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Earthsoft brief-communication tips
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Earthsoft brief-communication tips


Published on

"This concept can be executed like an industry …

"This concept can be executed like an industry
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at
Also has links for all ppt files.


Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!
Communication is extremely critical skill, helps building great career & achieve growth

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

Published in: Business

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  • to open into each otherThe art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.But also nonverbal communication?
  • Necessary to every management processidentifying and clarifying goalsmaking decisions related to planning and implementingevaluating results (feedback)
  • Necessary to every management processidentifying and clarifying goalsmaking decisions related to planning and implementingevaluating results (feedback)
  • Some bosses tend to rely excessively on e-mail, with some believing that once they have sent a particular message, the communication process is complete. This is merely one-way communication of the most limited form, because matters of intonation, volume, pace, and inflection are missing.
  • The main reason is that neither the sender nor the receiver picks up sufficient cues to really know what the other is trying to say. As a result, even the most basic e-mail communication has the When your employees ask you to intervene electronically to resolve a misunderstanding, do not do it. Rather, pick up the phone to discuss the situation, or, preferably, set up a face-to-face meeting. It’s rather amazing that many of these meetings actually involve people who work just down the hall from each other.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
    • 2. About usEarthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) has uploaded followingpresentations at has linksBe mentor using your education, knowledge & experience tocontribute for a social cause & do conduct free training seekinghelp of existing platforms. Kindly share with your friends•Motivation for higher study, Planning for study, Educationguidance, Career guidance, Career available after SSC & HSC•Personality development – 3 files•How to prepare resume, Tips to attend interview successfully•Religion related –To understand basic religion, Do &Don’t tips•Health related - Be vegetarian, Be healthy•Corporate - Project management, Assertiveness, Ownership•Finance - To avoid speculation in stock market•Social - Women empowerment, Choosing life partner Making earth little softer
    • 3. IndexCommunication Meetings • Sales• Types • Audience • Selling thoughts•4S • Posture • Be client centered• Listen • Story teller • Creditability• Interactions• Eye contacts • Content • When client says• Culture • Your seat No!• Team dynamics • Ask…• Build the trust • Be confident• Support • Complaint handling• Establish rapport • Communication• Feedback • Difficult person• Be persuasive • Know the person• Be a coach • Emotions Making earth little softer
    • 4. Communication• Communication is the process of conveying• Feelings, emotions, attitudes, facts, beliefs, suggestions, feedback, ideas, updates, information, thoughts• between living beings• by clear ways in written or verbal or speech or signals or behaviors form• so that it is satisfactorily received or understood Making earth little softer
    • 5. Places Making earth little softer
    • 6. Communication• Communication is everything we do in business• It is essential to know and follow good practices of communication to be successful• Good communication builds stronger relationships & become more effective• Poor communication • Results huge losses to business & individual • Cause the stress to individual or to the team • Create misunderstanding • Expresses inconsistent message or feeling• Suggest to plan & practice communication skills• Always remain alert while speaking & listening Making earth little softer
    • 7. Effective communication• When there is no gap of understanding in the message between sender & receiver• It enhances the probability of meeting the goalsGood two-way communication is foundation of:• Understanding• Trust• Community• Efficiency• Progress• Agreement Making earth little softer
    • 8. Effective communication• Connect• Initiate• Listen• Filter (the “right” amount)• Interpret & Relate• Add Context & Global Perspective• Deliver• …in a timely manner• …to the right people Making earth little softer
    • 9. CommunicationYou are communication while you are• Speaking or Listening• Understanding, asking, arguing, smiling, laughing, believing, remembering, kidding, joking, nodding, etc• Making other person to pick up the real message• In control of the message• Making it 2 ways• Taking responsibility of your communication Making earth little softer
