The Constructor Q4 2012


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Industrial and Infrastructure issue of Fluor's construction magazine, The Constructor.

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The Constructor Q4 2012

  1. 1. Industrial & Infrastructure IssueTHE CONSTRUCTOR Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter | 2012
  2. 2. ManagementletterDear Readers,Published quarterly, each issue of The thanks to Steve Laskowski and his team Our communications team will makeConstructor highlights the construction for collaborating with us on this fourth sure your story is told. I appreciate youractivities of a chosen business group quarter issue. participation in making The Constructorand features project news, employee the best newsletter possible.  It’s important to note that without thespotlights and other related articles. conscious efforts of our construction Sincerely,This issue focuses on the Industrial and family, The Constructor would not exist.Infrastructure (I&I) group. With massive Therefore, I ask that if you ever havemining and transportation projects any newsworthy events that occur onunderway and additional programs your project, or simply would like toplanned globally, it’s an exciting time Frank Erichson highlight a project or person that is doingfor I&I and activity is not expected Vice President an outstanding job, please let us knowto slow down anytime soon. A special Construction Operations by contacting | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  3. 3. ContentsOn the cover 4 I&I OverviewFluor-Lane Capital Beltway (I-495) Express Lanes Project 5 Project Highlight: Fluor-Lane Capital Beltway (I-495) ExpressJust before midnight on February 3, 2012, I-495 North was completely shut Lanes Projectdown at Route 7 in Tysons Corner to allow Fluor-Lane and High Steel to placeone of the heaviest box beams on the project at 455,699 pounds. The beam is 8 Project Highlight: Caserones131 feet long, 10 feet high and 6 feet wide, and supports the decking of thenew Express ramp now under construction. Read more about the project 9 Project Highlight: Pascua Lamabeginning on page 5.  10 HSE: Annual Hard Hat Sticker Poster Contest 11 Culture: Naadam Holiday 12 People Development: Virtual Mentoring Circles 13 CTS Tech Talk: Mobile Solutions 14 Project Snapshot: Oyu Tolgoi Project 15 News Announcements: Construction Week 2012 16 Where in the World is II? 18 Hard Hat Salute: Third Fourth Quarter 2012 Service Anniversaries Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 3
  4. 4. Industrial InfrastRucture IssueOverview | By Steve Laskowski, vice president construction Steve Laskowski Vice President Construction The Oyu Tolgoi Concentrator Complex with coarse ore stockpile, pebble crusher, concentrator building and concentrate load-out building.It is a privilege for the Industrial and and safety in mind. Although our projects The MLS business line is presentlyInfrastructure (II) Group to be featured are built by a very diverse group of people executing self-perform work throughoutin this edition of The Constructor. II who speak many different languages, the United States with the Frito Laybuilds very diverse projects in three when it comes to Health, Safety and account. In addition to those projects,distinct business lines: Infrastructure, Environmental (HSE), all of our MLS is self-performing the HexcelManufacturing and Life Sciences teams understand the value of a strong Project in Decatur, Alabama and the(MLS) and Mining and Metals, commitment to HSE. Every project has Showa Denka Project in South Carolina.(MM). You will see the diversity of the same goal in mind: to send everyone Mining and Metals now has two majorprojects highlighted throughout the home in the same condition in which self-perform projects in Canada: Vale innewsletter. Infrastructure projects range they came to work. This is a universal St. John and Highland Valley in Britishfrom highway, transportation and major value at Fluor. The II group continually Columbia. MM has also started thebridge projects, to the construction of drives HSE excellence and consistently process of mobilizing self-performmanufacturing facilities for the high improves our safety performance each initiatives on projects in Chile and Peru,tech, food and beverage, biotechnology year. Currently, Fluor’s safety goals for and we anticipate a rapid increase inand industrial manufacturing sectors. In self-perform and subcontract are as business there. MM also has severalour MM business line, we specialize in follows: 0.40 recordables, 0.14 DART-R self-perform prospects in the Unitedprojects concerning construction of gold, and 0.00 DART-L. The II group is States. This increased self-perform workcopper, iron ore, nickel and diamond currently meeting or exceeding these in II will allow for greater opportunitiesmining facilities. goals with a recordable rate of 0.25, a for our craft and staff. 0.06 DART-R and a 0.04 DART-L.Geography is another important Once again, II is honored to becomponent of II’s diversity. We The future for the group will include featured in this edition of The Constructorhave major projects being built on larger, more complex projects in newsletter. We hope you enjoy readingsix continents. Reference the “Where more geographically diverse places, about a variety of our projects, peoplein the World is II” project map as well as an increase in self-perform and successes. on pages 16 – 17 for an illustration construction work within MLSof our worldwide presence. and MM. Presently, most of our Infrastructure projects are executedFluor offices, located globally, design each with a high level of self-performof our projects with precision, experience, content; this trend will continue.4 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  5. 