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Let us build India

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  • (I do not have negative energy however want to be strong critics & suggest for tough introspection)
  • 6 earthsoft-building indiav1 1

    1. 1. Making earth little softer Edge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent My Dream Building the nation – India
    2. 2. Making earth little softer • Context • Government • Political • Economical • Educational • Jurisdiction • Social • Ecosystem • Police • Industrial • Agriculture • Transportation • Health Index
    3. 3. Making earth little softer • Since 1947 post Independence of India still we have not achieved what Pandit Nehru & Congress leaders had dreamed all about then • Thanks to Narsimha Rao, Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh who are responsible for todays somewhat better situation • However we all Indians are lucky to be at this stage compared to what we deserve; Thanks to IT, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Science • I am trying to list possible high level areas of improvements • Common man to be at core of the sphere to evolve & revolve entire systems & processes Context
    4. 4. Making earth little softer •Todays all government authorities & powerful people are not friendly with citizen. They have mentality of Punishment and Exploitation. E,g, Rule makers, Police, Income Tax, Customs, Corporation officials, School authorities, Society Authorities, Service Providers, Shop owners, Employers, etc. •Officials MUST treat every citizen with respect, without exploiting using the authorities. Our constitution & authorities needs huge change in this regards. •“Behave & talk sweetly” initiatives to be launched •Entire nation needs to set up simple processes in each areas & divisions (is a big task) Government
    5. 5. Making earth little softer •Their to be deemed approval methodologies; abolish corruption •MUST assure basic needs to every citizen (Food, Cloth, Shelter, Education and Health) •Encourage self employment & working for all •Good governance •Aggressive implementation •Supporting than control, Push than Pull •SLA driven quantitative performance & online appraisal of all government employees •Accountability through delegation & empowerment •Abolishing corruption through transparency •Educating IT to all government employees •Computerization of all data & transactions Government
    6. 6. Making earth little softer • Unique identity electronic card for all identification like passport, driving license, voting, tax, history, etc • Looser candidate to be asked to pay X Rs * difference in votes of winning candidate to recover election logistic & process cost • To abolish Rajya sabha & Vidhan Parishad • Increase the no. of parliamentary seats for 2014 • Elections for Corporations, Vidhansabha and Loksabha at one time • No tickets to criminals, Definition of criminal to be very simple • No discrimination of funds to the states ruled by opposition Political
    7. 7. Making earth little softer • Revival of 20 point program executed during emergency • Divide all larger states to smaller for better development control • Maximum 3 party system • Govern by maximum numbers than majority • Involvement of corporate personalities • Embedding industrial super talented / executor & entrepreneurs in politics Political
    8. 8. Making earth little softer • There are huge economical crimes & cheating in the society & Government authorities are silent on the issues e.g. private placement of shares of non existing companies • There is no enough education within society how not to get cheated • Huge tax & tedious rules & processes discourage citizen to be honest tax payers • Huge corruptions & corrupt practices in financial institutes like Banks & broking firms • Cheating, exploitation & corrupt practices by Broking firms ; NSE/ BSE & SEBI have not been effective (though improved a lot) Economical
    9. 9. Making earth little softer • Non efficient audit processes failed to control these • Deal striktly with Gundaraj & Dadagiri collecting Hafta • Solutions-> • Pay off the government borrowings/loans of heavy interest burden • Develop employments; bag more projects from other countries • Simple processes & lower tax structure with larger umbrella • Efficient & direct distribution system of funds & food • Nationwide consistent taxation • Educating – Hard work & education are only the means to earn more Economical
    10. 10. Making earth little softer • Solutions…contd • Encouraging entrepreneurs by all means to grow (Tax holidays) • Controlling non-planned & unwanted expenses • Reverse Income Tax • Government taking responsibilities of non-earning members • Income Tax by all & extremely simple method • Aggressive participation in growth after revival of economy globally • Exploitation charging high rate of interest & prepayment charges of loans Economical
    11. 11. Making earth little softer • There are millions children away from primary education • No schools & good teachers in villages & towns; encourage & plan teacher development program • School/Convent management are adamant • Admissions process is non-transparent • Bright capable students could not get higher education due to lack of money • Huge donations are being collected for management quota Educational
    12. 12. Making earth little softer •Schools within 5 kilometers; improve literacy by target driven drives •No fees for primary educations till SSC; uniform, breakfast & lunch to be served free •School building, running those efficiently & good teachers are responsibilities of Panchayats; simple governing, reporting, performance & appraisal mechanism; to invite private sector s •Weight of school bag to be limited to maximum 2 kg; 1:1 teaching program (like one plant for each) •Eazy & quick loan funding for higher education •Transparent donation practices offering equal opportunities for all Educational
    13. 13. Making earth little softer •Admissions due to transfer of service to be eazier •Huge career tensions to children; teach basic fundamentals to be good citizens •Ragging in colleges & hostels to be banned - Practical success in measurable terms is must •Syllabus revision to be quick & sensitive to demand •One exam date & one question papers across all degrees (several entrance exam on the same date) •Simple computerized admissions stable process for HSC & engineering •Computers at schools, NEWS paper publishing education to the students Educational
    14. 14. Making earth little softer •Funds to charitable institutes & audit using transparent mechanism •To build more IIT & IIMs; focus on technology, science, and finance •Stop religion based schools Educational
