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Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career …

Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at
Also has links for all ppt files.


Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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  • 1. Earthsoft Foundation of GuidanceEdge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-Transparent Making earth little softer
  • 2. Index In this presentation 2Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 3. Vision To offer non-commercial program that will lead to improve students in academic, career awareness, and social/personal development through working with all stake holders... by way of • Education Guidance • Motivating for study • Planning for study & examination • Career Guidance • Counseling (1:1 and class room) • Soft skills enhancement • Follow up and measurements National Dropout Prevention 3 3Contact – Center/Network Making earth little softer
  • 4. Objectives • To develop awareness and acceptance for talents and abilities of student community • To understand weakness and plan to overcome those in stipulated time frame • To encourage to be independent taking responsibility for themselves • To make informed choices about their lives (Education & Career) and follow through on • To identify and explore opportunities • Seeking right education at right school & college • Choosing compatible job choosing right employer National Dropout Prevention 4 4Contact – Center/Network Making earth little softer
  • 5. Phases Childhood Young Age Old Age• Most beautiful phase • Start of dreaming • Looking backward• No responsibilities • Forming image • Assessing past• No worries, No pain • Knowing a world • Sharing the wealth• Love from everyone • Completing study • Handing over• Lots of Fun, Play • Doing job & earning • Health issues• Lots of ice-cream • Forming an attitude • Want to be guide• No health issue & • Marriage & settling • Departing others dieting, No pressure • With 3 generations • Departing yourself 5Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 6. 3 stages 3 Stages of Education Elementary Middle /Jr. High School / School High School College• Elementary : Students to acquire knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand & respect self and others• Middle : Students to make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals• High : Students to understand safety & survival skills and growth 6Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 7. Guidance content Personal and Social Development • Understanding self in global community • Respecting individual and group differences • Applying personal safety skills Academic Development • Applying skills for educational achievement • Transitioning skills • Developing & monitoring educational plans Career Development • Applying career exploration & planning skills • To obtain information about training/education • Readiness & improving skills for better jobs 7Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 8. School • Start thinking about – What are your liking & interest? – What is your ability? (Strengths & weaknesses) – Your motivation? What you want to be? And why? • It’s a age of developing personality – Develop habits & hobbies – Managing the health (healthy food & exercises) – Get connected & get along with friends & families • About school & study – Are you within top 5 in any of the activities? – Created competition or one of the crowd? – Score the highest in SSC, its turning point! 8Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 9. College • Start following & shaping your dreams • Answer? What you want to be? And why? • Enhancing strengths & improving weaknesses? • Choose right branch & the best college/university • Developing habits, attitude and personality • Know about yourself, distinguishing like & dislikes • Start planning the activities, study hard & smart • Be passionate, develop a plan, deliver the best • What all you need to get there? – Compile data, Listen/share the thought and decide! – Firm up your mind, action to track your dreams! – Seek for higher study at the best global university 9Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 10. Higher Education • Be global • Adopt cross culture keeping fundamentals intact • Aim for the highest possible education • Seek admission for the best college/ university • Seek the best • Manage routine, events, circumstances, finance • Learn conceptually, fundamentally and innovatively • Get connected well, keep healthy relationships • Deliver the best & be proud – Study on latest technologies (White paper, Project) – Participating in college events – Execute activities within legal framework 10Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 11. Career• Be unique • Mostly 1st Job decides life long path so be selective • Live on hopes & dreams however be practical too • Prove yourself to get 1st call for critical assignments• Seek the best • The