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Alpha Five Version 8 - Rapid tool to build Web & Desktop DB Applications

Alpha Five Version 8 - Rapid tool to build Web & Desktop DB Applications



Overview of Alpha Five. Award winning tool that lets non programmers and professional developers build web and desktop database applications extremely rapidly and easilty.

Overview of Alpha Five. Award winning tool that lets non programmers and professional developers build web and desktop database applications extremely rapidly and easilty.



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    Alpha Five Version 8 - Rapid tool to build Web & Desktop DB Applications Alpha Five Version 8 - Rapid tool to build Web & Desktop DB Applications Presentation Transcript

    • Alpha Five Version 8 Builds Complete Desktop and/or Web database Applications. Extremely Rapidly and Easily A unique All-In-One tool that allows both non-programmers and professional developers to create custom applications with full reporting and security
    • Alpha Five V8 offers a complete all-in-one solution for web and desktop application generation ( without requiring 3 rd party add-in tools ):
        • Easy RAD visual tools that don’t require programming
        • Application server – can be clustered
        • Rich programming language and tools like “Action Scripting” and “Web Components” combine ease of use and extensibility.
        • “ Enterprise” class Reporting
        • Inbound and outbound email
        • Tools to ensure fast and accurate data input.
        • Powerful queries, data analysis & manipulation,
        • Portable SQL support or use of the built in database engine. Support for engines such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Cache, MS SQL, Excel, Access, QuickBooks, any ODBC
        • Full security framework for desktop, web & SaaS applications
        • Graphic tools for professional looking apps
    • Demand for Web, Browser based and SaaS solutions is exploding! But… Current browser and web application development tools are exceedingly time consuming and require programming skills However with Alpha Five you are able to:
        • Significantly cut time and cost to create and maintain these solutions. (According to McKinsey & Company, labor represents 80% of Application Development costs –– if you cut development time, you realize huge savings)
        • Eliminate or reduce the complexity of building internet and intranet applications
        • Reduce the risk of starting projects that don’t get completed
        • Get to market quickly with SaaS solutions and thereby save $$ and time. Gain “first-to-market” advantages
    • Distinguishing Aspects of the Alpha Five approach
        • Rapid and easy complete Web and Desktop application building capability in one package
        • Empowers users who are not programmers to build applications
        • Enables professional developers to build powerful applications extremely quickly (without compromising functionality, performance, scalability or security)
    • Alpha Five is uniquely capable of building applications for smaller organizations and business as well as scalable applications for the enterprise Applications (with extensive security and reporting) can be desktop or web apps or hybrid (desktop/web) applications .
        • For example, Filemaker, Access or VB can build desktop applications but you can’t build a complete web app like this scheduling app built in Alpha Five http://www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/ProductTour/Web_Applications_01.asp  using those tools
        • On the other hand, PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby on Rails or ColdFusion let you build web apps but you cannot build desktop apps like these http://www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/ProductTour/Desktop_Applications_01.asp which were built in Alpha Five
    • Alpha Five is ideal for Non Programmers People who don’t want to program or don’t have the time to learn how to program. At the same time these people require complete solutions that don’t compromise on functionality or completeness
        • For Desktop Applications: “genies”, “field rules” and “action scripting” empower people to be very productive and enable them to build complete desktop solutions without having to lean how to program
        • For web Applications: “components” and the Alpha Five “web security framework” and “web reporting framework” are key tools that enable non-programmers to be very productivity and allow them to build complete web solutions without having to program
    • Alpha Five is ideal for Professional Developers and ISV’s Professional developers need to get applications built quickly but with no loss of power or functionality. Alpha Five’s critical benefit for professional developers is productivity, minimization of cost, acceleration of project completion
        • This productivity is achieved through the use of the Alpha Five visual tools (action scripting, web components, field rules, web security framework) for rapid development, and Xbasic and Xdialog for total control, extensibility and flexibility.
        • Alpha Five developers report that they can build applications (especially web applications) 5-10 times more rapidly when compared to tools like PHP, JSP, ASP.net, Ruby on Rails, and Cold Fusion
    • Key distinctions from alternative products that Make Alpha Five Unique:
        • Can be used by both Professional Developers and Beginners
        • Can create complete and highly customized desktop, web and hybrid applications
        • Offers a very robust and rich toolset for data entry, querying, reporting, data manipulation, transformation and analysis so that you never run out of power
        • Provides the option of working with either built in database engines or the SQL engine of your choice
    • Customer examples
    • Respected by Press and Customers written and video testimonials http://www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/ProductTour/what_they_say_01.asp http://www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/ProductTour/who_02.asp   
    • Alpha Five product info and Video Tutorials
      • Click on the links below for:
      • Product Tour
      • Examples of Applications built by Alpha Five V8 customers
      • Our Customers
      • Testimonials
      • Industry Solutions
      • Compatible with Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows and any HTML browser
      • Why choose Alpha http://www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/ProductTour/why_choose_01.asp
      • Live examples of Web pages built rapidly in Alpha Five version (coding not required) http://www.alphasoftware.com/ApplicationServer/
      • Video Tutorials
      • http:// www.alphasoftware.com/AlphaFive/video /  
    • Summary
        • Users are increasingly demanding database-driven browser based applications or hybrid applications (desktop and web)
        • However, this does not mean that they are necessarily ready to abandon desktop applications
        • Using one tool, Alpha Five, we are committed to making the creation of robust and scalable database solutions on both these platforms easy and rapid for both non programmers and professional developers
    • Appendix Defining capabilities of Version 8 web security framework
    • web components for rapid creation of web apps
    • Action Scripting for rapid creation of desktop apps.
    • Xbasic -automatically generated from Action Scripting
    • Xdialog -automatically generated from Action Scripting
    • Portable SQL. Allows applications to be moved easily between various SQL backend database engines like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Cache, Sybase and even MS Access, QuickBooks and MS Excel
    • Extremely powerful reporting against Alpha Five data or SQL data
    • Field Rules - Set up data entry look ups, validations, posting, transformations, error trapping without having to code
    • Design tools that let you build professional looking applications
    • Completeness and Richness of its tools to ensure practical “real” applications can successfully be built
      • Alpha Five Overview
      • What is it?
      • How is it used?
      • Who uses it?
      • Why choose it?
      • Testimonials
      • What's New in Version 8? (tour)
      • What's New in Version 8? (list)
      • Data Maintenance
      • Development Tools
      • Action Scripting
      • Xbasic
      • Xdialog
      • Desktop Applications
      • Browse View
      • Field Rules
      • Form Design
      • Query Capabilities
      • Example Apps
      • Email Capabilities
      • Genies
      • Reporting
      • Report Genie
      • via Email, Fax, PDF
      • Enterprise Reporting
      • Sample Reports
      • SQL & Remote Data Access
      • Database Explorer
      • Portable SQL
      • SQL Genie
      • SQL Command Window
      • In Xbasic , Action Scripts
      • Version 8/PDF White Paper
      • Web Applications
      • Building Web Apps
      • Components
      • CSS Editor
      • Alpha Five App Server
      • Alpha vs PHP and ASP
      • Web Security
      • Web Apps that Ship with V8
      • Example Web Apps
      • Tutorials
      • Building Desktop Apps
      • Building Web Apps p.1
      • Building Web Apps p.2
      • Web App with PDF Reports
      • Building an Ecom App
      • Action Scripting
      • Additional Videos
      • Comparisons
      • Alpha Five vs. MS Access
      • Alpha Five vs. FileMaker
      • Alpha vs PHP and ASP