    15. 15. Making earth little softer • Millions cases are pending without justice being awarded • Increase the trust of common man with jurisdiction system • Simple processes; conserve time • Offering quality judgments & accurate justice • Criminals taking disadvantage of not having energy, time and money; to be supported by government • Solutions • Its time to remove black stripes from the eyes of Goddess Justice, it to look around carefully & then decide Jurisdiction
    16. 16. Making earth little softer • Allow to express views on jurisdiction system, “contempt of court” concept to be abolished, we are democratic country; only feedback would make it improve • Extra-ordinary Simple processes • Domain based courts (Consumer, Economical, Social, Technology) • Resolution to be quicker with lightening speed • Working hours to be target driven, not specific time slots, can work in shifts as necessary • When the case is filed, timeline for awarding justice to be decided • To give justice, not the judgment Jurisdiction
    17. 17. Making earth little softer • No exploitation • Employers have been exploiting unclear Cyber laws • Expense reimbursement • Target driven closures Jurisdiction
    18. 18. Making earth little softer • Several hundred rapes happening around • Premature abortions • Cheating & sexual exploitation of girls • Exploitations of daughter-in-laws & in-equal status • Deep castism • Individuals are loosing patience • Deal dowry matters quickly • Solutions • Secured life; strong anti terrorist actions implementation • Meritocracy based approach & no discrimination on gender, caste, money, etc • Ample supply of electricity to all Social
    19. 19. Making earth little softer • Legalization / Abolition of corruption • Population control by motivational schemes • Second generation beneficiaries not to get reservation benefits • Economy based benefits • Legalization of unauthorized constructions – ownership transferred to government • Promoting spiritualities • Conflict resolutions centers • Slum improvement plan • Illegal prostitution- guilty to be punished heavily (Minor girls being sold at Rs 5000) • Deals with beggars chain, Dealing with slums Social
    20. 20. Making earth little softer • Plan as many trees, one tree by each citizen • Save water • Recycle water efficiently • Clean air, clean water • Save electricity as much • Use solar energy as much • Save natural resources like water; use them carefully • Conserve natural resources as much Ecosystem
    21. 21. Making earth little softer • Deaths in police custody • Exploitation by police as authority • Unsecured place during night hours (drunken police) • Working under Political influences than merit of the cases • Most corrupt practices • Solutions • Corporate governance; computerization across country • Services at chargeable basis; Police force needs to earn • Education & behavior of police force Police
    22. 22. Making earth little softer • Entertaining by police, default registration of visitors • Selection – recruitment process by stringent filtering criteria • Appraisal & track record • Removal of corrupt personnel • Modern arms & ammunition • Equipment for communication, surveillance, security • Separation of investigation, security, law and order wings • Registration & Tackling each complaint till closure • Insulating police machinery from extraneous influences • Salary structure • Divisions- Social, economical, political, security Police
    23. 23. Making earth little softer • Simple rules of import & export • Minimum number of categories of taxation (Income tax, VAT, CST, Service Tax, Excise duty, Octroi, TDS, ESI, FBT, Property tax, Stamp duty, CGT, Water tax, Professional Tax, Road tax, Education cess, Congestion levy, etc (besides bribes, Gunda Hafta, Donation, Chanda) • Simple rules of various taxation • Simple rules for labors & minimum wages & overtime • Revision in factory rules matching to modernization Industrial
    24. 24. Making earth little softer • Limit on maximum salary • Finish licensing; deemed approval methodologies • One umbrella registration & solutioning, etc • Ample supply of electricity • Limited holidays & leaves • Relationship of profits - Cost of goods produced & sold • All strikes to be banned • Child labor Industrial
    25. 25. Making earth little softer • Reducing dependency on nature. • Water irrigation program & management • Converting sea water to sweet water using vaporization technique • Connecting all the rivers (grid) • Corporate agriculture – Buying land of many, using engineering techniques; creating profit & loss statement • Latest technology update by push method (not pull method) • Continuous power supply • Open market; to establish supply chain Agriculture
    26. 26. Making earth little softer • Free internet at each Panchayat • Produce as much, Export as much • Converting sownable area • Maintaining soil quality • Drip irrigation across country, subsidiary to farmers, cost control for system • Equal distribution of crops wherever possible • Promoting process industries • Subsidiaries to reduce over 10 years Agriculture
    27. 27. Making earth little softer • World class infrastructure • Economical city travel to compete travelling by self • Equal growth in all the areas • Efficient city transport • Good service during intra-city transport (Bus, Trains and aeroplanes) • Security • Encourage car pool; travelling by trains (lesser average fuel consumption) Transportation
    28. 28. Making earth little softer • Automatic Entry ticket system at railway stations • Encourage goods freight by train, End to end responsibility by train • Overcrowded truck & auto; legal seats for auto to be increased • Over crowded transport of school students • Scraping every automobile vehicle after 16 years of use • Emission certificate renewal to be at 1 year frequency • Alternate fuel research , development & implementation • Discouraging impurity in fuel while distributing (stringent actions) Transportation
    29. 29. Making earth little softer •Efficient & economical medicines & medical services (upper limits on fees) •Build family doctor concept again •Donation drive of eye, kidney, lever & other body parts •Duplicate medicines to be banned •Rejuvenate family doctor concept; Doctor MUST visit home in emergency •Affordable medicine; cost of production & selling in proportionate •10% free patients checking compulsory •Go to village incentives like free hospital •Denials by insurance companies to pay insured sum •Encourage to be vegetarian Health
    30. 30. Making earth little softer Thank You