5. Project HighlightCapital Beltway (I-495) Express Lanes Project | By Jeff Wagner, public information manager Fluor – Lane LLC ÆÆ provide faster, more direct Will options for high-occupancy vehicles and toll-paying customers ÆÆ offer a more reliable trip for all Will users through dynamic pricing to ensure the lanes maintain highway speeds at all times of day – even during rush hourThe I-495 / I-66 interchange is one of the most heavily traveled along the 14-mileconstruction alignment.“Unacceptable!” That was the message was the concept of High Occupancy Tollsent loud and clear to northern Virginia Lanes (HOT Lanes) … HOV lanes thattransportation officials. Despite traffic are also tolled for those willing to pay acongestion viewed among the worst in variable toll for a faster commute.”the nation, residents living along a 14- Today, Fluor and design / buildmile stretch off the I-495 Capital Beltway The I-495 HOT Lane Project work zone stretches partner Lane Construction are quicklyin Fairfax, Virginia strongly disliked the for more than 28 miles. moving forward on the final phase ofstate’s proposal to expand the highway at this massive $1.4 billion constructiona cost of $4 billion and 350 homes. project and expect to have the new I-495 Express LaneProject development leads from Fluor Express Lanes open as planned. Getting Project HighlightsInfrastructure were watching this closely from project development to groundand anticipated the ensuing backlash. breaking and through construction The project is delivering the mostThey had a different plan, a totally has been a herculean effort by many significant improvements to the Capitalunique approach that proved to be a on both the public and private sides. Beltway in a generation. It’s also a projectgame changer. Working within the As we prepare for the opening of the that reached financial close in 2007, rightframework of Virginia’s Public Private new Express Lanes, many across the as the lending markets were collapsing.Partnership (PPP) Transportation Act, country will be closely watching and Fluor and Transurban, working closelyFluor introduced a plan that expanded gauging whether this will be a solution with Fluor’s Government Relations office,capacity on the highway, reduced the for their transportation needs. were able to acquire loans for over $1.1home impacts to eight and nearly cut billion. This was done through Privatethe project cost in half. Transportation What Are Express (HOT) Lanes? Activity Bonds (PABs) and Transportationinfrastructure supporters from Infrastructure Finance and Innovation ÆÆ new lanes in each direction Two Act (TIFIA) loans, along with providinglocal chambers of commerce to the on the Virginia side of the CapitalTransportation Secretary and Governor nearly $350 million in equity investment. Beltway – from the Springfieldwere energized by the proposal. Fluor Interchange to just north of the Continued on page 6Infrastructure Sr. Vice President Herb Dulles Toll Road (approximatelyMorgan explained, “What we offered 14 miles) Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 5
  6. 6. Project HighlightCapital Beltway (I-495) Express Lanes Project (Continued)For their part, Virginia Department of Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine Demolition of paving and drainage ÆÆTransportation (VDOT), drivers and was so impressed by what they saw, that Maintenance of traffic ÆÆbeltway neighbors receive: they featured the Express Lane project in their July 2010 issue. Last April, the Surveying ÆÆ Replacement of more than $260ÆÆ project was also featured during the Erosion and sediment control ÆÆ million worth of aging infrastructure, Fluor Centennial celebration, and Fluor’s including 59 bridges and overpasses Taking down and rebuilding every bridge Corporate Marketing team recently Replacement of existing sound walls,ÆÆ produced a fast-paced project overview across this section of the Capital Beltway, in addition to construction of new video that is currently available on adding new ramps and four new lanes is sound walls to nearly triple existing physically impressive, especially in light of noise protection the accelerated construction timeframe. Construction Metrics However, the technical challenge is no Expansion of region’s HOV serviceÆÆ less impressive. In order to avoid slowing through new connections from I-495 1,200 construction employees and ÆÆ down traffic there will be no toll booths to existing HOV lanes on I-95 / 395, subcontractors at peak on the Express Lanes. All drivers, even I-66 and Dulles Toll Road Over 224 pieces of heavy equipment ÆÆ HOV users, will be required to use an Upgrades to 12 key interchanges andÆÆ Over 25,000 tons of bridge steel ÆÆ EZ® pass to access the system. As traffic new access points at Merrifield and slows down, toll prices will increase to Tysons Corner, which are two major 73,513 cubic yards of concrete ÆÆ discourage some drivers. Fluor’s System business and retail destinations ÆÆ million tons of asphalt 1.3 Manager Jeff Taylor is responsible for managing this highly complex systemToday, the Capital Beltway Project is 890,000 square feet of retaining walls ÆÆ which includes nine different tollingover 96 percent complete and quickly 80,000 linear feet of sound walls ÆÆ locations, spread out across 14 miles.moving