    • 10. Communication• Think & strategise before you speak• Know the audience• Know the expectations• Choose the approach• Use your ear & other senses• Take as much time as comfortable or manage it• Get synchronised• Be focused• Be careful about channel• Choose the timing• Share knowledge or new points• Be honest, sincere & connect Making earth little softer
    • 11. Communication• Asking Questions• Answers • Information/ Facts • Sharing views• Actor can be • Gentle • Probing • Challenging Making earth little softer
    • 12. Attributes• Transactional• Simple or Complex• Avoidable or Unavoidable• Formal or informal• Continuous• Learned Making earth little softer
    • 13. Components• Communicators• Managers• Context• Content / Message• Physical environment (Places)• Mind set of communicators• Channels• Smooth/ Noise / Motivation• Barrier• Conclusion & Feedback Making earth little softer
    • 14. Open & closed communication• Show you are friendly, one would be open & eager to meet or closed & do not want to meet• What one feels always seen in gesture, posture, body language, facial expressions open communication closed communicationUncrossed legs, arm, direct Boredom, defensiveness,eye contact switching off, dislikeFriendly expression like Crossed legs,smile, relaxing, joking unresponsive, switching off,Leaning forward, eager, avoiding eye contact,curious, response uncomfortablePositive interaction Leaning back & relaxed Making earth little softer
    • 15. 4S• To use optimum power & appropriate authority is displayed in body language• Relax, look confident, take charge of emotions• To give attention to 4 S-• Stance is very authorative, Powerful people sit & stand up-right, that offers youth & energy.• Size - An erect posture with head held high• Space - Taking more physical space indication of exhibiting the power• Straddles - While sitting or standing keep the legs apart• Following 4 S radiates positive air of authority. Making earth little softer
    • 16. Listen• Do not work out your say / view while listening• Do not look for a chance to speak, your turn will be there! Focus on listening…• Do not silently criticise or edit to inputs in mind• Do not assume that you have more interesting knowledgeable, intelligent, latest, relevant points• Do not be prejudice• Do not jump to conclusion• Do not interfere or intervene while delivering• Do not over use assertion• List the questions & ask those at the end• Try to understand other’s point of view Making earth little softer
    • 17. Listen• Acknowledge, use body language (eye contacts, facial expression, gesture)• Be curious, expect to listen further, be interested, understand their aim & motivation• Reconfirm what you listen• Seek clarification if gap is too big• Be silent when necessary, allow to express their thoughts completely• Active listening & effective sharp questions results a good form of communication Making earth little softer
    • 18. Interactions• Ask effective, precise, pin-pointed questions• It fuels curiosity, cultivates wisdom, enhances knowledge of the audience, makes speaker alert and prepared• Do not stripe or try to corner the speaker• Do not guide speaker in the forumTypes of questions / interactions• Seeking information, detailing• Contradictory• Clarification• Action• Research oriented Making earth little softer
    • 19. Eye contacts• Direct eye contact builds openness and confidence. Contrary it raises doubts & suspicion.• Deep staring gives a feeling of control.• It is regarded as positively. (Window to soul), and equated to being honest & trustworthy.• For lowering eye, you are signaling modesty, submissive & lower rank & to be avoided• Also while presenting look at audience. It signals strength & confidence.• Thus it is suggested to use eye contact however be aware not to be dominant. Making earth little softer
    • 20. Culture• Learn & try to adopt culture of others, be flexible• Generally following occasions you need to know the culture and adopt • Introduction • Exchanging business cards • Meeting • Sitting, Standing, leg crossing • Lunch, Dinner & Party • Outing, visiting home, etc • Yawning, Touching, etc Making earth little softer
    • 21. Know the team dynamics• Who get along & does not• Liking of individual• Character / attribute of individual• Power & power struggle• Know who is real boss in the team.• Know who are together, staying together, relaxed, casual & eazy approach• Tip – If someone indicating power, showing dominance of body language, expecting people to meet at his desk, be careful about challenging the territory. Always build rapport first & win over till you are allowed in the circle. Making earth little softer
    • 22. Build the trust• To share secret or critical important tips occasionally• If you confide in people, they are more likely to confide in you• Sharing secrets & guiding let you get to know people better & get them closer• You should know more what others want & need, so that you can help them more• Share confidence to create trust in the team, and strengthen the bond of communication• Support the team in public Making earth little softer
