Evaluability Assessment Checklist<br />Assignment 2:  Frit 8435<br />Group 3: Holly Boykin, Rebecca Allen, and Tina Benner...
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Evaluation checklist%20group%203

  1. 1. Evaluability Assessment Checklist<br />Assignment 2: Frit 8435<br />Group 3: Holly Boykin, Rebecca Allen, and Tina Benner<br />QuestionAnswerJustification1. Is there a contractual requirement to evaluate?NoThere is no contractual requirement to evaluate this program. Classworks has not been evaluated at our sites since its implementation several years ago.2. Does the object of the evaluation have enough impact or importance to warrant formal evaluation?YesThe object of the evaluation will determine the effectiveness of the use of Classworks with students in the K-8 setting in mastering the Georgia Performance Standards.3. Is there sufficient consensus among stakeholders on the model for the program? Its goals and objectives?YesThe stakeholders (administration, teachers and students) are all interested in improving student achievement. Thus, the goals and objectives of Classworks is to give the students the edge they need to succeed.4. If the program had begun, are its actions consistent with the program model? Is achievement of goal(s) feasible?YesClassworks states that teachers can create individualized instruction for each student and this has been validated by the teachers. The goals of Classworks are possible when teachers use the student progress monitoring system that is an extensive part of the management and reporting system that is built into Classworks.5. Is the proposed evaluation feasible given existing human and fiscal resources and data availability?YesThe evaluation will require no fiscal resources because it will be conducted by internal evaluators that are already in the school system and familiar with the program. They will be able to use the yearly data provided by the program and from interviews conducted with stakeholders. 6. Do the major stakeholders agree on the intended use of the evaluation?Yes Stakeholders agree that after several years of implementation, it is time to evaluate the program to determine if it is providing successful remediation and acceleration that helps students achieve success based on GPS Standards in math and language arts.7. Are the stakeholders in a position to use the information productively?Yes Administration will use the data to decide whether to continue using Classworks or modify its implementation. If data demonstrates that Classworks is productive, the teachers will also be able to use data to determine whether their use of the program benefited student achievement or if there was an implementation plan that produced greater results. 8. Will the decisions of your primary stakeholders be made exclusively on other bases and be uninfluenced by the evaluation data? NoDuring the course of the evaluation, the opinions of stakeholders will be taken into account. However, the findings of the evaluation will be justified through the data collected during the evaluation process.9. Is it likely that the evaluation will provide dependable information?YesThe evaluation will provide dependable information because it will include unbiased data from Classworks reports. Data will also be collected from stakeholders through the use of surveys and interviews. 10. Is the evaluation likely to meet acceptable standards of propriety? YesAs unbiased evaluators, we will go to every extent to insure that our evaluation of Classworks conforms to the acceptable standards of evaluation. This will be accomplished through the development of findings that are based on data collected from Classworks reports, surveys and interviews of all stakeholders.<br />