toward starting revenue “The system is truly unique in theservice in December 2012. Punch list Over 102,000 linear feet of utilities ÆÆ amount of data that’s captured, analyzedwork continues at most of the major (Including water, sanitary sewer, and acted upon in real time,” said Taylor.interchanges while on the mainline, electric and telecommunications.) “The video and traffic monitoringworkers finished building the dedicated ÆÆ sign structures installed 204 equipment that is linked back to theExpress Lane ramps. Each night brings Express Operations Center in Alexandria,multiple lane closures for sign placement ÆÆ million cubic yards of excavation 5.1 Virginia can process 6,000 vehicles perand asphalt paving on both the new ÆÆ million cubic yards of 3.9 hour and the system can update tolland existing general purpose lanes. embankment prices as frequently as every 6 minutes.”“Our safety focus has got to be betterthan ever,” says Mitch Lester, Fluor- 923,843 of aggregate base material ÆÆLane project director. “Most of our placedconcrete safety barrier has been removed While Fluor has the skill and experienceto facilitate remaining construction needed to manage large, complexactivities. We also know from experience projects, the Joint Venture (JV) betweenthat even sturdy physical barriers don’t Fluor and Lane brought on quality peoplestop a distracted driver who’s driving too and the ability to self-perform significantfast in a work zone. Thus, we have re- aspects of construction, as well. Overdoubled our employee awareness efforts.” half of the 59 bridges and overpassesThe Fluor-Lane team has over 8 million were built by Fluor-Lane hours and successfully reached 5 In all, the JV performed $54 million inmillion consecutive safe work hours in construction and over 3.3 million hoursAugust 2012. to date.Like most challenging Fluor projects, it’s Fluor-Lane Project Director, Mitch Lester (right)hard to fully appreciate the project unless Key work scope includes shows David Marventano (center) and Timyou see for yourself the work zone that Project supervision ÆÆ Rutten, from Fluor’s Government Relations office, the latest work near the Dulles Toll Roadstretches for more than 28 miles. In fact, Bridge construction ÆÆ and I-495 Interchange in Tysons Corner, Virginia.6 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  7. 7. Tysons Corner is a hub for major construction in northern Virginia.This portion of the project, worth Notably, the Fluor-Lane staff has$56 million, includes accomplished the followingÆÆ toll locations 9 Managed 1,045 vendors and ÆÆ subcontractorsÆÆ toll gantries 36 Processed $1.1 billion in vendor and ÆÆÆÆ tech shelters 10 subcontractor invoicesÆÆ pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras 54 Processed 400 – 500 paychecks, per ÆÆÆÆ automatic incident detection 36 week, to hourly personnel, with 5,000 (AID) cameras – 7,000 line entries Introducing part of the Fluor-Lane teamÆÆ dynamic message signs 67 Prepared 3,626 submittal packages ÆÆ which supports this $1.4 billion design / build contract in the shadow of the United StatesÆÆ microwave vehicle detectors 98 Assembled 200 design packages ÆÆ Capitol (from left): Contracts Administrator Dana Pierce; Schedule Engineer Ray Scriber;ÆÆ miles of cable 45 Developed 14,670 individual plan ÆÆ Payroll Supervisor Jamie Broadbent; DocumentÆÆ backup power generators 9 sheets Control Manager Arletta Garvin-Jones; Senior Project Payables Analyst Joyce Evans; FinanceBehind every large construction team Managed 36,613 pieces of ÆÆ Manager Vance Daniels; and Field Engineerthere’s an equally hardworking group correspondence (incoming/outgoing, Dongee Lee.supporting the technical and contractual letters and transmittals)requirements of the job. The Fluor-Lane As we enter our next hundred years, “The I-495 Express Lanes Project hasproject team is no exception. Like most projects like the I-495 Express Lanes are been challenging for us, as well as forproject offices, key people take on more certain to be a cornerstone for future our customer. Being a PPP as well as aresponsibilities near the end of a job. growth and opportunity within Fluor.  design / build project really was outside“The administrative machine behind the comfort zone for many VDOTFluor-Lane is one of the best I’ve ever project staff,” said Lester. “But ourseen assembled,” said Lester. “Everyone performance has won their trust. Andsteps up, everyone helps out.” while we don’t always agree on everything out in the field, our team works together to resolve issues to keep the job moving.” EZ pass is a registered trademark of the Interagency Group. Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 7
  8. 8. Project HighlightCaserones | By Lucie Stofanik, MM marketing coordinator and Diane Hedges, training coordinatorIn April of 2010, Fluor was awardeda contract by Minera LuminaCopper Chile to deliver Engineering,Procurement and ConstructionManagement (EPCM) services to theCaserones Copper Mine Project inNorthern Chile. The project is located162 kilometers southeast of Copiapo,and 15 kilometers from the Argentinaborder. It is positioned high in theAndes Mountains at altitudes that reachupwards of 4,200 meters above sea level.The Caserones project is an open pitmine with a dual processing route toproduce both copper in concentrates andcathodes. Fluor is to perform EPCMservices for the facilities and utilities, The main transformer area at well as mine-related infrastructure.Execution of engineering for the project highest safety standards possible. This them