best of the assignments • Participation in decision making • Lead roles & higher responsibilities• Deliver the best & be proud • Follow etiquettes, set the ethical practices, • Be dependable, honest, sincere & have integrity • Be collaborative, expert, energetic, deliver the best quality in time as committed 11Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 12. Preventing new ideas •I am comfortable (amid the chaos) •I know this – it is predictable •I know what is expected of me •I have a vision of a stable future •I have a routine •This is just another new idea, to come and go The Stick The Carrot Accountability A Vision of a Better Way Job In-Security Seeing that it Can be Done More Pressure Acknowledged Curriculum Situation Measurable Results 12Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 13. Gems of Wisdom
  • 14. Question Where to Begin? 14Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 15. Critical steps• Self assessment• Career exploration• Pathway planning• Start early - Talk about various career choices• Know their abilities & interest – Assess their abilities & watch their interest• Understand the changing realities of work• Teach to explore all destinations - within country & overseas OR science, technology, engineering OR school – college – employment• Investigate the specifics of the career choices 15Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 16. What you want to be Chef Masonry Painter Sport Teacher Media Journalism TV-news TV-Finance Advisor Stock market Finance Banks Accountant Library Lawyer Quality Consultant Satellite Mech Mining Steel Power stn Hardware Software Space Civil Doctors Nurse Diet Fitness Pathologist Medicine Pharma Beauty Radiologist Police IAS Railway Military Pilot Navy Social NGO Peace 16Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 17. Giving directions - actions Vision without action is merely a dream Action without vision just passes the time Vision with action can change the world - Joel Barker 17Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 18. Stake holders Student Employers Global situation, Parent Influences & relations Community (Friends & School, relatives, Speakers, Teachers SN Sites) Institutes (Counsellor, Business Partners) 18Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 19. Unlock the key 19Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 20. Travelling the path Who am I? Who would help? Where I How towant to be? seek help? Where am I What to learn going? to be there? 20Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 21. Steps • Take pen & paper, introspect honestly; discuss Know with parent, friends & teachers to know yourself yourself • List high level options & choices Gather • Find & compile structured information & exploreInformation • To evaluate strengths, weaknesses, SWOT opportunities and threats for all the options • Make a choice, Consult parent & friends • Make 3 plans A as main and B & C as fall-back Decision Making • Develop a plan, Pursue & Execute 21Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 22. How do u decide? Abilities + Aptitude + Interest + Personality + Motivation = Career Choice 22Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 23. Evaluate yourself Criteria Parameters Quotient Memory Intellectual Emotional Financial Constraints Need Well placed Influence Self Parental Friends & relatives Ability Sustain Response Quick pressure to change learner Personality Attitude Culture Value Traits Communication Leadership Stability Excitement Passion to Enjoy to Liking & learn study Interests Body Thin Normal Builder 23Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 24. Evaluate yourself Criteria Parameters Nature Entrepreneur Management Slave Assertive Aggressive Happy go lucky My world Social Dreamer Disciplined Stable Dynamic Creative Routine Comfort Workaholic Leisure Smart level working Liking Art Commerce Science Location In country At overseas 24Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 25. How much do we know? Much of what we could know remains hidden…. •Aspirations, intentions & dreams •Desires for services - - - - - - -Known-•Steps taken --- - •Steps haven’t taken Unknown •Risk factors that affect achievement and attainment •Constraints students are facing •What support can be provided 25Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 26. Awareness Many of stake holders are unaware of how critical following skills Goal setting and planning, compiling, analysing and decision making Working using those leads to a huge rewarding, and successful life…. Goals give us our bearing and point us in a purposeful direction 26Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 27. Holland’s Hexagon Doer, Skilled, ConcreteConventional, Practical Thinker, Analytical Organizing Things Ideas, Math, ScienceEnterpriser, Persuader Artistic, Imagining Outgoing Creating Social, Helper, Educational Service oriented people • The greatest predictor of job …a personal satisfaction • People to match personalities with their occupation 27Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 28. Personal attributes - Know yourself Energy Energise EdgeAttribute, Health, Dreams, Attitude, Team Aptitude , AbilityLiking & interest ,Nature, Player, ,Skill, Management,Life style, Commitment, Delegation, Teaching abilitySelf Motivation, Flexibility, InterpersonalConsistency skills, Stability Execution Etiquettes Ethics - ValuesFamily support, Ability to Self discipline, Value, Character,close successfully, Well planned, Believes, Religious,Reliability Organising Trustworthy 28Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 29. Career attributes - Know yourself Energy Energise Deep willingness to excel Respect in society Fun & Pressure Making a difference Need & availability (Job Recognition security),Travel Connecting with people Edge Execution To gain Knowledge, Great opportunities - Enhances algorithmic & Within country & abroad, Logical Sharpness Cost, Earning good money Hot careers, Career trends & growth, To contribute 29Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 30. Risco & Duffy findings • Most important work values – Work enjoyment & Interest in the field – Job security • Least important work values – Having free time – Working without close supervision – Family expectations • More weightage – High anticipated earnings – Making a difference 30Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 31. Gems of Wisdom
  • 32. Cycle Execute your goalsSet your goals Know your abilities Your upbringing Enhance your skills Supportive? Map to your interests Influential? Know your style 32Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 33. Basic divisions SSC All Subjects HSC Art Commerce Science Admin C.A.;C.S Graduation officer Engineers Medicine ICWA 33Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 34. Career ChoicesInterest Goals PlanningSkills SalaryPreparation EducationPutting the Pieces Together
  • 35. Career Goal • A career goal will guide you into doing what you want with your life rather than just drifting into a job • Why to conclude & plan about it? - A career goal may help you discover career possibilities that you wouldnt have thought of otherwise, so why to limit your future? - Think–share–discuss–conclude-plan & execute 35Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 36. Career Goal • What is your Career Goal? – Helps focus to do What, why & when? – Is it for Living – contribute - excel – recognition – enjoy? Or all? & – When? At which phase of life? – It can be a specific domain such as medicine, engineering, education, art, commerce, management or space? – Specific job as doctor or engineer or a teacher? 36Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 37. Career Goal • I want to – do what I want! – be on my own! – be entrepreneur & grow a big business – live comfortably life without botherations – earn lot of money so as not to work after 40 for survival? – work for social cause after 40? – Be happy doing routine 5 days 9 to 5 job 37Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 38. Timing • What is right timing to plan for • Education • Career • These both are tightly coupled • Dependant on each other Your • During all 3 stages Interests? • Lower–Middle–High school / College • Middle school is a perfect time to explore interests seriously & choose the course • During college begin reviews investigating career choices & direction 38Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 39. Planning • Know yourself - What is your Aptitude Attitude Interest Primary & Secondary Skill Career possibilities, and job trends • What do you want to be? • What types of careers fit your attributes? And attitude? • How do you prepare for the career? 39Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 40. Aptitude • What is your aptitude? – A competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level (talent) – Can be physical or mental – Can be determined by Verbal, Numerical subtests & is suggested 40Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 41. Attitude • What is your attitude? – Entrepreneur, Managerial, Labor – Assertive or Aggressive – My world, Social, Dreamer – Disciplined, Stable, Dynamic – Creative, Routine, Happy go lucky 41Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 42. Interest – What do you like to do? Think experiences you have enjoyed. – Which activity do you like study, research, religious, social, or sports? – List activities enjoyed in past four years – Evaluate interests, What did you like? – What challenges were offered? – Which skills do you need to excel in those activities? 42Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 43. Skills • What are your skills? –Make a list activities or volunteer work you have participated in your school, religious, social, clubs, or at organizations –Evaluate school, volunteer work, or leisure experiences –Make a list of skills you have demonstrated while executing those, your comfort level and liking 43Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 44. Career + Skills • After assessing your interests and skills, determine the relationship between skills, interests and possible careers. • Do research on types of careers • What types of careers fit your skills and interest? –Use the Occupational Handbook to locate a career Occupational Handbook 44Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 45. Career Plan• To think strategically next steps to accomplish goal.• To create a career plan listing activities needed to accomplish a goal• It needs to compile various attributes like skills & interests, maps careers to talents & attribute and what skills and training you need• Suggest Fortnightly/Monthly review 45Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 46. Preparation • How do you prepare for the career? – Most important is selecting A School/College – Course in high school – Later Grades & Class rank (results of your exam) Above points determine if the best of college / university will admit you 46Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 47. Education • Find out what high school and/or college classes are important to the field of interest • Enquire how much education is required for their career • What education is required for your chosen career? Education Requirements 47Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 48. Explore • Ask questions to adults about their jobs. Be happy you asked & answer. • Compile the data (or ask yourself) – What they enjoy most about their jobs – What they enjoy least.…and – What skills someone must possess to be successful in that occupation – What training needed to improve the skills so as to be successful in the job 48Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 49. Career Choices • Information on different careers can be found at various websites • Google it or find by Wiki Career Choices 49Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 50. Career Trends • Find out career trends and options • Work through various websites and find out careers of your interest, salary information, etc • You may check compatibility taking the Work Quiz, aptitude needed for specific job, personality test, • Check the result, introspect for improvement & bring compatibility! 50Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 51. Salary • Explore the salary information • Check are you paid to your worth? • This judgment is critical • May be you are – Under paid (Find out reasons & analyse) – Over paid too! (May be a retention policy of organisation for you, again find it out) 51Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 52. Education World • To learn fundamentals • To be in top merit list • To plan study appropriately • To prepare time table for study & exam • To get discipline and execute the plan • To be positive & motivated • To be friendly with all • To live with spirit of goal 52Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 53. Work World • Understand to succeed in the work world • Understand expectations from the supervisor & deliver more than expected • Seek feedback & improve continuously • Build trust, transparency, sincerity, quality & try to do better than others • Try to be the best in 6 E –Energy, Energise –Execution, Edge –Ethic & Etiquettes 53Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 54. Interest • Try to take up online/offline interest assessments & determine if those are aligned to education & job Interest Assessment 54Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 55. Jobs People Do • You must have heard about known people doing particular jobs • Explore various jobs people do & related data like salary using website search • Learn about what people do at work and how they succeed making a world beautiful place for them & others What Do They Do? 55Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 56. Lifestyle • Mostly your first job decides the domain of your career so be choosy about it • Evaluate a job if that requires you – To move on a regular basis? Short distance or long distance? – Away from the family? – Working during night hours? – To many hours of a day? – Working on week ends? • Check 3-4 aspects of your lifestyle that are important & weigh it accordingly 56Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 57. Read • Find the books on careers matching your interests & abilities guide appropriate • Many publications can provide you with information about careers that you may never have considered • Search various websites 57Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 58. Talk • Visit with your counselor about your interests and abilities. • Find out if your school offers tests or interest inventories that can assess your skills and interests. • Some schools and counselors also have computer software programs that assist with career exploration 58Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 59. Test • Visit with your counselor