    • 23. Support• Appreciate and thank you, even for small help & even if it is part of their duty• Congrats on achievements & consistent good performance, offer praise publically• Focus on others than yourself• Say what is right about others & achievement• Others to feel having firm foundation of support• Attentiveness - listen carefully & be attentive• A good team is a great place to be, exciting, stimulating, supportive, successful.• A bad team is horrible, a sort of human prison! Making earth little softer
    • 24. Establish rapport• It builds strong relationships based on mutual feeling of trust & respect• Do not burn the bridges after crossing it• It offers feeling of connectivity & comfort• Never be haughty to humble & humble to haughty• Think about people you get along with eazily Making earth little softer
    • 25. Feedback• A tool which allows people to learn & improve from the mistakes & succeed• Feedback to get heard constructively• What was good about performance, how it could have been further better and you can do it!• B - Balanced -> Strength as well areas of improvements• O - Observed -> based on actual observations• O - Objectively -> To avoid being subjectively, prejudiced & judgmental• S - Specific -> offer one or two examples• T - Timely -> share as soon as possible Making earth little softer
    • 26. FeedbackFor receiver• To take it positively• Listen carefully & never react• Believe that only close friend who wishes well offers the hard & critical feedback• Always demand for weakness to be shared or likely improvement areas• You are the best to understand & introspect• Stand in-front of mirror• Acknowledgement is the first step towards improvements Making earth little softer
    • 27. Be persuasive• Good persuaders are valued• Understand what motivates individual & use the same language• What are their goals?• What can you offer them?• Tip – To get your proposal accepted, explain key features, paint the picture of future & benefit so as to get accepted Making earth little softer
    • 28. Be a coach• To use communication as teaching tool• Challenge continuously to utilise potential, set & achieve the goals• If as a learner you do not know something, ask a question• Speak up and give voice to your idea• Seek knowledge, be honest in sharing it, become a coach• Accept the mistakes, convert those in learning• Share the experience what has worked & not, and what you have learned Making earth little softer
    • 29. Be a coachDos• Be observant• Be encouraging & supportive• Make your point, speak outDon’ts• Dont rubbish other people idea• Dont blame other people• Dont tell people what they want to hear• Do not keep quiet Making earth little softer
    • 30. Meetings• Opportunity for • Get recognition • Get your message across organisation • Updates on status & share plan for next action• Set out the aim for the meeting• Get stake holders to agree to that• Convey what you want to achieve• To discuss relevant points to achieve the aim• Good practice is to keep Q & A session at the end unless audience feels a big gap• If there is a diversion, make sure to bring meeting back to the relevant topics Making earth little softer
    • 31. Plan a meeting• Ask do you really need this meeting?• What should be media - face to face, or email or phone call, video conference• What are short term & long term objectives• Criteria for judging successful meeting• Be ready for presentations with highlights and detailing• Who will be the audience• What might be likely obstacle, prepare for it• Seek consensus with seniors about your plan• Be flexible to make the changes• Run it like a pre-decided movie Making earth little softer
    • 32. Audience• Pay attention to audience• Choose the right words, articulate it & practice if needed• Avoid jargon• Find the right level• Use additional method sparingly• Dont get distracted• Maintain concentration on audience• Be prepared to return the googly question Making earth little softer
    • 33. Posture• Stand or sit tall & erect as comfortable• Good posture has amazing impact on audience.• Do not lean, do not breath in shallow manner• Do not sound stressed• Straighten your back , spine, relax the shoulders, head to rest comfortably & evenly on the shoulders• Check that you are balanced , neither to right or left side• Take deep breaths , feel comfortable & confident• Use breathing to relax and center your body to make yourself a more powerful presenter. Making earth little softer
    • 34. Be a story teller• Information is interesting but they simply are not memorable and dont grab attention, however stories or metaphors do. Thats the reason one should be story teller, use analogy to illustrate!• Brain thinks with image so feed it with story• To fire the imagination• To bring the freshness to idea• To be really persuasive• Thus stories will spark the imagination and keep audience engaged. Making earth little softer
    • 35. Content• Keep it short & sweet, to the point• Longer someone speak, less effective it is• Know the outcome• Listen• Learn• Emphasis however do not repeat the point• If you notice resistance to your idea, reconsider the approach or content• Ask questions to audience if you are on track• Summarise the outcome of meeting and actions and their actors Making earth little softer
