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  • Now VSTO solutions come in two different flavors. And this is important from an architectural perspective too, because as you saw in the earlier demos most of the office stack is covered….but, not all of it.The two common models are “document-centric solutions” and “add-in” solutions. In the previous demos you have seen document centric solutions. That is, a vsto dot net application (ie: assembly) is linked to the office document itself. This means, when your user opens the document it automatically runs the assembly. What you’ll see in the coming demos are Add-in solutions. That is, your vsto application runs in the office interface itself. It runs in the menus, the toolbars etc. So, for instance your OBA runs every time you run excel as opposed to unique to a single excel document like in a document-centric solution.


  • 1. Overview
    WPF offers desktop richness and integration
    Leverages Past and Current Operating Systems
    Rich Array of Controls
    Great developer tools
    Today we live in a world where Office Business Applications are a reality. “OBAs” as they are affectionately called are custom applicatons built in .net that leverage all the goodness of the office plumbing.
  • 2. Client Value Props
    WPF anchors client continuum with desktop richness and integration
    Desktop integration
    Hardware acceleration
    Full trust and Interop
    Full offline
    Full .NET Framework
    Completeness (globalization, accessibility, security, input, printing etc)
    RAD for Windows innovation
  • 3. Client Value Props
    Visual Designers and a design time experience
    Along with traditional office support we have Windows Workflow and SharePoint support
    Data binding and xml schema support in terms of word content controls.
  • 4. Client Value Props
    Add-ins for almost the entire office stack.
    Document centric solutions for word and excel.
    Much improved help in terms of deployment and security
  • 5. Windows 7 Synergy and Light Up
    Touch and Multi-Touch
    Common Dialogs
    Use these with .NET XAML in WPF
  • 6. Rich Array of Controls
    Common Control Types
    Button Controls
    Basic response to click events
    Range/Selection Controls
    Allows value selection within pre-defined range
    List Controls
    Can contain an unbounded collection of items
    Each item can be an arbitrary object including any renderable WPF content
    Layout Controls
    Provides layout management to window/page
    Menu & User Interface Navigation
    Menus, information bars etc.
    Text, Document & Ink Controls
    Provide rich text & document handling capabilities and inking support
    Rich Media Controls
    Display images, video etc.
    WPF Controls
  • 49. Great Developer Tools
    Designers – Expression Blend
    Developers - Visual Studio 2008
  • 50. Custom Email Extensions
    Customize an email message
    Populate the charts using eBay back-end services
  • 51. Program workflow into Outlook
    WPF Controls can create sophositicated interfaces
  • 52. Sample Excel OBA Code
  • 53. Office Client Development with VSTO
    2Common Application Models
    Document-Centric Solutions
    Office Application Solutions (Add-In)
  • 54. Product Team Blogs
    Eric Carter: .NET4Office http://blogs.msdn.com/eric_carter/
    Peter Torr: Office Development, Security, Randomness… http://blogs.msdn.com/ptorr/
    Eric Lippert: Fabulous Adventures in Coding http://blogs.msdn.com/EricLippert
    Paul Stubbs: Office Development with .NET http://blogs.msdn.com/pstubbs/
    VSTO Team Blog http://blogs.msdn.com/vsto/
  • 55. Newsgroups
    MSDN Forums: VSTO
  • 56. Additional Information
    MSDN Developer Centers
    VS.NET and Office Development http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/office/
    Office Development http://msdn.microsoft.com/office
    Hands-on Labs for VSTO 2005 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=f2323aaf-fe87-4203-9ed8-72466566e105&displaylang=en
    VSTO 2005 Web casts http://msdn.microsoft.com/office/understanding/vsto/multimedia/default.aspx
  • 57. Resources
    VSTO Forum
    VSTO-related blogs
    VSTO-related Blog Search – http://search.live.com/macros/pstubbs/vsto
    Office Zealot Site – http://www.officezealot.com/VSTO/bloghome.aspx
  • 58. For More Information
    Visit the VSTO Developer Center
    VSTO Help documentation on MSDN
  • 59. Data Caching - Performance
    Why cache data in an Office document?
    Cached data can be bound to the Office document and displayed at runtime
    Cached data can be used when offline
    Cached data is server-accessible
    Cached data can store non-UI data needed by your solution
    VSTO support for data caching
    CachedAttribute is used to annotate fields that should be cached
    ICachedType can be implemented by a type to provide custom serialization
    ServerDocument class can be used to open a document without instantiating Word/Excel
  • 60. VSTO Security Model
    Based 100% on .NET Code Access Security
    By default, no code runs
    Trusted assembly ≠ Local machine
    Trust via signing the assemblies
    Authenticode or Strong name
    Can also trust via location-based evidence
    Must also trust the document
    Trusted document = Local machine
    Temporary Internet files not trusted
  • 61. Sample User Interfaces
  • 62. Sample User Interfaces
  • 63. Sample User Interfaces
  • 64. Sample User Interfaces
  • 65. Sample User Interfaces
  • 66. Sample User Interfaces
  • 67. Sample User Interfaces
  • 68. How to’s
    Demo Code / Examples
  • 69. Summary
    VSTO is the key enabler for the .NET stack to build Office Business Applications
    Connect documents to live business data
    Provide structure using XML Schemas
    Provide deeper UI integration using the Document Actions task pane
    VSTO is the tool of choice for professional developers creating Add-ins & document-centric solutions for the Office Stack
    Integrated design-time experience
    Developer productivity through programming model enhancements
    All the power of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework