Recycling rascals presentation final


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Recycling rascals presentation final

  1. 1. Mission Statement We are college students who are on a mission to spread the word about recycling throughout Kempton Elementary and the New Bedford community. As the Recycling Rascals, we are here to encourage “Kempton’s little rascals” how to properly recycle, reuse, and reduce paper products. We are eager to make recycling enjoyable and easy to apply to their everyday lives.
  2. 2. Our Goals To increase the awareness of recycling which will be measured by how many times the recycling bins have to get emptied per month To get the community involved by getting at least 1 press release in a local newspaper about the efforts we are making at the Kempton school We would like to feel confidant explaining to other people which products are able to be recycled We hope to educate not only the students but also their guardians and faculty to recycle when at home not just in the school To bring all of our skills together and work as one team to complete our project and goals which will result in a good grade
  3. 3. Community Partner New Bedford’s Kempton Elementary School K-5th Grade
  4. 4. Team Roles
  5. 5. Book Fair Handed out flyers and recyclable pencils to students and parents. Explained our project and answered questions they had Had a signup sheet for families who needed recycle bins Community Involvement
  6. 6. Kindergarten Visual Learners Lesson:  Brought in 20+ items and asked if they can/cannot be recycled Activity:  Decorated maracas
  7. 7. 1st Grade  Needed to be structured  Lesson:  Played Jeopardy using simple questions  Activity:  Created piggy banks
  8. 8. 2nd Grade Very interested in learning more about recycling Lesson:  Jeopardy game Activity:  Piggy banks
  9. 9. 3rd Grade Very creative when decorating their CD’s and answering questions Lesson:  Jeopardy game Activity:  Created fish and other creatures using old recyclable CD’s
  10. 10. 4th Grade 5th grade is small so we combined 4th grade with them Lesson:  Jeopardy game using harder questions Activity:  Ran out of time  Asked the teacher to create a page for a book that we put together to donate to the school
  11. 11. 5th Grade Small class, combined their  Recycle weight with the principal While we waited for the 4th  Empty out blue bins when grade we had them create filled “RECYCLE” acronyms to put into the book  Cans Lesson:  You can save the earth  Jeopardy game Activity:  Community  Recycle acronyms  Landfill  Created a page for the book  Electricity  By: Devin Ferreira
  12. 12. Winner of Contest Popsicles Recyclable Pencils Printed Awards
  13. 13. Weight Each Week K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Grade Grade Grade Grade GradeWeek 1 1 pound 3 5 4 6 3 pounds pounds pounds pounds poundsWeek 2 3 2 55 88 20 20Week 3 70 20 73 70 100 29Week 4Total:
  14. 14. Graph of Weight
  15. 15. The Press  The South Coast Times wrote an article about our project  Sustainability
  16. 16. Problems Faced Students brining in paper products from home Newspapers and magazines weigh more than paper Teachers being more competitive than others
  17. 17. Conclusion  Made sure everyone had a blue bin in their classroom and at home  Helped the students to become more aware of recycling not only at school but at home as well