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  • 1. WHAT IS CONTENT METHODS EXACTLY?• Block of 4 courses (Math, Science, Social Studies & Classroom Management)• Content specific practices to enhance your previous teaching courses- bringing it all together• Field Experience• Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL)• Teacher Work Sample (TWS)• Legacy Project• PLT (Project Learning (Tree) Required Field Trip all Methods students $30 – Fee for Book
  • 2. SECTION INFORMATION SECTION 1 SECTION 2Meets in New Waverly for Meets in Huntsville on campus class at the intermediate for class (T/W) campus (T/W) Field Experience in:Field Experience in the • Willis (Meador Elem.) following districts: Field Experience 4 weeks• New Waverly (PDS) (Monday-Friday)• Willis• Conroe• Anderson-ShiroField Experience on ThursdaysField Experience 3 week window – Monday thru Friday
  • 3. SECTION INFORMATION SECTION 3 SECTION 4Meets in Huntsville on campus Meets in Huntsville at Scott for class (T/W) Johnson Elementary (T/W)Field Experience in the Field Experience in: following districts: • Willis & Huntsville• Madisonville • Field Experience ThursdaysField Experience 4 weeks Field Experience 4 weeks (Monday-Friday) (Monday-Friday)
  • 4. SECTION INFORMATION SECTION 5 SECTION 6Meets in Woodlands-SHSU Meets in Huntsville at Night for class (W/TH) (M-TH; 5-8pm)Field Experience in the Field Experience in: following districts: • Willis (Cannan Elem.)• Conroe Field Experience 4 weeksField Experience 4 weeks (Monday-Friday) (Monday-Friday)
  • 5. SECTION INFORMATION SECTION 7Meets in University Park- SHSU for class night (TWTHS)Field Experience in the following districts:• KleinField Experience ThursdaysField Experience 3 weeks (Monday-Friday)
  • 6. CONTACT PERSON FOR EACH INSTRUCTOR FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS:Section 1: Tiffany Forester tds018@shsu.eduSection 2: Dr. Andrea Foster asf004@shsu.eduSection 3: Dr. Karla Eidson kwe002@shsu.eduSection 4: Cheryl Watts cmw0222@shsu.eduSection 5: Julie Marko Gault jsm015@shsu.eduSection 6: Dr. Sylvia Taube edu_srt@shsu.eduSection 7: Tiffany Forester
  • 7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VIDEO & POWER POINT VIEWINGI, _______________________ (Student Name and SAM ID #)acknowledge by signing this form that I have viewed the ContentMethods Informational Meeting video that was linked to the SHSU C&IFacebook page and the Power point that was on the SHSU C&IFacebook page. I understand the requirements for field experience andthe requirements for Content Methods. I also understand that my firstchoice of field experience may not be given, due to the number ofstudents in the program and the limited number of slots that we have ineach school district.Once I have viewed the video and the power point I will print this slide,sign the form, and take it to the C&I Student Workers to receive aninformational card to complete regarding my choices for Content MethodsSections. Once the card is completed and turned in I will receive an emailduring the registration period that confirms the CRN’s in which to registerfor Content Methods._____________________________________________________________Student Signature Date