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Nikhil kumar ppt grooming

  1. 1. Submitted To:- Mrs. Manideepa DuttSubmitted By- Nikhil Kumar Batch :- R-4 2012-2013
  2. 2. I am very Grateful for the Strong support andGuidance provided to me by my Grooming TeacherMrs.Manideepa Dutt who guided me for care andmaintain my skin, Hair and Personality. I am also very grateful to “Frankfinn Institute” forTeaching us such a very important skill “Grooming”and I am very thankful of my Friends also because theyalso guide me to complete my presentation Thank you all
  3. 3.  Techniques To Improve And Maintain Condition Of Skin. Techniques To Improve And Maintain Condition Of Hair. Suitable Diet With Justification With a Weekly Menu. Weekly Exercise Regime. Why Do You Think It’s Important To Present Yourself As A Professional In An Interview?
  4. 4. Personal Qualities Required For Working In The Aviation And Hospitality Industry•PATIENCE•WELL GROOMED•HUMBLE•CONFIDENT•PHYSICALLY FIT•COMMAND OVER ENGLISH
  5. 5. PATIENCEA person who is working in the hospitality industry has to bepatient at all times. HeShe may many a times come across a person who may be irritated for some reason or another and may remove all the frustration onthe one who is serving them and that may unfortunately be you. At such a time you must know how to deal with the situation without loosing your patience and hurting your guest’s sentiments.
  6. 6. WELL GROOMED A person who is working in the hospitality industry has to make sure that heshe is well groomed and looks presentable at any given point of time may it be at the start of the shifts or the end of it because they are the ones that represent the brand heshe is working for andcreates an impression of the organizationin the guests mind. This is very important as it helps in generating future business
  7. 7. HUMBLEA person who is workingin the hospitality industry must be very humble asheshe has to constantly deal with guests and hasto make sure that every guest that heshe deals with feels comfortablein hisher presence.
  8. 8. CONFIDENT A person who is working in the hospitality industry has to be very confident while dealing with a guest. He/She must be able to answer the questions that a guest may ask and whileanswering these questions one must be clear and understandable.
  9. 9. Personal Grooming Treatments• When I wake up in the morning I wash my face with cold water.• Then i brush my teeth and take a bath.• After my bath I apply lotus sun safe which is a sun screen and lotus fair gel to my face. I also use Vaseline body lotion for my hands and legs.• When ever I go out and return back home I wash my face with cold water or ice cubes made of dhoodi juice.• Before going to class I take a body wash.• Then i apply lotus sun safe and lotus fair gel to my face and Johnson baby lotion to my hands and legs.• The perfume I use is midnight poison.• I style my hair using studio styling gel.
  10. 10. Techniques To Improve And Maintain Condition Of Skin.Basically Skin is Differentiated infour types…Dry:Normal.OilyCombination
  11. 11. Winter is your enemy, isnt it? Your skinalways feels tight and youre probably able to dust away a layer of flakes, any time you please. Dry skin is usually thin, dull, easilyirritated, and rough to the touch. Kind of like my last employer. Its easy to mistake dry skin symptoms orsome mild forms of skin disease for truly dry skin. In fact, you most likely have normal skin that you arent treating with the proper amount of respect. If thats the case, followmy instructions above for normal skin. If youdont see an immediate improvement, talk to a dermatologist.
  12. 12. Combination skin actually refers to the skin on your face and not the skin that covers the rest of your carcass. Most combination skin consists of an oily "T" zone (forehead, nose, and chin) with dry cheeks and eye areas. In some instances, guys exhibit an entire smorgasbord of skin conditions or, more unusually still, a dry"T" zone with normal cheeks and eye areas.Basically, treat each area according to what you have read above for other skin types.And mask your "T" zone two to four times a month, just to even things out.
  13. 13. Oily skin is typically thicker and firmer than normal skin, with less sensitivity to chemicals, detergents, or perfumes. Pores are medium to large in size and sometimes become clogged with a sebaceous material that causes blackheads, whiteheads, or blemishes. Simply put, if you can see your reflection in your reflection in the mirror, then you should chooseproducts that are designed to cut your greasy emissions.Try a glycolic facial cleanser, followed by astringent and an oil free face lotion, every morning after you shower. Use an oil-free body cleansing gel when you bathe. Avoid cheap mass-market soaps (not soaps, really, but harsh detergents). Scrub every other day. Mask at least once a week. Tone after exercise or when youre sweaty. Use anastringent aftershave instead of a shave balm. Stay away from the all-over body moisturizers.
  14. 14. If you have sensitive skin, then Im sure you already know it by now. You have moderate to severe reactions to the sun, the wind, temperature extremes, cheaper shave creams, fragrances, perfumed soaps, alcohol-based deodorants — the list goes on. You burn very easily when out in the sun. Your skin always seems to sting or itch. Most of the time, youre just damned uncomfortable.Be very careful about the products you choose for your skin. Even with their fine botanical ingredients and hypoallergenic testing, some of our items have been known to provoke rare but intense reactions in a few of our more sensitive clients. For shaving, try a gel instead of a cream. Follow up with anaftershave balm that has a little sun protection for your daily walkabouts. Bathe with a glycerin soap bar and avoidfragrances. If youre feeling adventurous, give our hand and body lotion a shot to protect your skin from the elements. Caution remains the word of the day. If you see redness after an application of any of these products, discontinue their use at once.
  15. 15. •I have a COMBINATION SKIN i.e. certain areas of myface are dry and other parts are oily. On most days, my skinwill probably feel normal or dry.•On most of my face the oily part will be concentrated inthe T-zone, the area across my forehead and down my noseand chin. These areas are prone to having acne problems alot.•I wash it daily with an oil control face wash.•I Moisturize the dry areas. I apply face packs and get afacial done once in a month.
  16. 16. My Skin Type is Combination and For care of my skin I do these simple steps…1. Cleansing2. Toning3. MoisturizingTips: For Cleansing, Face Wash should be pH Neutral. Use face wash according to skin type. Toner Should be 100% Alcohol Free. Moisturizer Must be Water Base not Oil Based.
  17. 17. To improve my skin I do these once in a week…1. Cleansing (First Wash Face with Water and make it wet then and Rub into hands then gently Take Few Drops of Face Wash, mix with little water apply on face then wash it)2. Toning (Soak a piece of cotton in water and squeeze it. Put toner on the same piece of cotton and hit it gently on the face so that it can go inside the pores. Finally, slightly remove the remaining liquid.)
  18. 18. •Take aloe vera & apply the pulp directly to your face and wash withwater. After that apply Sunscreen lotion .• Take sandalwood powder , add Ambe haldi , add malai (Forcombination skin only) or Add not boiled milk, Put honey in it & makethick & dray past , Apply on face and hands. Let it dry and then scrubit.•Multani matti , Aloe vera pulp , sandalwood powder , orange juice orLemon juice , Rose water . Mix all this things and make past . Apply onface, let it dry.•Take egg white, beat it properly, than add little bit (1-2 Drops) ofAlmond oil or coconut oil. Make a paste and apply on face, let it dry.After that wash with water. Note :- If you apply this Face pack Don’ttalk to any body.•Peel of Pomegranate , Peel of sweet lime or Orange, Peel ofLemon, Dry it separately, Make powder of it and store separatelyWhen you want to use add Rose water & Honey. Apply on face, Let itdry, after that wash face with water.
  19. 19. Tips for taking care of your skin Remember to feed and nourish your skin with proper foods. Keep your face clean and away from germs. To prevent all types skin issues… get serious about stress reduction. Use a good sunscreen lotion that helps prevent the pollutant from being absorbed to the skin. Drink a lot of water.
  20. 20. Products I Use
  21. 21. Techniques To Improve And Maintain Condition Of Hair Types of Hair• Dry Hair• Normal Hair• Oily Hair• Damaged
  22. 22. I have a NORMAL HAIR, I apply oil before going to sleep in the night and wash it in the morning. I use Dove shampoo & conditioner it keeps my scalp clean & free from dandruff. I sometimes use a hair pack to nourish it.