    • 36. Your seat• Choose the correct seat• Open body language makes you more friends• Check the size of table - round, square or long• Meeting - Allow guest to sit opposite to the entrance of the room• Lunch/ Dinner table – Allow guest to sit towards wall side Making earth little softer
    • 37. Sales Making earth little softer
    • 38. Selling thoughts• People win people• You will be successful if you have strong sales skills• It could be idea, product or services• Be friendly, open in body language• Persuasive people develop genuinely positive relationships with people. they make sure always in good rapport. Making earth little softer
    • 39. be client centered• Communicate & behave in such a way that client thinks you are on their wavelength.• Feel to be in tune with someone, create rapport• It is essential what is important for other person, what are their value & needs• What is there for me?• Build rapport• Be open• Try to convey you want the best results for them• Ask few questions related to client Making earth little softer
    • 40. be client centered• What is specific need of client, what is important to them in business. It could be thing or feeling/• Why they want to do? Why they need?• Understand how their orgnaisation works and how they expect you to work?• Examine the benefits to client• What value are you bringing? Think about current & future situation after your contribution• Create sense of expectations, create need for you, become special for customer• Check timing - why customers did not had this earlier, what had stopped them to have it earlier• Focus on result expected by client, Making earth little softer
    • 41. Selling• Explain why you, what are the differentiators?• Grab attention of others, introduce the subject to keep them excited & curious• Make other people passionate about your ideas• Encourage them to ask questions• Win support from others• Share the context, is there a problem to solve or challenge to overcome? Is it something unique?• Focus on result & describe the idea in as many details what results & benefits it would deliver• Get everyone on board, Counteract negative response moderately if any Making earth little softer
    • 42. Creditability• Selling is trust & credibility, How do we build?• Be congruent in everything you say• Get words & body language to sync• Keep consistency, Never contradict the story• Be fair in describing the idea or product, be moderate! Selling does not mean product to be perfect for your client• Be diplomatic, be ready to describe negative points also when it comes• While conveying great features, be specific & accurate about benefits• Referrals for cross checking credibility Making earth little softer
    • 43. When client says No!• Know why client say "No"• Be ready to counter if you have a skill• Check if client can share evaluation• Was a budget problem?• Was it you? Client might not be trusting you• Check when next?• Check any other opportunity? Making earth little softer
    • 44. Ask…• How friendly you were?Were you open enough?• Were your words appropriate?• Have you established rapport?• Do you not like the client?Ask• Do they need it now?• Lack of urgency?• Have you really excited them enough sharing the features in details and conveyed whats there in for them• What is preferred - product or money in the bank Making earth little softer
    • 45. Sales• Say & Encourage powerful imagination tactfully• Paint the picture• Understand the values• Client to get convinced for values & benefits• You saw advertisement or sales guy demonstrated the value & you bought!• Use the exciting words to convey value such as new, proven, results, safe, free, best, improved, quality, unique, different, value, save, etc• We need to justify to ourselves & to others. Using / listening these words help decision making process safe & simple. Making earth little softer
    • 46. Be confident• Avoid but & try, Using these means destroying positive words & allows client to doubt!• Try to use "and“• It goes like "Feel, Felt, Found"• Choose your questions carefully to become more persuasive and a successful sales person• To create a right picture, do not say tree you are offering is blue!• Do not use negative language• By using positive language to make right impression of what you are selling, Making earth little softer
    • 47. Complaint handling• When someone has complaint & is not satisfied, one needs to handle it till closure• Majority of customers will do business again if complaints are handled till satisfactorily closure• As a consumer, do not assume that merchant is going to be defensive.• Try to conclude happy and win-win.• Build rapport, respect his inputs, listen to him, make him calm down• Be empathetic & look for agreement• Check the details, ask relevant questions, take the notes, show the seriousness Making earth little softer
    • 48. Complaint handling• Give feedback, share the next likely steps, you should be a problem solver for him,• Create a positive outcome, lead client to conclude for positive outcome, Share the suggestions• Always remain alert that you are dealing with clients objections effectively.• Flexibility helps building trust.• Go extra mile to service! Such experience will never be forgotten.. Making earth little softer
