February 2012 newsletter


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February 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. THE WINDSOCK February 2012 Fleet Weather Center, San Diego Newsletter On 12 Dec. 2011 AG2 UPCOMING EVENTS Larisa Jones February participated in 02 Ground Hog Day ‖Gumby‖ Suit training while on board the Sunrise Senior Living USCGC RUSH. The 05 Super Bowl Sunday one piece waterproof 09 Sunrise Senior Living suits reduce the risk of hypothermia when 14 Valentine‘s Day immersed in cold 15 CO All Hands water during Feeding America emergency or abandon ship events. VADM Rogers visit AG2 Jones will remain 20 President‘s Day onboard during the 21 Mardi Gras 2012 winter while patrolling the Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea as the ships embarked forecaster. RUSHs mission during this period includes marine 22 Sunrise Senior Living fisheries enforcement during the busy king crab season, as well as general 25 Crime Victims Oak Garden search-and-rescue capabilities throughout the region. 29 Feeding AmericaCOMMANDING OFFICER COLUMN Happy February! After a bit of travel and leave in December and January, it‘s good to be back in the office as we Pride and Professionalism!commence what promises to be an exciting 2012. The first thing I‘d like to reiterate in this month‘s edition is how proud I am of this collective workforce and the solidprogress we made in 2011 in establishing a greater FWC-SD ―Team‖. I thank you for your continued dedication and expertisenot only in support of forward operations, but in all that goes into the successful FWC-SD journey. Everything fromadministration, logistics/finance, IT/communications, facilities, training, readiness, Fleet liaison, PAO, safety, etc,... I know that ittakes every one of you to make the command work and succeed - today and into the future.You are quietly building FWC-SD into a ―world-class‖ organization, and it has not gone unnoticed by both the Fleet and NavalOceanography leadership at the highest levels. In fact, RDML White and I discussed a number of things. Ultimately, I gave himmy assessment that I thought we‘re doing pretty well for such a young command with so many moving parts. He chuckledand said, ―Todd, your team is doing much more than just pretty well.‖ You can be justifiably proud of yourselves, each other,and your command. With that, we will consistently monitor and evaluate our processes for ways to continuously improve overthe next year. In 2012, along with our focus on maturing this command, there are numerous events already planned that we willjuggle in parallel. I want to touch on some of these. First, there will be significant leadership turnover in 2012, beginning thissummer and into the fall. We will have a Change of Command planned for 6 JUL. In addition, N3 and SGOT DepartmentHeads will turn over this summer. We will see a Change of Charge for OIC‘s at our detachments in Fallon and Pearl Harbor.And, in late SEP, we will have an XO turnover. I will discuss these moves, and other organizational changes in more detail in theweeks and months ahead. While these are significant changes, like all Navy commands, turnover at every level is a commonoccurrence and must not become a distraction to our mission, and culture of taking care of each other. It will be incumbenton leadership at every level, especially the Wardroom, Chief‘s Mess, First Class Mess, and our Civilian teammates to be thestability that keeps this command focused through change. That‘s why I continue to emphasize to be involved, know your role,take ownership, and mentor and empower those you supervise. These are not just hollow words, but the recipe for sustainedsuccess. In addition to the turnovers mentioned above, and the already busy OPTEMPO of our sea component, other items ofsignificance on our plate for 2012 include: Bldg 14 complete renovation, Command Inspection the first week in June, a majorrole in supporting RIMPAC 2012 this summer, and rolling out new product and process plans for Tropical Cyclone and ResourceProtection impact planning and decision support across our AOR. So you see, there is more than enough to get ―everyoneinvolved‖. I know we have the professional team to not only navigate these issues, but excel at them. Planning, goal-setting,and good communication, as always, will be key.Items of interest for FEB: African-American History Month, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine‘s Day,15 FEB visit by VADM Mike Rogers,Commander, FLTCYBERCOM / COMTENTHFLT, STENNIS TEAM - WELCOME HOME!, President‘s Day Weekend, Mardi Gras Stay safe, and make good choices! Thank you all for the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and patriotism you represent everyday.Pride and Professionalism! Page 1 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 1 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  2. 