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Published in: Education
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  • What were some themes and symbolism in soul men 2008? What were some themes and symbolism for Tyler Perry Daddy little girl?
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  • 1. Themes & Symbolism
  • 2. Themes can be found everywhere: literature, stories, art, movies etc…
    The theme of a fable is its moral.
    The theme of a parable is its teaching.
    The theme of a piece of literature is its view about life and how people behave.
    What is Theme?
  • 3. Theme is…
    underlying meaning of the story,
    a universal truth,
    a significant statementthe story is making about society, human nature, or the human condition.
  • 4. The theme of a literary work is its underlying central idea or the generalization it communicates about life.
    Theme = idea
  • 5. The theme expresses the author's opinion or raises a question about human nature or the meaning of human experience.
    Theme...the meaning of life?
  • 6. At times the author's theme may not confirm or agree with your own beliefs.
    Even then, if skillfully written, the work will still have a theme that illuminates some aspects of true human experience.
  • 7. The author's task is to communicate on a common ground with the reader.
    Although the particulars of your experience may be different from the details of the story, the general underlying truths behind the story may be just the connection that both you and the writer are seeking.
  • 8. Be aware that the theme never completely explains the story.
    It is simply one of the elements that make up the whole.
    Some short stories have secondary themes as well.
  • 9. Symbolism
    Representing one thing with another.
    A symbol is an object, idea, or action that represents something other than itself.
  • 10. A symbol with a meaning known to the majority of a society. “Everyone” knows what they represent.
    Public Symbol
  • 11. Private Symbol
    A private symbol is one that requires special or private knowledge to understand the meaning of.
  • 12. Symbols in Literature
    In literature, the symbolism often isn’t known unless you pay attention to the story.
    Things may have a meaning that the reader doesn’t know unless he’s paying attention.