about your interests and abilities. • Find out if your school offers tests or interest inventories that can assess your skills and interests. • Some schools and counselors also have computer software programs that assist with career exploration 59Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 60. Analyse – Pros & cons (Sample) Engineering Graduation at 21 Large no. of fields & opportunities Good scope in service as well as business Service Income is limited Business has its challenges Medical Respect in society Good earning for specialized doctors Specialisation is getting MUST Too long to complete graduation Commerce Ahead in service industry too Good Scope from middle scale city to big Sometime need to advice out of way deeds Moderate incomeAbove statements are just as a sample & not a views or advice 60Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 61. Analyse – Pros & cons (Sample) E & TC Basic Engineering, Vast scope Good development in Taiwan & Japan Electronics Industry yet to grow in India Computer Good scope, salary & opportunities Its not engineering One can learn post engineering by added cources Mechanical Logical mind gets developed sharply Recently stagnant growth/ recession is observed Civil India growing, huge scope in infrastructure development Huge investment needed for own businessAbove statements are just as a sample & not the views or a advice 61Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 62. Higher Education ME Offers opportunity in the field of teaching Deep research is missing M Tech Excellent academics Foreign/Overseas exposure is missing M.S. Excellent exposure to the world Costly MBA Great opportunity globally if done from renowned, the best top 10 colleges Simple things made difficult? Liking?Recommended to consider higher educationAbove statements are just as a sample & not the views or a advice 62Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 63. To evaluate courseS No Variable Weighta Example Engineering Medicine Management Commerce Art ge Absolute Net Absolute Net Absolute Net Absolute Net Absolute Net Absolute Net Rating rating Rating rating Rating rating Rating rating Rating rating Rating rating 1 Gaining Knowledge 7% 10 0.7 8 0.56 6 0.42 5 0.35 4 0.28 4 0.28 2 Enhances algorithmic & 7% 10 0.7 9 0.63 6 0.42 4 0.28 3 0.21 2 0.14 Logical Sharpness 3 Great opportunities - 6% 10 0.6 8 0.48 6 0.36 8 0.48 5 0.3 3 0.18 Within country & abroad 4 Earning good money 7% 10 0.7 6 0.42 8 0.56 8 0.56 5 0.35 2 0.14 5 Respect in society 5% 10 0.5 5 0.25 7 0.35 6 0.3 3 0.15 2 0.1 6 Travel 4% 10 0.4 4 0.16 8 0.32 5 0.2 3 0.12 7 0.28 7 Fun & Pressure 7% 10 0.7 5 0.35 4 0.28 8 0.56 6 0.42 7 0.49 8 Cost 7% 10 0.7 6 0.42 3 0.21 7 0.49 7 0.49 8 0.56 9 Connecting with people 6% 10 0.6 6 0.36 3 0.18 6 0.36 6 0.36 7 0.4210 Need & availability 7% 10 0.7 3 0.21 8 0.56 7 0.49 2 0.14 2 0.1411 Personal attributes 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 a Liking & interest & nature 9% 10 0.9 7 0.63 6 0.54 4 0.36 3 0.27 3 0.27 b Aptitude / Ability / Skill 9% 10 0.9 8 0.72 5 0.45 6 0.54 5 0.45 6 0.54 c Attitude 6% 10 0.6 5 0.3 5 0.3 4 0.24 2 0.12 2 0.12 d Health 6% 10 0.6 6 0.36 5 0.3 6 0.36 6 0.36 6 0.36 e Dreams 7% 10 0.7 8 0.56 4 0.28 4 0.28 6 0.42 2 0.14 100% 150 10.0 94.0 6.4 84.0 5.5 88.0 5.9 66.0 4.4 63.0 4.2Above numbers are just as a sample & not the views or a advice 63Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 64. SWOT analysis- case study 1Student in 8th Std, wants a good college for HSC, later to do engineering at IIT Strengths Weaknesses Good in academics, passed with Parent too busy to guide more than 85% marks till now Health issue - Sometimes feel Motivated & dreamer, Stood first in school since last 2 Parent to guidance weakness Want the best of the education years No To check health &TV, time for sports, diagnose Well informed Planning & Time management to Good relationship with teachers entertainment, exercise Good relationships include exercise Good connect & friendships Motivated for higher study Opportunities Threats Staying in Pune opportunity En-cash the ToTry for the bestfor college if SSC compromise but not to be Can Life time benefitsin good & get admission for smart score nervous & burdened is not good college hard efforts for a year for HSC Might have to delink with friends Take it eazy but seriously Would get connected to intelligent Seek advantage of being in city group 64Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 65. SWOT analysis – case study 2Student in 11th Std from town, to do engineering in Pune Strengths Weaknesses Good in academics, passed with Parent can not guide however can more Motivated &marks till now than 90% dreamer, support Stood first in school since Good relationship with teacher No time for sports, TV, city To get admission in begining moderate parental To keep entertainment, exercise for Seek for good courses Good relationship with teachers influence entrance exam in city Not in city Motivated for higher study own