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Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises

Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises



In Jainism there are 18 sins, 9 good deeds and 12 oath Life could be very simple if we follow these. ...

In Jainism there are 18 sins, 9 good deeds and 12 oath Life could be very simple if we follow these.
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at http://myefg.in/downloads.aspx.
Also https://dl.dropbox.com/u/83265908/Links-events.xls has links for all ppt files.

Read http://tl.gd/jm1gh5

Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..



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    Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises Presentation Transcript

    • Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance Edge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-TransparentContact – admin@myefg.org Making earth little softer
    • Index • Background • 18 types of Sins • 9 types of good actions • 12 types of Oath/ Promises Making earth little softer
    • Basic• Jainism philosophy emphasize the necessity of self-effort & sacrifice to move the soul towards divine consciousness & liberation from the cycles of birth and death (Moksha)• Gems of Jainism • Right vision or view (Samyak Darshana) • Right knowledge (Samyak Gyana) and • Right conduct (Samyak Charitra)• It suggests following • 18 types of sins • 9 types of good actions • 12 types of vows (Vrat, Promise) Making earth little softer
    • About Soul• Any soul conquered its own inner enemies & achieved the state of supreme is called a Jina (conqueror or victor). Ultimate status is - Siddha• Universe has no divine creator, owner, preserver, or destroyer. It is self-regulated. Soul can achieve consciousness through own efforts, actions & sacrifice• Soul is architect of own life based on karma• Its important to control senses & mind, not to get dragged away from true nature of soul• Cultivate personal wisdom & reliance on self control through vows ( त) & develop spirituality Making earth little softer
    • About Soul• Soul is potentially divine with innate qualities of infinite knowledge, perception, power & bliss masked by its karmas.• When a soul is freed from karmas, attains consciousness, experiencing these qualities• Four things are difficult for a soul to attain • Human birth • Knowledge of the laws governing the souls • Conviction in the philosophy of non-violence • Practicing knowledge in life activities• So not to waste human life in evil ways, & rise to spiritual evolution. Making earth little softer
    • Non-Violence• Non-violence to be in soul consciousness rather than body, is the foundation of right view, knowledge and the conduct• Non violence - Do not harm or kill anyone and being kind to all living beings• It leads to a state of being unattached, being non-judgmental and non-violent.• Includes non-exploitation, compassion & forgiveness in thoughts, words & actions.• It also results respecting views of others Making earth little softer
    • Possession• Limit possessions. Lead a useful, peaceful & happy life for everyone & others. Owning an object is not possessiveness but the attachment to it• Non-possessiveness is balance of needs & desires. Avoid greed, be happy• Enjoy the company of the holy and better-qualified, be merciful to afflicted souls, and tolerate the perversely inclined• Utilise money to help & support Making earth little softer
    • Summary Making earth little softer
    • Non-violence Non-violence means not to injure any creature by thought, word or deed Be vegetarian, save animals & environment Making earth little softer
    • Cheating-Telling lie Do not cheat, people will loose trust Do not threaten your self esteem & relationships Making earth little softer
    • Theft Stealing - An unauthorized change of possession Do not steal, live & demo with highest respect Making earth little softer
    • Adultery Prostitution costs life, money, respect & prestige It creates social problems for future generations Making earth little softer
    • PossessionMakes you loose thoughtful mind, moral compass &sound sleep. Earth provides enough to satisfy everymans needs, but not every mans greed – Gandhi Making earth little softer
    • AngerMakes you loose health, friends & relationshipsHolding anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intentof throwing it at someone else; you are the one who getsburned - Buddha Making earth little softer
    • EgoMost self-destructive mechanism of a person’s characterand his or her abilities, Can make life miserableMakes you loose good opportunities & position Making earth little softer
    • HypocriteSay what you think, Do what you say ,Live whatyou believe! Everyone is smart enough tounderstand you! Making earth little softer
    • GreedinessThe world is burning in the fire of desire, greed,arrogance and excessive ego. Greed exhausts theperson in an endless effort without reaching satisfaction Making earth little softer