2. CMC SOAPBOX Greetings Shipmates and Co-Workers, 2011 was a tremendously successful and rewarding first year for FWC-SD. We have made huge contributions to our Navy‘s successes in all three Fleets. ADM. Greenert, now our CNO, has tasked our Navy to view and prioritize our work in terms of three tenets – Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready. I ask your help to streamline our efforts accordingly and focus on the Fleet in all we do with emphasis on environmental impacts to operations. Our Holiday Party was a resounding success and a good time was had by all. Bravo Zulu to the hard work and dedication of the FWC-SD MWR Committee. They are working up ideas for the Spring Fling so please percolate up some ideas for their consideration. There will be elections for the FWC-SD MWR Committee just prior to the Spring Fling with that event being the turnover/passdown. Something I‘ve mentioned at the last few Friday Quarters and the most recent All hands is CSADD. CSADD is a peer mentoring program that promotes better decision making, on and off duty. The program is run by a group of volunteer petty officers from FWC-SD and its mission is to provide junior Sailors with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with issues such as alcohol misuse, reckless driving, recreational safety hazards and other activities that include a community service project for Habitat For Humanity and two separate trips to the SD Zoo. Very Respectfully, AGCM Matt White - KTBMAOMBUDSMAN CORNERMilitary Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) WELCOME TO THE FWC-SD FAMILY!Spouses of an active duty service member may beeligible for no-cost education through the Department of On Dec 29 2011Defenses (DoD) MyCAA program for up to $4,000 in AG1 Minh Hofinancial assistance. welcomedEligibility: Spouses of active duty service members E1-E5, Leah Kay HoW1-W2, and O1-O2. Eligible spouses can visit 7lbs and 20incheshttps://aiportal.acc.af.mil/mycaa. Once the profileinformation is provided, MyCAA will verify the spouse inDEERS.Whats covered: A MyCAA account covers tuition forassociate degree & vocational training courses that leadto licensing or certifications. This includes state On Dec 10 2011certifications for teachers, medical professionals and AG2 Ana Castilloother occupations requiring recognized certifications; welcomedlicensing exams and related prep courses; ContinuingEducation Unit (CEU) classes including those offered Areana Sofia Duranthrough professional associations; and degree programs 7lbs 2.2 ozleading to employment in Portable Career Fields. Licensesinclude real estate sales or broker license, appraisal andmore. Certifications include industry certifications,Pharmacy technician, medical transcription, medicalcoding, medical assisting and more. Career Certificatesinclude administrative assistant, property management,computer courses and more. You can earn a two-yearAssociates Degree. MyCAA also pays for high schoolcompletion courses, GED tests and English as a SecondLanguage (ESL) classes. On Dec 27 2011Whats Not Covered: Computers, graduation or AG3 Noelle Hicksapplication fees, student activity cards, child care welcomedassistance, technology fees, parking or transportation, Elijah Nathaniel Williamstesting fees, textbooks that require separate payments, 8.9lbs and 23 inchesand medical services. Just remember not all schools willaccept MyCAA account funds for your education. For alist of schools that accept MyCAA, visit CNMOC Facebook Websitewww.militaryonesource.com. http://www.facebook.com/NavalOceanography FWC-SD Ombudsman: Victoria Mitchell (619)-207- 9634 & Teri Garza (619)-207-9510 fwcsdombudsman@gmail.com Page 2 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 1● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT FOCUS: FWC AD ATSUGIFleet Weather Aviation Detachment Atsugi‘s mission is to provide safety to aircrews, and aircraft, by providingforecasts and warnings to Naval Air Facility Atsugi (NAFA). This includes full aviation weather support for Carrier AirWing Five, any aircraft departing from NAF Atsugi, and a five day forecast for NAF Atsugi as well as USMC Camp Fuji.We also provide weather data for base-wide operations or events. Our detachment may be small but we are wellknown for our outstanding customer service and forecast accuracy. TEAMMATE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: AG3 HEISERMAN Page 2 AG3 Heiserman arrived at Atsugi in 2009 and hit the floor running. Not only did he excel as the Command Webmaster and Training Petty Officer, he advanced to AG3 on his first attempt and rapidly qualified as a CDO/FDO Site-Waiver. Through his training and leadership, his watch team‘s forecast has earned the Detachment praise on many occasions especially during the support of Operation TOMODACHI following the Great Tohoku Earthquake in northern Japan. AG3 Heiserman married during his tour in Japan and they are the proud parents of two boys. His future goals are to continue his education to earn a Bachelors Degree in Meteorology and complete AG C School to continue is career in the Navy. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN OA DIVISION ASSISTS IN BURIAL AT SEA On the 15th of December, 2011 a Burial at Sea Ceremony was held aboard the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CNV 72) to lay to rest the cremated remains of 44 U.S. veterans and dependents, one of which was Aerographer‘s Mate Second Class Petty Officer Jack D. Williams. From the OA division AG1 Jeremy Druiett, AG1 Robin Sink, and AG2 Loren Springer were members of the Urn Detail; AG3 Leah Florent, AG3 Michael Rodriguez, AG3 Felicia Routson, and AG3 Brett Losier were members of the Honor Platoon rendering military honors to the interred. During the ceremony, AG2 Springer was granted the privilege to render honors for AG2 Williams. The deceased received full military honors including a 21-gun salute, under the direction of Executive Officer CAPT Timothy Kuehhas and Command Chaplain CDR Dennis Cox. CDR Cox believes this kind of ceremony highlights the character and heritage that Sailors hold dear. ―It continues a great tradition that we have in the Navy, that we will take care of our shipmates even in their death,‖ said Cox. ―We will bury them at sea, and we will do it with honor, solemnity and dignity.‖ This was a first for the majority of the deployed team and it had a very significant impact on all who were involved. AG2 Springer stated upon completion of the ceremony, ―It was a great and solemn display of the Navy‘s tradition and heritage.‖ AG3 Losier commented, ―The ceremony was a new experience for me and it filled me with a sense of pride for my fellow service members.‖ He commented that if the opportunity ever comes again he would definitely volunteer. AGC Savant, the OA division LCPO stated, ―At no point did I have to encourage the team to participate in the ceremony. The Urn Detail stands by as they await their turn to They were willing to roger up and give 100% participation at participate in the ceremony. Article by AG1 Robin Sink the opportunity to honor their fallen brothers and sisters. As an LCPO, I couldn‘t be more proud of my Sailors!‖ Page 3 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 1● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  4. 4. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONSailor of the YearAG1 Lopez (Shore) SAFETY TIPSAG1 Ho (Sea) When people hide, ignore or downplay mishaps, they are letting shipmates learn the hard way. People sometimes feel embarrassed becauseNavy Commendation Medal they did something that resulted in an injury. They are reluctant to tell anyone.AGC VongonnthongAG1 Akerley Worst case, they ‗fess up and it comes back to haunt them with some counseling from their supervisor or ribbing from peers.Navy Achievement Medal All of these issues interfere with the clear goal: To prevent similarAG1 Lopez mishaps. The only way to do that is to find out about all the mishaps—majorAG1 Ho and minor. By reporting your mishap to your supervisor and discussing it withAG2 Ellis fellow shipmates, you may help keep someone else from getting hurt. While not every mishap requires a formal report, informal reporting is highlyEIDWS encouraged to continue and enhance safe practices throughout the Navy.AG2 Pack Reference: http://www.public.navy.mil/navsafecen/Documents/media/deckplate_dialogue/DD_Advancement Jan12_fessing_up.pdfAG3 GrahamJoin Service Commendation MedalAG1 Sullivan NEWS FROM THE FRONTIER FWC AVN Det Pearl Harbor: -One of our own, AG3 Lundy along with Lt Col Patla (17OWS Commander), Lt Moreno (AF Flight Commander), and MSgt Oates (AF Flight SNCO) embarked on a Technical Exchange Trip to Korea in the month of December. The trip was a good mix of work and fun, working daily with the customers that we support during the year to ensure that we are doing our job the right way. AG3 Lundy visited all the sites the 17OWS support. Those included Seoul, Osan, Kunsan and Camp Humphrey‘s. The experience helped AG3 Lundy understand how the local effects directly affect their weather. It was also an opportunity meet and to strengthen relationships with the Combat Weather Flights in theater. In appreciation for her efforts TOP: AG3 Lundy poses for a during the year AG3 Lundy was coined by the Commander of the Korean picture Air Force weather (pictured to the left top picture) BOTTOM: AG1 FWC AVN Det Atsugi: Joshua Lund SSOQ 2011 4th -Transfers: Quarter. AG1 Shea Erickson, transferred to Yokosuka Japan 15 Jan 2012 AG3 Andrew Wesigerber, transfers to AG-C1 school 11 Feb 2012 AG2 Ian Siracusa separates from Naval Service on 23 Feb 2012. AG2 Siracusa will be attending Law School with hopes to re-enter Naval Service as a JAG Officer.VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES -Congratulations AG1 Joshua Lund for SSOQ 2011 4th quarter (pictured to Encanto Elementary the left second from the top). Every Thursday 0800-1000 Sunrise Senior Living FWC Strike Det Fallon: 2nd, 9th, & 22nd, 1800-2000 -Fair winds and following seas to AG1 Aaron Carr and family who Feeding America San Diego transferred to PDD Pacific. They will be missed in Fallon and make a 15th & 29th 1800-2000 wonderful addition to the San Diego METOC team. Homework Helpers -AG2 Glen Soucie recently returned from deployment on the USS VINSON Every Tuesday 1800-2000 and will be separating from the Navy. We wish him the best of luck in his job Crime Victims Oak Gardens search in San Diego. 25th 0900-1200 CDR Mike Kuypers For more information contact derron.gee@navy.mil Executive Officer Page 4 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 1 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271