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Shannon Register, Broker/Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors in SPring Texas and the host of "Houston Real Estate Radio" on AM700 KSEV, presents about blogging to the NAR Tech Edge event in Houston and Las Vegas.

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NAR Tech Edge - Las Vegas - Blogging - Shannon Register

  1. 1. Blogging Shannon RegisterRegister Real Estate Advisors Spring, TX @ShannonRegister
  2. 2. No matter what, the very firstpiece of social media realestate I would start with is ablog.Chris Brogan, Founder, New Marketing Labsand Author of the New York Times Best-seller“Trust Agents”
  3. 3. • 10% of Realtors blog regularly (NAR 2011)• Most of those do not blog effectively• The most common blog post is on the agent’s listings• 3% of blogging agent’s business comes from their website.• 80% of my business comes from my blog/website (Makes it a priority)• Effective blogging  Readers  Contact info  Leads  Closings
  4. 4. Blogging Platforms Real Estate Free Self Hosted Specific(multi-user) (inexpensive) (multi-user) Active Rain Wordpress Blogger Trulia Movable Type BlogSpot Joomla Tumblr Drupal
  5. 5. Most Successful* Real Estate Bloggers…• Have an integrated website• Self Host (Wordpress or similar platform)• Learned to adjust the site themselves / minimal code* Generates a significant portion of their business fromtheir blog
  6. 6. Which to Use? – My Online Strategy• Blogging as an SEO Strategy• Wordpress Self Hosted• Use real estate multi- author blogs for syndication• Fully integrated website using WP as platform
  7. 7. How to Get Started• To get started – Domain name – Hosting package w/ database – FREE software• To reach the goal ($) – Learn some technology – Willing to spend the time – Build a platform that works
  8. 8. Tech Tips• Get out of your comfort zone• Learn some code• Tutorials / videos / books / trial and error• Learn to add posts and pages yourself – Self publishing = freedom• Learn to make videos• If it were easy, everyone would do it
  9. 9. Beauty of Wordpress as CMS• Plugins – Adds functionality to your website – Tens of thousands available for almost anything• Themes – Themes are a set of files that determine how a website will be displayed. – Usually the only modification that needs to be made to a Wordpress website
  10. 10. Why Bother? I am a literary genius that feelsobligated to grace the world with my wisdom.
  11. 11. Search – a marketingmethod that didn’t exista decade ago, providesthe most efficient andinexpensive way forbusinesses to find leads.John Battelle, Journalist and Founder,Federated Media Publishing
  12. 12. • Google owns YouTube• Content is King / Post daily• Vary your content• Blogs feed search engines which drive traffic
  13. 13. Variety• Variety of Style • Variety of Subject – Videos – What to blog about? – Photos – Text – Links – Quotes
  14. 14. What To Blog About?• Listings • Vendors• News stories • Other thought• Events leaders• Neighborhoods • Radio shows• Economic issues • TV segments• Educational posts • Viral videos• Areas of town • Local politics• Local neighborhood • Market trends events • Allow guest posts• White Board Monday
  15. 15. Longevity of a Blog• Shelf life of a tweet = seconds• Shelf life of Facebook post = minutes• Shelf life of a blog post = YEARS!
  16. 16. Free Blog / Non-integrated CONTENT BLOG TRAFFIC “MONEY SITE”
  18. 18. The Center of Your Online Universe Drive traffic to your website! On air Stationary promotion Business T-shirts cards LinkedIn Signage Email Twitter Marketing YouTube Print to webFacebook Website/Blog EVERYTHING!
  19. 19. A steady stream of high quality content + a search engine credible website = TRAFFIC! Traffic = LEADS! Leads = $$ CLOSINGS! $$
  20. 20. Syndication Active Rain Trulia LinkedIn Other News Facebook Sites Over 55Twitter Blog Social Bookmarking Sites
  21. 21. Syndication• Automate where you can – Social Media – Social Bookmarking• Generate backlinks• Drive traffic back to your site
  22. 22. Now You Have Traffic, Now What?• CONVERSION!!!• Draw them deeper into your site.• Ask them to connect. Calls to action – Social Media – Opt-in email lists – Comments – Contact forms – Capture contact information – IDX Search for listings – eBook offer
  23. 23. Measure Everything!• Google Analytics• Other analytic software• Google alertsWhere is your traffic coming from?What are your clients searching for?
  24. 24. But I can get a blog for free…• Ticket to NAR Tech Edge - $49.00• .com domain name for 1 year - $12.99• Hosting package - $4.25 / monthFor the price of your ticket to this event, you can have a domain name and 8.5 months of hosting.
  25. 25. No Such Thing as a Free Lunch “I tried blogging for almost a month and I didn’t get anything out of it” -Frustrated Agent
  26. 26. Half Effort less than Half Results Results Search Engines started driving major traffic Most quit at 6 at 8 months weeks Time
  27. 27. Key Tasks• Steady stream of high quality content – Articles – News Stories – Blog Posts – Segments (audio and video)• Syndication – Biggest Impact / Least Effort – Automated / Semi-automated• Connect – Turn visitors into clients – Convert to sales
  28. 28. Free Tools• – Tutorials – Themes – Plugins• Filezilla – FTP client – allows you to transfer files from computer to web server• Gimp or– FREE photoshop
  29. 29. Secret to Blogging• Supplemental marketing• Focus on consumers with quality content – They will find you eventually• Consistency – Takes time – Cheap – Easy• It only works if you do it• Don’t outsource
  30. 30. Results• Thought Leadership• Credibility• Personal SEO• Create a following• Build your database• Shortens sales cycle• Lead Generating Machine
  31. 31. THANK YOU! Shannon Register Broker/OwnerRegister Real Estate Advisors or @RREAdotcom on Twitter 281.288.3500 For a copy of these slides, visit