    • AttachmentAttachment is the root of all fear & sorrow.Let the senses work at will & under control of mindDetach and attain the supreme perfection of freedom! Making earth little softer
    • HatredLove is life, hatred is death. Hate the sin & not the sinnerHate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hatermore than it injures the hated. Making earth little softer
    • QuarrelAn eye for an eye will only make the whole world blindWhenever you are confronted with an opponent.Conquer with love..its the way of life Making earth little softer
    • SlurA defamatory or negative statement made to harmsomeone, don’t forget one finger always points at youDon’t hit below belt, have direct & effective dialoguePerson slanders others, and pollutes himself with his ownfilth. Raising slur can costs the relationship Making earth little softer
    • BackbiteComplaining, backbiting, raising slur, crying, worrying,gossiping, wasting time are dissipation of valuable energyIt divides family, develop bitterness & costs relationship Making earth little softer
    • Blaming someoneI don’t blame, its pain to store, I don’t want to hurt me!Do not blame, provide the solutionGood work is criticized but do not stop! Making earth little softer
    • ContradictionRational behavior within limits is a pillar of society formAnimals should not feel shame on our act!Thought->Word->Behaviour->Habits-> Values-> Destiny Making earth little softer
    • ManipulateWealth without work & business without ethics is crime.Do not manipulate & get involved in fraudulent activities.We are governed by law & not by you! Making earth little softer
    • Unlike faithTo achieve dream requires faith and belief in yourself,vision, hard work, determination, and dedicationDo not allow unlike faith to grow bigger than wise faith Making earth little softer
    • Recap Making earth little softer
    • Summary Making earth little softer
    • FoodWorldwide 925 million people are hungry42% people in India fall below poverty lineSave food, collect & distribute donate food, save lives Making earth little softer
    • WaterXx lit water needed per person780 million people unserved of drinking water globallySave each drop of water, donate it to human & creaturesRe-harvest water, use deep irrigation to save water Making earth little softer
    • Offer shelterOffering shelter to a person on religiousassignment or guests Making earth little softer
    • Offer place to sleepOffering place to sleep or shelter to a person onreligious assignment or guests Making earth little softer
    • Offer clothesOffering clothes to poor, saints or monksCollect used clothes & then distribute to poor Making earth little softer
    • Wishing the bestWish the best for everyoneDo whatever the best for everyone Making earth little softer
    • SpeakingHuman beings have been awarded with ability ofspeaking, Make good use , speak good words & politelyMake others feel good & happy Making earth little softer
    • HelpingHelp people in need like old people or patients,offer them your services & time. Making earth little softer
    • PolitenessAdopt politeness in the culture, behave politelySay hello and act with politeness Making earth little softer
    • Recap Making earth little softer
    • Summary Making earth little softer
    • Non-violenceTake a oath. We will not kill animals & creaturesWe will not exploit animals but save Making earth little softer
    • Manipulation & telling lieTake a oath..We will not lie. We will notmanipulate people or things to seek beneficits Making earth little softer
    • Do not stealTake a oath. We neither ourselves nor encourageothers to steal the things possessed by others. Making earth little softer
    • AdulteryTake a oath We will not prostitute. We will treatperson of opposite sex like brother or sister Making earth little softer
    • GreedinessTake a oath..We will utilise % of money earned forsocial cause like offering education, clothes,medicine to poor or donation for religious places Making earth little softer
    • Moving aroundWe will limit our movements so as to reduce theunnecessary expenses Making earth little softer
    • Controlling & limitingWe will control our mind, take controlled intake forbetter health, limit luxurious items to save money Making earth little softer
    • Non violenceWe will not encourage violence, kill or exploitanimals. We will not eat non-vegetarian food toprotect our health & save environment Making earth little softer
    • Be religiousWe will be polite & religious by nature, keep faithin religious activities, align & hold the religion Making earth little softer
    • Recap Making earth little softer
    • Change the life style • Please think about these points • Its your life, you should be owner • You decide what is right & wrong • Live accordingly, live dangerously! • We suggest to adopt as much & align to religion practices, it helps not just to you but future generations too! Making earth little softer
    • Thank You Making earth little softer