to conquer daily challenges andis done by Fluor’s Santiago, Chile office passion for safety is reflected in the continually adapt to their harsh workwith support from other global locations. notable safety achievement of reaching environment. The site also fully embracesCurrently, detailed engineering and 5.2 million man hours without a lost time the Fluor belief that HSE is a coreconstruction of the camp and access roads injury (LTI) in June 2012. value. There are three tenants of safetyare mostly complete. The groundwork for that the Caserones Project hold dear: According to Rodolfo Montenegro,each of the main facilities has begun and people, knowledge and leadership skills. Fluor HSE Manager for the Caseronesthe company expects to reach commercial Project, “The ‘Passion to Build’ exists Fluor VP and Caserones Project Directorproduction of refined copper by dump throughout our organization and has a Keith Armstrong stated, “In order toleaching and solvent extraction and different dimension on a very demanding succeed, we must protect our mostelectrowinning (SX/EW) processing in project. By demanding, I mean in terms valuable resource: our people.”early 2013 as planned. Also included is of work capability and leadership. Doinga concentrator that will produce copper “It is high quality people who keep things the right way and committingand molybdenum concentrates, which is focused on HSE culture. This, in turn, to our goals is a great challenge. Thescheduled to start up in September 2013. makes knowledge and effective leadership commitment to safety is a core constant possible. Our success hinges on theirWith a completion date in third shared by the team. I feel proud of the knowledge and leadership to drivequarter 2013, the project will employ safety achievement reached in June 2012 everything we do safely. Success on theapproximately 5,000 local and regional of 5.2 million work hours without an Caserones Project is defined not just byworkers at peak construction. When LTI, especially considering the unique positive cost and profit margin, meetingit reaches completion, the Caserones challenges that this project faces. For schedules and timelines, but by the factmine project is expected to produce an example, extreme weather and geography that everyone goes home to their familiesannual average of 30,000 tons of copper are factors that force us to be flexible and in the same safe condition in which theycathode, 110,000-150,000 tons of fine adaptable in order to persevere and reach came to work. More than just gettingcopper in concentrates and 3,000 tons of our goals.” the job done but getting the job donemolybdenum in concentrate. Currently, Executing a project like Caserones at safely, is what matters most. That is a truethe project life is planned at 28 years. high altitude in extreme conditions can measure of success,” states Armstrong. The project team at Caserones places be a very challenging task. The Caseronesa large importance on safety and project team’s clear demonstration ofcontinually works toward meeting the an “Excel to Win” philosophy allows8 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  9. 9. Project HighlightPascua Lama | By Lucie Stofanik, MM marketing coordinator, Diane Hedges, training coordinator, and Mike Rogers, project director One of the world’s largestundeveloped gold projectsis Barrick Gold’s $7.5 – $8.0 billionPascua Lama Project. It is a unique andcomplex mine development projectlocated in the southern reaches of theAndes Mountains at an altitude of 3,800to 5,200 meters and subject to extremeweather conditions. The mineral depositspans the border between Chile andArgentina, making Pascua Lama thefirst bi-national mining project in theworld. The project is an open pit gold/ silver mine with 360 million tons ofmineable ore. As of 2011, Pascua Lamahas proven and probable reserves of 17.9million ounces of gold. Contained withinthose gold reserves is 676 million ounces Overview of Lama site looking east from mine tunnel conveyor area.of silver. The plant will produce goldat approximately 800,000 – 850,000 and consists of primary crushing, Argentina. A 4-kilometer long conveyor,ounces of gold per year within the first conveying, coarse-ore stockpile, grinding 800 meters of which is undergroundfull five years of operation, together with plant and wet plant. Currently, basic in a tunnel, will transport the crushed35 million ounces of silver per year. engineering (phase 1) and detailed ore from Chile across the border to engineering (phase 2) have been Argentina. Once there, it will beAs stated previously, facilities are completed, and construction (phase 3) is temporarily stored in a coarse-orelocated in two countries. The Pascua expected to be complete in mid 2014. stockpile and later fed to the grindingportion of the project is located in circuit. Using conventional Merrill-CroweChile and contains the crusher, mine, By the end of the Third quarter in processes, the precious metals will bemine infrastructure, mine support 2012, earthworks construction was leached from the ore. The final productfacilities and water management approximately 97 percent complete will be 190 kilogram doré bars of blendedinstallations. The Lama portion of the in Chile and 73 percent complete gold and silver that will be shipped toproject, which is located in Argentina, in Argentina. In addition, about 35 other Barrick facilities for separation andand just 10 kilometers from Barrick’s percent of the concrete has been poured final production of gold and silver.existing Veladero