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Education guidance, Higher education in USA, Stop ragging,
Career Guidance, Resume writing, Attending interview,
Health management,Be vegetarian, Stop alcohol,
Selecting life partner, Conflict management, Finance management,
Personality development, Project Management, Effective communication, Assertiveness, effective communication

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Efg blog

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park,Aundh, Pune 411 007 India About Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance, a proposed NGO, non profit & non-commercial organization. EFG believes firmly that What you are today is based on deeds & decisions of the past Life of individual can be much better if one • Has sought career guidance & took right decisions • Exhibiting & utilising soft skills and • Has avoided mistakes in past if any Our website is www.myefg.in What has inspired? 1. Looking my own journey I strongly felt that timely education & career guidance help to achieve what one deserves & wants 2. Lot of students are lost in various thoughts about education & career& hence confused due to lack of selecting right education & then career scientifically. They have not focused. 3. I have seen rudeness & politics have been growing tremendously even at early age in corporate world loosing the basic values to be gained out of experience. The early generation thoughts are completely missed what is to be given & contributed by me to be worth of my salary. 4. I have made lot of mistakes. People do share success stories but rarely share failures. EFG believes lot of mistakes could be avoided if failures & mistakes are shared. Detail working of EFG Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) to be an NGO globally aiming for • Students - Career guidance to decide path aligned to the potential & interest • Professionals - Soft skill enhancements to be efficient professional • Citizen – Learning from mistakes & encouraging others to avoid EFG encourages people • To be good human being & to work for well being of society • To build, follow & promote the basic fundamentals & principles • To make lives easy, happy, joyful and beautiful
  2. 2. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park,Aundh, Pune 411 007 India • To perform the best of intelligence, knowledge & experience to create maximum wealth Goal, Vision, Mission and Objective Goal : To guide, train, counsel & share globally free Vision – To encourage, inspire, & motivate voluntarily • To the students , professionals and citizens across globe • To build, follow & promote fundamental principles (Social), choosing right career (Educational), exhibiting wonderful soft skills (Professional), avoiding making mistakes (Citizens) • Proving to be the best • Student shaping brilliant career • Professional marching the ladder of growth & • Human being leading happy, joyful & quality life.. Mission: To make society living happily, feeling proud of deeds and progress toward successful life • Social – To be good healthy, fit & pure human being • Education – To achieve the highest education in the field of liking; to acquire & enhance various saleable skills enhancing the quality of life • Professional - To acquire & exhibit soft skills growing the ladder by way of contribution & improved professional behavior Objectives: To be achieved in a year 2012-13 To revise the target by 10% for every next year Objective Target To share training files to citizens across globe 1M To guide to Students/ Professionals 0.1 M Which actions are planned • To build a team of like minded people to work as mentors wanting to contribute in society • To develop a EFG web portal
  3. 3. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park,Aundh, Pune 411 007 India • To prepare presentations / training material of 90 soft skills, guidance to students, etc • To start EFG centers across Globe Methodology • To share presentations using internet technologies like mass emails, web portal, bulk SMS, Social Networking websites, etc • To distribute across country thro’ EFG Center • To upload training files at Web portal which can be downloaded free • To conduct training workshop centers or at various places like schools, etc • Through 1:1 discussions • To associate with existing platforms like “art of living”, Brahmakumari, BJS, Media, etc Request – EFG appeals to contribute • By registering you as a active member • By preparing presentations on various topics • By participating conducting seminar or workshop • By spreading to contacts using internet technology • By internationalizing & localising website & content by translation • By actively involving in S/w development Cell What next? 1. To continue to spread EFG globally 2. To get as many mentors registered 3. To conduct as many sessions across countryWhat did we achieve in 1 year (18th Nov 2011-12)Dated 10-11-2012Earthsoft foundation of Guidance – is a proposed NGO for students (education & careerguidance) and for professionals (soft skills enhancements) and for citizen across globe forimproving life. 1. No of presentations a. Topics – 26
  4. 4. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park,Aundh, Pune 411 007 India b. Presentation files – 32 c. Xls files – 8 2. Website -(url – www.myefg.in) – No of visitors –16002 3. Moving around & lectures a. No of town - 15 b. No of lectures - 22 c. No of audience - 4685 4. Presentations uploaded a. www.powershow.com - No of maximum views - 8 b. www.slideshare.net – No of maximum views - 592 c. www.authorstream.com – Total views - 96 d. www.scribd.com – Total views – 1502, recast – 36, 5. Mass emailing a. Using application – sent 27 lacs , open – 3500 (not sure about accuracy of data) b. By webemail – Sent 7 lacs, open – no inputs 6. Team size – currently 1, intended to increase to 8 (2012-13) and 650 (2013-14) 7. Blog published - 5 8. Expense – over 101,300 INR 9. Donation – Yet to be asked 10. Legal formalities forming NGO/NPO – Under processFollowing presentations are uploaded Important – all these presentations are downloadable at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx freely & can be used for conducting workshops. S No Description S No Description1 Vision - Mission - Objective of EFG 14 Responsibility2 do-donot 15 Role models School - Study, exam, selecting3 16 Learning from stories education Education & Career Guidance4 including guidance for higher study 17 Leadership (M Tech, MS, MBA in India & USA)5 Personality development 18 Life - beautiful quotes6 India - Building 19 Preparing resume & covering letter
  5. 5. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance1, Lotus Enclave, 98 Anand Park,Aundh, Pune 411 007 India7 Finance- speculation 20 Interviewing8 Vegetarian & health management 21 Selecting life partner9 Jainism 22 Conflict management with wife10 Project Management 23 Stop ragging11 BJS 24 Communication12 Women empowerment 25 Corporate farming13 Assertiveness 26 Corporate Police