  23. 23. Home made hair packs•Take Mehandi powder, put one Egg, put Tea water, put coffee, and put a spoon of Triphala powder, if you have dandruff add Lemon in it. Apply it for one hour.•Take methi seeds, soak them over night, make paste apply on hair, make it dry, then wash it.•Take Dahi and sugar , add one smashed Banana. Mixed it properly and apply it.•.
  24. 24.  Two tea spoon of coconut oil, one tea spoon of olive oil, one tea spoon of caster oil, heat it a little. After that apply on hair. Take mustard oil, one tea spoon of olive oil, one tea spoon of til oil, make it hot and apply it. Take coconut oil, and Kapur, Make it hot and apply it.
  25. 25. Suitable Diet With Justification With A Weekly Menu Pre-Breakfast Breakfast Mid-Snacks Lunch Snacks Dinner Mid- nightSunday 2Almonds,2Black Currents 1 Fruit, 1bowl of Fruit Juice 2glasses of Marie Soup with Curds soaked overnight,2glasses Musley with milk lukewarm 4Bread of lukewarm water with water, Salad, slices crushed ginger and lemon 2sandwich,a curdsMonday 2Almonds,2Black Currents 1 Fruit, 1cup of Buttermilk 2glasses of Bhel 4Chapatis Juice soaked overnight,2glasses black coffee, lukewarm with of lukewarm water with 4slices of bread water, Salad, vegetable crushed ginger and lemon with 2 egg white 4Chapatis omlette. with vegetableTuesday 2Almonds,2Black Currents 1 Fruit, 2bhajri Coconut 2glasses of Sandwich 4Chapatis Biscuit soaked overnight,2glasses chapatis, 1 cup of water lukewarm with of lukewarm water with coffee water, Salad, chicken crushed ginger and lemon FruitsWednesday 2Almonds,2Black Currents 1 Fruit, Fruit 2glasses of Bhel Salad, Curds soaked overnight,2glasses 2sandwich, 1 cup lukewarm Curds of lukewarm water with of coffee. water, Salad, crushed ginger and lemon 4Chapatis with curds
  26. 26. Pre-Breakfast Breakfast Mid- Lunch Snacks Dinner Mid-night SnacksThursday 2Almonds,2Black 1 Fruit, 1 cup of Fruit 2glasses of Marie 4Chapatis Fruit Currents soaked black coffee, 4 Juice lukewarm with curds overnight,2glasses of slices of bread water, lukewarm water with with 2 egg white Salad, crushed ginger and omlette 4Chapatis lemon with vegetableFriday 2Almonds,2Black 1 Fruit, 2 idlis, 1 Fruit 2glasses of Sandwich Soup with Biscuit Currents soaked cup of coffee. lukewarm 4Bread slices overnight,2glasses of water, lukewarm water with Salad, crushed ginger and lemonSaturday 2Almonds,2Black 1 Fruit, Fruit 2glasses of Bhel 4Chapatis Curds Currents soaked 2sandwich, 1 cup lukewarm with chicken overnight,2glasses of of coffee. water, lukewarm water with Salad, Fruits crushed ginger and lemon•My height is 165 cms.•My weight is 52 kgs.•I am underweight 5 kgs.•I will be requiring 15 days to growth 1 kg
  27. 27. Why Do You Think It’s Important To Present Yourself As A Professional In An Interview?It is very Important to Present Yourselfas a Professional in an interview because•The first impression is the‘ LASTING IMPRESSION.’•The world takes you seriously whenyou are well groomed.•A well groomed personality speaksvolumes about your character.• We must always dress as per the occasionor requirement and not as per our desire.
  28. 28. In Grooming session I have learntvarious way of grooming I wouldlike to thank Manideepa Mam I haveunderstood that grooming is mostimportant aspect to get in serviceindustry. With grooming I have learnt howto be a professional with effectivebody language, gesture and postureso that I can present myself In frontof the other people in place.
  29. 29. http://www.grooming.com of skin.com Layers