mine, contains the at processing facilities in Argentinaprocess plant, process infrastructure, and approximately 28 percent of the Construction on the Lama side isprocess support facilities, process water structural steel has been erected to date. being executed both onsite and offsitereclaim, drainage water management (preassemblies and modularization) Due to the steep mine site topographyand tailings impoundment. About using a combination of direct managed in Chile, ore processing will occur in75 percent of Pascua Lama’s ore construction led by Techint andbody is located in Chile, and 25 construction management services ledpercent is located in Argentina. by Fluor. Management and functional support is provided by the FluorThe Lama portion of the project is Santiago and Techint Buenos Airesbeing executed by a 50/50 joint venture offices. Construction on the Pascuabetween Fluor and Techint©, which side has been managed directly byis the largest construction contractor Barrick but is now in the process ofin Argentina. Fluor-Techint’s scope transition to Fluor management. of services includes engineeringdesign, procurement, construction Section one roof erection of the coarse-oarand construction management. stockpile building. When complete, this structurePrecommissioning is also included, could fit three commercial airplanes inside, nose Techint is a registered service mark of to tail. Techint Group. Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 9
  10. 10. HSEHSE Annual Hard Hat Sticker Poster ContestCorporate HSE is now acceptingentries to design Fluor’s 2013 HSEhard hat sticker.If your concept is selected, you willreceive a cash prize of $500 andcompany-wide recognition, plus the prideof knowing your design is worn on thehard hats of dedicated employees aroundthe world!Don’t worry if you’re not the artistic type.We are looking for concept and HSE Winning design of the 2011 HSE Hard Hat Winning design of the 2011 HSE Poster Contest, sticker contest, created by John Beam. created by Divyang Mathur and submitted byphilosophy. The winning entry will be Sankalp Mathur.sent through Fluor’s Marketing Servicesfor a professional look.The contest is open to all Fluor employees this contest is always to raise awareness of Limit one entry per child (multiple ÆÆworldwide. Each entry should be in HSE issues in the environments in which children per family may enter).English or include an English translation we live, work and play. ÆÆ entries become the property Alland contain the proposed HSE slogan. The contest is open to children and of Fluor HSE; no entries will bePlease note the following criteria: young relatives of all Fluor employees returned. worldwide. Limit entries to one per employee.ÆÆ Entries must be submitted on ÆÆ The grand prize winner will receive $300 8.5”x11” or A4 paper. Entries may be submitted by eitherÆÆ and company recognition. Eleven other hard copy or electronic copy. Entries may be completed in any ÆÆ entries will be selected for “honorable medium (crayons, pencil, pen, paint, Design should reflect an integratedÆÆ mentions,” and each will receive $100 charcoal, chalk, magic markers, etc.). HSE theme. per runner-up entry, along with company recognition. All winning entries will Entries may be completed on any ÆÆÆÆ winning design will be used to The color background. be announced on Fluor’s Knowledge create hard hat stickers, so keep it OnLineSM in the HSE Community. Entries must be original work by ÆÆ simple. Please include with your entry: the child and hand produced. No Each entry should include theÆÆ computer art, stencils, electronic employee’s name, project / office Employee’s name ÆÆ copies, or templates will be name, mailing address, email address, Employee’s Fluor mailing address ÆÆ considered.  and telephone number. Employee’s telephone number ÆÆÆÆ entries become the property of All Fluor. Child’s name ÆÆ Send your entries by Friday, Entries must be received by Fluor’sÆÆ Child’s age as of November 9, 2012 ÆÆ November 9, 2012 to: HSE Communications by November Child’s relationship to employee ÆÆ 9, 2012. HSE Communications Rules 100 Fluor Daniel DriveÆÆ entries will not be considered. Late Mail Code C502C Entries must be in English or have ÆÆ Greenville, South Carolina 29607Get Creative, Kids English translations submitted with them.Showcase your child’s talent this year inHSE’s annual Kids’ Poster Contest! Children must be 17 years of age or ÆÆ younger as of November 9, 2012.Children of Fluor employees from aroundthe world are invited to enter the 2012 Entries should reflect an integrated ÆÆKids’ HSE Poster Contest. The goal of HSE theme for home or work. Knowledge OnLine is a service mark of Fluor Corporation.10 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  11. 