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We Water Care Technology are one among the top notch importers and distributors of an array of water care equipment.
Our product range includes :-
Swimming Pool Filters,
Swimming Pool Pumps ,
Swimming Pool Sand Filters Top And Side Mounted ,
Swimming Pool Cleaning Kits ,
Swimming Pool Building Material ,
Swimming Pool Accessories ,
Swimming Pool Chemicals ,
Pipe less Swimming Pool Filtration Technology ,
Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance Services,
Swimming Pool Floating Accessories,

Life Saving Equipments,

Water Filter Systems,
Iron Removal Filters ,
R O System ,
Hardness Removal System ,
Antiscalant Sytem and Chemicals ,
Water Soluble gasses removal System’s
Arsenic Removal Filters ,
Other all types of Water Treatment Systems ,

Current Systems,
Underwater Lights,
Life Saving Equipment,
Steam Bath Equipment,
Sauna and Jacuzzi Equipment,
Water Treatment Equipment, etc.

Every single product that we import and distribute is noted for its supreme quality, durability, and long service life. Our products are also high on performance and efficiency. This is the result of our liaison with market leading vendors.
We have a well coordinated team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who work round the clock to serve our clients in the best possible manner. Our clients have often remarked positively on our ethical and transparent business policies and dealings. Further, we have a functional warehousing and transit system in order to facilitate timely distribution of our products. We have established a wide distribution network with the help of reliable C&F agents.
With the constant support of our well coordinated team, we are able to work round the clock to serve our clients in the best possible manner. In this manner, together, we have taken the company further up ahead on the success ladder and now an enviable position in the market.

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water care technology

  1. 1. R P Singh (Consultant) +91-9098913394 Indore , MPwww.watercaretechnology.co.in , sales@watercaretechnology.co.in
  2. 2.  Steam Rooms  Steam Generators  Chill & Hot Water BathSpa And Jacuzzi  Jacuzzi  Aromatic Oils  Massage Oils  Sauna Rooms  Shower Panels
  3. 3.  Fountains  Musical FountainsWater Bodies &  Water Falls Fountains  Water Bodies  Fountain Nozzles
  4. 4. Swimming Pool Contractor Water Care Technology provides services regarding the Swimming Pool Construction . Its is very necessary to take guidance from Swimming Pool Excerpts while constructing a Swimming Pool .1) Full Contract to construct a Pool2) Electro Mechanical work with proper consultancy3) Piping & fitting consultancy4) Installation Consultancy
  5. 5. Swimming Pool piping and fitting , this is a very important part ofa swimming pool construction , as it have to be fix inside theconcrete and once it had done , impossible to correct this , theonly way is to demolish the concrete .So there are some Important points that should be taken underconsideration while doing the piping in the swimming pool .Always take guidance from the swimming pool expert for thepiping of the swimming pool .
  6. 6.  Swimming Pool Wall Returns /Nozzles / Inlets Swimming Pool Main Drain Swimming Pool Suction Nozzles Swimming Pool Wall Conduit Swimming Pool Junction Box Swimming Pool Pressure Pipes
  7. 7.  Swimming Pool Filters Swimming Pool Motors Swimming Pool Grating Swimming Pool Skimmer
  8. 8.  Swimming Pool Ladders Swimming Pool Lights Swimming Pool Covers Swimming Pool Heaters Swimming Pool Heat Pump Swimming Pool Ozonator Swimming Pool UV Swimming Pool Chlorinator Swimming Pool Chemical Dispenser Swimming Pool Chillers
  9. 9.  Swimming Pool Acid Wash Swimming Pool Grouting Swimming Pool Tile Repairing Swimming Pool Filters Overhauling Swimming Pool Filter Media Change Swimming Pool Motor Servicing Swimming Pool Walls Repairing Swimming Pool Chemical Treatment Swimming Pool Suction Sweeper Machine Servicing
  10. 10.  Swimming Pool Filters Installation Swimming Pool Filters Recharging Swimming Pool Filters Piping Swimming Pool Filters Pump Connection Swimming Pool Suction Point
  11. 11.  Swimming Pool construction consultancy Swimming Pool Piping fitting consultancy Swimming Pool Filtration capacity and flow rate consultancy Swimming Pool Filter selection as well as Installation consultancy Swimming Pool Chemical treatment consultancy Swimming Pool Heating system consultancy Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Swimming Pool Suction Sweeping and cleaning consultancy
  12. 12.  In every day life we are facing the problem regarding the water . We are getting the problem regarding the colored water , order / Smell in the water, this problem is appearing on the regular bases due to the gases in the water like carbon , methane , sulphar , many other gases . These gases can be removed from the water with the help of the water treatment plants . Water Care Technology have the solution for all the problem regarding the water Problems .
  13. 13.  Water Hardness is one of the biggest problem that everybody facing in these day . Symptoms of Water Hardness• Scaling in the Water distributing pipes• Skin dieses• Hair Fall• Double or Triple usage of water in daily routine activity like Bath , washing etc.• High boiling point of the water .• Salt availability in the water .
  14. 14.  Water hardness can be resolve very easily , this is a big problem but can resolved with the Softener plants . We are offering multiple type of the softener as per the usage type like home , commercial etc. Problem from hard water a not so rapid but yes it is dangers and required to be treated for the better quality water .
  15. 15.  Sand or dust particles in the water is one of the regular problem that , we are facing in our day to day life . Solution Whole house filters or sand filters contains silica sand of different grades , to clean the particles from the water . Cartridge filters are also used to filter the dust particles from the water . Whole house or cartridge filters are very useful in many water treatment plants , like Water softening plant , Chiller Plants etc .
  16. 16.  Carbon Filters Water soluble gasses are very dangers . Why Important to have Carbon Filter1)Gases are health Injurious2)Cause smell or bad odors in the water3)May cause smell dieses .4)Harmful in the medical of hospital usage .
  17. 17.  Iron Removal Filters Do you feel that , your water have some color in the water is it reddish , green , black and any other color , might be it due to Iron in the water . Most of the states in India faces this problem that contain Iron in the Water , but can be easily solved by the Iron removal filter .
  18. 18.  Arsenic contamination of groundwater is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater. It is a high-profile problem due to the use of deep tubewells for water, causing serious arsenic poisoning to large numbers of people. In addition, mining techniques such as hydraulic fracturing mobilize arsenic in groundwater and aquifers due to enhanced methane transport and resulting changes in redox conditions, and inject fluid containing additional arsenic . A 2007 study found that over 137 million people in more than 70 countries are probably affected by arsenic poisoning of drinking water. Arsenic contamination of ground water is found in many countries throughout the world, including the USA