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Tech and pedagogy iwb session
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Tech and pedagogy iwb session


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  • 1. SMARTBoard BestPractice U of Manitoba Faculty of Education Tech/Pedagogy Sept 26, 2012
  • 2. Agenda1. IWB - beyond the eponym2. How is SMARTBoard different?3. Theory/Research --> Best Practice?4. Actual experience / effects5. What is the inherent SMARTBoard message?6. Sample work
  • 3. IWB - beyond the eponym1. SMARTboard2. Mimio3. Panasonic4. Hitachi5. many, many others
  • 4. How is SB different?1.2. Notebook software3. Resources a. SMARTExchange b. Bobs Place c. Scholastic d. WSD#1Canadian and Canadian ed. infiltration
  • 5. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?Brandon study -10 teachers- perceived benefits to using IWBs, including greater instructional flexibility and access to information. Furthermore, they used the IWBs in a range of ways including as a presentation tool but also as a means for students to develop their own knowledge and organization of it (p. 121)- often just used as a screen or Jeopardy review
  • 6. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?Brandon study -10 teachers-Finally, teachers and students used the interactive properties of the board that were consistent with promoting a profound learning experience. In these cases, though students took turns going up to the board, they explored and evaluated as a group the correct approaches to employ in order to perform a task. For example, an entire class completed an IWB task for which they had to identify the elements and then build suitable habitats for various animals; in another case, they developed simple machines to successfully achieve
  • 7. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?OISE (Toronto School District) - All groups concluded that students communicated and collaborated well during the smartboard lessons. The participants, as new teachers, valued the influence that the technology had on increasing student attentiveness during lessons and decreasing classroom management difficulties.
  • 8. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?SMART research (summaries) o improved education experience (UNB) o impact on student achievement - esp in math and science (Becta - Manchester) o With Pre-service teacher (Virginia)  appropriately utilized the provided technology to generate representations  facilitating their lesson planning, helping them stay on track, reducing their stress, and making it easy for them to adjust, modify, and reuse their lessons.
  • 9. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?The impact the SMART Board had on student engagement was far beyond our expectations. (JRCET)
  • 10. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?Waukesha Schools testimonials and research - take a moment to check the linkEducational Review - Training and ongoing support is required for teachers to appropriately use IWBs and to support their selection of appropriate software. The potential affordances of the IWB are often not realised for a wide range of reasons.
  • 11. Actual experience / effects1. "Engagement"2. Support community ?3. Visual, auditory and physical combination4. Student at the board a. supported / low risk b. different students volunteer?5. Virtual experience (prior to physical experience) ex. frog guts6. Research / exploration center
  • 12. Theory/Research --> BestPractice?• Testimonials - Daveabout the technology thatHowever, there is something Cormier embodies a certain epistemic principle, or at least a pedagogic one. The software that accompanies the smartboard suggests that sharing and recording your work is acceptable… simply by having that functionality built in… it give permission to share and work together. It also allows for more learner friendly methods of input, it suggests that allowing students to do stuff on the board is valuable… thereby giving permission to do this as well.
  • 13. What is the inherent SMARTBoardmessage?Cormier (again) So its about the technology, in the sense that it can embody an (in this case positive) principle and give people implicit permission to perform it, but it is decidedly not about it when that thing that were being given permission to do ‘working together’ is so fundamental to the human condition that it requires 12 years of concentrated schooling to beat it out of us.
  • 14. What is the inherent SMARTBoardmessage?McLuhan - what is the message of the SMARTBoard in a classroom context? I am bright and shiny and everything else pales in comparison. ???
  • 15. Sample work