11. CultureNaadam Holiday | By Kevin J. Carroll, business services manager Oyu Tolgoi Project Police Ensemble “Suld”, Local woman sings the Urtyn Mongolian Shorlog (kebabs), a performing one of Mongolia’s Duu (Long Song), which is great dish enjoyed by all at the national dances during the OT one of Mongolia’s famous OT Naadam festival. Naadam opening ceremony. traditional songs. The art of contortionism has Wrestlers grappling each other Local Gobi residents joining been a tradition in Mongolia for a winning position at the the archery competition. for several hundred years. OT Naadam Festival. The word “Naadam,” translated into competition where individuals and English means “games.” Originating groups have 10 minutes to show the in ancient times, this Mongolian judges and audience their talent. In festival is a celebration where tribes case of a dead heat between judges, the and communities compete in three audience rules! traditional games of wrestling, horse The OT Naadam festival, with its racing and archery. Held during the engaging competitions, creates a very midsummer period each year, it now festive atmosphere onsite. More than just commemorates Mongolia’s independence fun to watch, participation is open to which occurred in 1921. Since the all. Champions of each competition are restart of the Oyu Tolgoi (OT) Project honored at an awards ceremony where on April 1, 2010, Fluor employees and winning teams and players are presented subcontractors have actively participated with gold, bronze and copper medals, in three OT Naadam Festivals. along with a special monetary prize In addition to the traditional games funded by Rio Tinto. At this year’s OT featured during the three official days Naadam games, Fluor employees had of Naadam, there are also organized wins in tennis, soccer and chess. competitions onsite between companies Fluor Project Engineer Munkhbold and organizations in the months leading “Mike” Damdinjav was the chairman of up to the festival. These games include the committee who organized the 2012 men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, OT Naadam festival. This year’s festival chess, checkers, billiards, court and table was a great success with a final grand tennis, volleyball, and anklebone. party at the Big Ger on Saturday, JulyPMC and concentrator team lead the Each year, there is also a widely 14th. Everyone enjoyed parades, games,Naadam Parade. anticipated “OT’s Got Talent” discos and a barbecue meal.  Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 11
  12. 12. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENTVirtual Mentoring Circles | By Simone Lewis, Virtual Mentoring Circles program managerConstruction Engineer Zach Walker, Virtual Mentoring Circles mentor Freddie Valdez, and Virtual MentoringCircles Program Manager Simone Lewis use Movi technology to create a virtual meeting room.Construction Operations Expanding upon the successful Mentoring ÆÆ heightened awareness of the Asuccessfully launched its Virtual Circles Program, the goal of Construction company.Mentoring Circles pilot on June 8th Operations is to systematically implement Varied perspectives through both peer ÆÆwith the Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade, the program onto an increasing number of and senior leadership mentoring.Vale Long Harbour and Kearl Initial project sites.Development projects. Twenty employees ÆÆ expanded network of colleagues. An In the Virtual Mentoring Circles pilot, 10participated with mentors Mark Brown, Later this year, the program will be rolled mentees meet with a senior-level mentorEC Regional Director and Freddie out more broadly through construction on a periodic basis to discuss a variety ofValdez, senior director turnover and regional management. Fluor is very work-related topics. Since participants arecommissioning. excited about Construction’s leadership in site-based employees, the meetings takeFirst implemented by Fluor in 2003, place virtually using MoviTM technology greatly expanding the virtual componentMentoring Circles are designed to provide (multi-point video conferencing) to and processes associated with theemployees with broader exposure to connect all participants. Mentoring Circles Program.leadership in a team-based setting that “To better develop and retain our future Upon completion of the program,allows for informal dialogue, mentoring construction leaders, it’s imperative that participants will gain:and learning across the table. we fully engage our field employees,” said Frank Erichson, Vice President of EC Construction and Construction Operations. “The Virtual Mentoring Circles Program is a step in the right direction.”  For more information on Construction’s Virtual Mentoring Circles Program, contact Program Manager Simone Lewis at 281.295.6643 or Regional Director and Virtual Mentoring Circles mentor Mark Brown utilizes Movi technologyto connect with his mentoring circle. Participants include: Tyler Brown, Clinton Berhel, Mo Elbeitam, Movi is a registered trademark of CiscoScott Crawford, Lane Berger and Greg Hall. Systems, Inc.12 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  13. 13. CTS Tech Talk What’s Happening with Mobile Solutions | By Tony Roache, construction automation dept. mgr. and Sean Bevan, mobile applications product mgr. Since our last communication are light weight, ruggedized, viewable in on the formation of a Mobile Solutions sunlight and intrinsically safe. These new group, much has happened. Sean Android devices come at a quarter of the Bevan, Mobile Solutions group lead, has cost when compared to tablets we have identified both software and hardware deployed in the past. Lenovo®, Getac® and solutions that can support mobile process Samsung® are just a few of the vendors. workflow in the Fluor environment. What’s more, Mobile Solutions will A recently discovered application, further expand their service capabilities Field2Base®, is currently in review as a through wearable devices. A wearable mobile forms solution that provides a camera and / or earpiece allows workers common application for construction onsite to record video and pictures which quality, turnover and HSE work can be archived and used for embedding processes in the field. The Field2Base in presentations or ‘over-the-shoulder solution allows for the electronic review training.’ Another use for wearable of tag information and input of current devices is the opportunity to transmit live tag status at the point of activity into feed to remote Subject Matter Experts both NEWSSM and MCPlusSM. Using (SMEs), who can then give input based Field2Base, mobile construction workers on live video of the activity attempted.  will be able to enter weld fabrications, fill out quality inspection sheets, perform For more information about Mobile Solutions, quality audits, enter punch items and contact Sean Bevan at document safety issues using the same application. Mobile workers will no longer have to worry about logging into different systems or managing paper forms. Once a form is filled out by the mobile worker, Field2Base will take that form and route it to its corresponding application. Field2Base replaces paper- based forms currently used in the field and instead makes them digitally available on a mobile tablet device. Business Process Modeling (BPM), or workflow, is another area being addressed as part of Mobile Solutions. Many field work processes require a specific activity to be performed as a result of tag statuses. Mobile Solutions is working to have these workflows be modeled and supported by mobile applications. One such product is called Metastorm® and is currently underMCPlus and NEWS are service marks of FluorCorporation. review for use as a tool to support theseAndroid is a service mark of Google, Inc. BPM efforts.Getac is a registered service mark of Getac. There are multiple hardware solutions Construction Engineer Samuel Chhoun is displaying a Lenovo ThinkPad. Currently,Field2Base is a registered service mark of that are also being reviewed for possible Samuel is working on a mobile applicationField2Base, Inc. deployment. Many vendors are moving that will develop electronic forms to replaceMetastorm is a registered service mark of Open into the market with AndroidTM-based, paper-based forms. Historical data and researchText Corporation. enterprise-class hardware platforms that shows this solution will achieve an extremelyLenovo is a registered trademark of Lenovo. high return on investment (ROI).Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung. Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 13
  14. 14. Project SnapshotOyu Tolgoi Project – MongoliaRegrind cyclones and pumps in the regrind area.Photo taken by Howard Parsons, piping general superintendent.14 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  15. 15. News AnnouncementsConstruction Week 2012Farnborough employees have fun Employees in Calgary took part The Haarlem office stationed two The Pascua Lama site celebrateddemonstrating proper PPE. in a build competition known as mannequins in their reception with a special Construction “The Marshmallow Challenge.” area to display proper Fluor PPE. Week cake.Fluor’s first-ever Construction numerous events throughout the week as a special appearance by the TexansWeek occurred SEPT. 10 - 14. including a logo /slogan competition, cheerleaders and Toro, the teamThe week provided an opportunity for vendor demonstrations and a mascot. More than 1,000 employeesemployees in both home office and construction quiz. attended the event.field locations to learn more about Calgary conducted a build ÆÆ ÆÆ Haarlem team had numerous Theconstruction and its importance to competition known as “The lunch learns and vendorFluor’s long-term growth strategies. Marshmallow Challenge.” demonstrations scheduled throughoutIn celebration of the week, offices Participating teams of four were the week, including presentationsand sites around the world scheduled given 18 minutes to build the from 3M regarding safety and properdemonstrations, lunch learns, vendor tallest freestanding tower out of personal protective equipment (PPE).fairs, raffles and various other activities. twenty sticks of spaghetti, 1 meterSeveral project sites participated in ÆÆ Southern California team had the The of tape and 1 meter of string. Thea Construction Week Banner Photo challenge of covering three different final requirement was for a largeContest, as well. The week kicked offices: Aliso Viejo, Irvine and Long marshmallow to be supported on theoff with a corporate-wide special Beach. With some creative scheduling top of the message from David Seaton on and no lack of enthusiasm, the smallNewsOnline. Throughout the week, Construction Zone event in ÆÆ team was able to provide constructiondaily themed articles and a construction- Greenville featuring product activities at each of the three locations.focused message from each of the five demonstrations from AMECO and ÆÆ Dhabi provided special Abubusiness groups were also published. key construction vendors. Construction Week T-shirts toEach office or project site team Manila organized a site visit for ÆÆ employees to commemoratedeveloped their own plan for celebrating employees to AGP, Fluor’s the event. Construction Week. A few of the recently announced JV partner forhighlights from the week’s global activities integrated design, modularization andare listed below: fabrication solutions. Construction Week 2012ÆÆ BASF India Limited site held The ÆÆ Delhi developed and performed New Participation by the Numbers: seven knowledge sharing sessions on a special Construction Week skit ÆÆ Offices 29 site engaging close to 200 employees. driving home the message of multi- disciplinary teams working to support ÆÆ Project sites 17ÆÆ Pascua Lama project sites on The Client construction needs. Close to 20,000 employees, ÆÆ the border of Argentina and Chile Collaboration with the Houston ÆÆ representing all major regions celebrated with a special Construction Week cake and a trivia quiz for Fluor Employees Club to hold a employees. Construction Tailgate event on Thursday, Sept. 13. Free food For more info about Construction Week emailÆÆ enthusiastic team on the The Lindsey Mikeska ( or drinks provided to employees, as well Sadara Project in Saudi Arabia held Ashley Preslar ( Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 15