Study to learn & be on your Planning & Time management Worried to adjust city life Its dream for parent so good support Opportunities Threats Can En-cash the opportunity get admission in good To Not to be nervous college if compromise for & burdened Life time benefits for smart & college for engineering HSC/CETitscore butnot good Take eazy is seriously hard efforts for a year Seek guidance, make good Would get connected to intelligent Might not get adjusted to city friends to cope up city life group college life so worried 65Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 66. SWOT Analysis – case study 3Student in engineering, wants to do MS in USA Strengths Weaknesses Good in academics, passed with Parent can not support distinction complete information Compile Spent lot of timeloans & aids TV, To check for sports, Motivated for higher study To maintain good relationship entertainment Time management Planning & Its dreamprofessors &so good with for parent friends Worried to adjust foreign life & Understand foreign life support culture Possibility of Home sickness To reduce parental influence Make global friends thro’ SNS Opportunities Threats Can get admission in good Might have to compromise if university for PG score is not good Would compile Pros & Cons for To get connected globally Unclearto be nervous & burdened Not procedures universities of various countries Would seek excellent job Might Takeget adjusted to foreign not it eazy but seriously opportunities fall back plan too To prepare Seek guidance, Seek clarity on culture & life To make good friends globally visas & procedures 66Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 67. Checklist It is essential to maintain a checklist Purpose is – To track the progress quantitatively – To keep consistency in tracking & measurement – To enhance reliability of outcome – To compile the data systematically – To decide 67Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 68. What’s Your learning style? 68Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 69. Most important summary Analyse, Map The High Five Yourself & Situation Know the situation - To Decide 3 options, Explore, Search, Main and 2 fall-back Trend, Compile Data PlansKnow yourself Ability, Execute & review at Aptitude, Attitude, every milestone Skills Interest, Need 69Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 70. Education - Do & Don’t•Know yourself deeply •Be exited or confused•Dream high & big •Be jealous or egoistic•Collect data •Be frustrated•SWOT analysis •Follow corrupt practice•Overcome weakness •Get cheated•Firm up the goal •Try for short cut•Plan to achieve •Compromise at less•Remain motivated•Efforts & sincerity•Build strong foundation 70Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 71. Steps Know Know Career List what all yourself options is required Ability Medical Clear vision Aptitude Engineering Determination Attitude Govt Services Willingness Aspirations Management Discipline Personality Finance Good College Motivation Media, Sports Planned study Discuss/ Draw Action Execute & Be Share/Decide Plan successful With yourself Activities Track Family & Friends Duration Review Great people Start & end time Change Internet Tracking Go ahead 71Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 72. Career Development Assumptions? Everyone has the ability to make work choices 72Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 73. Career Development Assumptions? Work is a contained part of people’s lives…. 73Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 74. Career Development Assumptions? The world of work is predictable…. 74Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 75. Career Development Assumptions? An individual will make a decision early in life.. 75Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 76. Career Development Assumptions? Career counseling is short term and focused in information giving… 76Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 77. Preparation Familiarize different types of schools. Find out what characteristics to look for when selecting a school. College Public Religious Athletics Private Trade Academics School 77Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 78. Wow Careers! • See what people "on the job" say about your dream career! WOW Careers! 78Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 79. 79Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 80. Resources These Internet sites can provide career information and were used in this presentation • Ready, Set, Go • Middle School Students Start Off Right • Career Test • BLS Career Information • Job Star Central • First Gov for Kids • Careers 2001 • Career Info Net • interest assessment • Jobs People Do • What Do They Do? • Wow Careers! • Career Education • Interactive Learning Network http://www.hesc.state.ny.usYou may use Google Search & Wiki Information 80Contact – Making earth little softer
  • 81. Thank You 81Contact – Making earth little softer