    • 49. Observe phone etiquette• Technology has bought faster & more convenient forms of communication• Internet & mobile has helped to give rise to virtual contact & flexible working• However such communication likely to raise few misunderstanding as well.• Focus on listener• Summarise the key details• Check for further help Making earth little softer
    • 50. Calls or VC• Be a flexible speaker• Keep breathing flexible to control voice• On call one has to think, compose a content & react as a voice• Listen - deliberately relax, slow down and listen to what other person is talking• Pace - to check the pace of voice of other person, good to match the pace,• Smile - try smiling while talking,All above would create a positive image Making earth little softer
    • 51. e-mail relatedMust know clearlyRecipients of • Addressed to &email • For informationTimingContent • Context • High Level • Details, supported by attachment • ConclusionMeant for • Action • InformationComplexity ofthe subject Making earth little softer
    • 52. Email related• E-mail is productive & helpful and for transmitting specific information data• Problems arises if issue is slightly complex• e-mail is one-dimensional and lacks the elements present in face-to-face communication• Potential for • Conflict and confusion • Quickly escalate into a war of words• To avoid intervention by emails• Try to have telephonic call or meeting Making earth little softer
    • 53. Using emails• Check if your email is important to business• Would call or email better?• Would it help business or improve relationship• Who are the recipients of email as addressee & in copy? Reduce as many recipients as possible• Is detailing too much or less?• Would this email brings clarity or confusion?• Does it have hierarchy of the content like header, context, detail - proposed say - steps or actions or decision or guidance and benefits or impact and conclusion• Is follow up or courtesy call essential? to whom? Making earth little softer
    • 54. Stay professional• Consider emails also as professional as letter• Check spelling, grammar, flow, complete form of thoughts, with optimum emotions,• Click on "send" could change the life of individual, so be careful.• Review email before sending• Check if likely misunderstanding• Are you moderate in conveying your thoughts or could it hurt• If it is serious issue then keep email dead for 24 hours Making earth little softer
    • 55. Email tips• Never use exclamation mark &• Proof read and spell check• Write brief subject header indicating purpose• Stick to business point, dont try to be funny• Avoid sarcastic comments,• Respect cross culture & adopt• Do not share personal gossip, avoid critising others. Email could be forwarded to anyone• If you are angry, do not write a email. It neither will omit frustration nor sort out anything. In fact you are more likely to fuel the conflict.• If it is not business, do not write it! Making earth little softer
    • 56. Email tips• Do not use email as avoiding to speak• Do not use email as passing your task to others without seeking consent• Disciplining employee - no..never, talk in person• dealing with personal matter -• ignoring problem, you need to address...• avoiding conflict or Apologising..majority people send emails instead of discussing or talking Making earth little softer
    • 57. Difficult personality• How do we move from conflict & build strong relationships?• To communication focusing on creating outcome you really want or at least win-win situation• Begin with the end in the mind• While dealing with difficult person, just do not talk without any purpose• Aim for the best result• Ask yourself what results you want?• What problems could arise of interactions?• Can you turn problem into opportunity?• Get positive frame of mind before speaking• How would you achieve result at the end? Making earth little softer
    • 58. Knowing other person• Say No nicely• It is not enough to be nice or say "tes" always• Saying No abruptly is also not good• Use rapport skill• understand the body language of other person and tune to them• The art of leadership is saying No• Listening - listen to what they are saying• Demonstrating - convey what you listened and acknowledge• Being clear - now say what stops you to do what they expect you to do, keep it brief & quiet• Being positive - close in positive mood Making earth little softer
    • 59. Control the emotions• Controlling your emotions is most critical & important, it is secret of effective communication• Everyone would reciprocate the emotions.• Control emotions when you want to be assertive, share bad news, deal with complaint• More professional, calm & mature you are, better would be the results• Long & deep breathing would help you to control• Positive thinking - try to recollect time when you felt happy, relaxed, confident & calm, imaging similar situation is ahead• Relaxing your body & make yourself comfortable Making earth little softer
    • 60. Thank You Making earth little softer