  16. 16. Where in the world is II?Key II Projects J A F D K D I G H J I E C AE B H G D F J M B R Infrastructure Projects Manufacturing Life Sciences Projects H Mining Metals Projects A P C L G T Q A I-495 Express Lanes M Abu Dhabi DOT B 95 Express Lanes N King Abdulaziz University (KAU) C Denver Eagle P3 O Theme Park D Greater Gabbard Wind Farm A Project Hawk E I-15 Provo River Constructors B Bulk Manufacturing Facility F NRTS: UK C Corning G Oregon Bridge D Showa Denko Carbon Inc. H Prairie Link Constructors E MedImmune I San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge F Grifols-NFF Project J Windsor Essex Parkway G Alabama Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Facility K Sowwah Square H Utah Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Facility L Al Falah I Major Microelectronics Manufacturer16 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  17. 17. K B C O O K L M N N SI E F J Joule K Eagle Nickel Project K Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant L El Abra A Mining Ore Processing Expansion M Pueblo Viejo Barrick Mining B Oyu Tolgoi N Fluor Rail Services C Sierra Gorda O Ma’aden Aluminum D Vale Project P Quellaveco Copper Project E Iron Ore Project Q Los Bronces Leach F Cadia East Newcrest Mining R Simandou Iron Ore G Caserones Mining Lumina Copper S Morupule Coal Expansion Debswana H Conga Newmont Mining T Barrick Gold Pascua Lama I Jwaneng Cut 8 Debswana Diamond Company J Mt. Milligan Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 17
  18. 18. Hard Hat SaluteThird Fourth Quarter Service Anniversaries THIRD QUARTER 5 Years: Colin Bignell J. Steven Yates 33 James Morgan Malcolm Skelton Delinda Sims Marcel V.D. Bergh 33 Mark A. Olson Marc Toutenel Howard Hughes Mary McCuen 33 Richard Price Marcelo Thurn-Valsassina Julio E. Morales 25 Years: 33 Robert Flores Emmanuel Hipona Dela Cruz Marty Jeffrey Allan Melonson 34 Cecil McCullough Hesham A. Mahmoud Abo Ali M. Bagul Jarvis Simac 34 John Talkington El Enain Sam Chirackarottu Mark Locascio 34 Wayne Taylor Khaled Attia Abdel Kawy Ali 15 Years: Michael Goforth 35 James Wiggins Romeo Principe Dela Paz Arletta Garvin-Jones Wesley Zimmerman 35 Jimmy Adams Myral Green Bobby Pepau 30 Years: 35 John Prince Robert Breeckner, Jr. Gregory Kelm James Rockafellow 36 Eugene Armstrong Romulo J.R. Miguel James Aiken Kenneth Taylor 36 George Rollins Scott McCart Matthew Howard Norman W. Prince 36 Hugh Hays Tim Nicol Perry Kopp Whitten Meares 37 Charles Bower Timothy Barcelo Richard Mueller Over 30 Years: 37 Timothy Wilson Tina Snellen Stephen Gutierrez 31 Carroll Scott 38 Francis Powell Veringa Franciscus Wilhelmus Truong Pham 31 Cecil Harrison 38 John Carlson Visagie Jacobus Wilson Freeman 31 John Houselog 38 Jose Cueva William Stanton Robert Gould 31 John Steed 38 Kit Owens James Thompson 20 Years: 31 Manuel Fernandes 38 Michael Connors Robin Moss Donald Hanford 31 Michael Rogers 39 Johnny Hanvey 10 Years: Dongee Lee 32 Christopher Smith 45 Jim Richardson Andrew Nichols Dwayne Phillips 32 James Edwards 48 Joe Counts Anthony Moure Encarnacion Silva 32 James Robson18 | The Constructor | Volume 5 Number 1 | Fourth Quarter 2012
  19. 19. FOURTH QUARTER5 years: Rosauro Navarro Hope Falcon 32 Kenneth SmithBenjamin Hall Thomas Law Michael Burgess 32 Dale KersleyGlynn Rolan 10 Years: Samuel Bradley 33 Christopher FittsJun Lincallo Jesse Silva 25 Years: 33 David BooneArthur Valdez, Jr. Arthur Austin Andy Austin 33 Ivan WatsonBilly Huckabee Hipolito Tovar Anthony Tartoria 33 James Holland, Jr.Chris Ashby Jerad Alexander Bobby McCown 34 Darrell HoustonGloria Wajner 15 Years: George Boudin 34 Mickey RollingsJennifer Hollins David Summers Michael Barrow 34 Thomas NemzekTed Siravo James Curtis G. Stofega 34 Edmond TamasCharles McClintock Bruce Schweitzer Gerald McCary 35 John Wright, Jr.Cynthia Payne Dwight Fairchild John Golem 36 Richard NoyceDane Jenkins Lawrence McVeigh Billy Evers 36 Harold CappsDeon Breytenbach Scott Hounsell Robert Crutchfield 36 Gary LothamerDerrick Hudgens Glenn Dubois 30 Years: 37 Tommy MattosDonald Robinson Luis Cantu Eddie Brinkman 37 Harry MeltonGiacoumi Milona 20 Years: Larry Thieneman 38 Gary Strickland, Sr.Arnaldo Aguila De Chavez Charles Brazel Mary Boffa 38 Myron CoxKersigen Naidoo Daniel Gonzalez Perley Eppley 39 Kenneth KovellNestor Gonzalez Michael Reed Over 30 Years: 41 Victor AponteOlivier Johannes Ronald Ronald Weatherred 31 Cynthia Webster 42 James Tew, Jr.Rande Peterson Vinson Lawrence 31 Dongcheon KimRener Mauhay William Zebick 32 David AndersonRobert Dietrich Bill Werenka 32 Joseph TreichelThe service anniversaries listed above represent Fluor employees currently residing in Construction. Due to the large number of employees in Construction,the list was narrowed further by using five-year increments and by listing any major milestones over 30 years. If you meet both these criteria, but your name isnot listed, we recommend contacting your local HR representative for more information. Industrial Infrastructure Issue | The Constructor | 19
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