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Pura uttranchalfinal

  1. 1. PURA: Providing Urban-amenities in Rural AreasThe Dream ProjectofR P Singh, Ph.D.Associate Director Extension
  2. 2. PURA: A Rural Development ProgramA Rural Development Program•Announced by The President of India•Aims at providing amenities similar to urban areas tothe rural people•Cluster based approach to achieve uniformdevelopment for rural area•PURA is to be implemented in 4,130 rural clustersacross the country in the next five years
  3. 3. As Estimated by “The Economic Survey 2005-06”As Estimated by “The Economic Survey 2005-06”The current year’s GDP growth rate at 8.1 percent.The current year’s GDP growth rate at 8.1 percent. ““There is a need to increase the growth rate of the GDP byadditional 2% a year for transforming India into a developednation and bring the number of people below the poverty line tobe near zero, we need to progressively implement the PURAprogramme in different parts of the country. As you are aware,the number of PURAs required to be brought out in the wholenation is around 7000. Science and technology focus isrequired for making the integrated rural developmentprogramme sustainable and remunerative to the 700 millionpeople of the country lying the rural areas.”- President Dr.Abdul J. KalamOn 5th January 2006At the ISC, Hyderabad).
  4. 4. Phase wise Action Plan ForImplementation Identification of village clusters with growthpotential Creating following types of connectivity withinthem: Physical Connectivity Electronic (IT, Telecom) Knowledge( Educational Training Institutes) Economic Connectivity
  5. 5. Physical Connectivity Fast movement for rural to fetch services Better transportation implies efficienttransaction with outside market andprocessing centers Power enables improvement in input andoutput of their livelihood
  6. 6. Electronic Connectivity Source of IT services & e-commerce formarketing their goods for rural Can help reduce a lot of time-wastage due tobureaucracy IIT Roorkee coordinating with governmentagencies to develop e-connectivity
  7. 7. Knowledge Connectivity Good education for children Trainings for farmers Agro-based Industries Improve literacy
  8. 8. www.presidentofindia.nic.inKISAN CALLCentreMeteorologyHealth CareOceanDevelopmentEntrepreneurDevelopmentTravel &TourismBanking &InsuranceDisaster WarningSystemEducationDomainServiceProviders/Datacollection/UpdationDomainServiceProviders/Datacollection/UpdationPURA NodalPURA NodalKnowledge Data CentreKnowledge Data CentreVillageKnowledgeCentresVillageKnowledgeCentresRegional/Zonal/BlockPURAClusterKnowledgeDataCentersPURA Knowledge Connectivity : For Sustainable DevelopmentPURA Knowledge Connectivity : For Sustainable Development
  9. 9. Kisan Call CentreKisan Call Centrewww.presidentofindia.nic.inMinistry of Agriculture  Kisan Call Centre (KCC) established byKisan Call Centre (KCC) established bythe Ministry of Agriculture inthe Ministry of Agriculture inpartnership with TCIL, a Governmentpartnership with TCIL, a GovernmentEnterprise under Ministry ofEnterprise under Ministry ofCommunication and InformationCommunication and InformationTechnology.Technology. Kisan Call Centre offers three levels ofKisan Call Centre offers three levels ofinteraction and support in Agriculture,interaction and support in Agriculture,fisheries and Animal Husbandryfisheries and Animal Husbandrydomainsdomains Last one year over 5 lakhs consultancy,Last one year over 5 lakhs consultancy,information, assistance and guidance toinformation, assistance and guidance tovillages of eight states.villages of eight states. Anywhere in India, people can call 1551Anywhere in India, people can call 1551as a toll free numberas a toll free number The top users of the scheme areThe top users of the scheme areMaharastra and Tamil Nadu followed byMaharastra and Tamil Nadu followed byUP and RajasthanUP and Rajasthan..
  10. 10. Kisan Call Centre – 8 States – 83 SeatsAgricultural Experts from Universities/Institutionswww.presidentofindia.nic.inLevel-1Level-2Level-3Dial 1551 – Toll Free5 Lakh CallsFrom Farmers,FishermenLast one year
  11. 11. Economic Connectivity Together with previous factors, kisaanscan get best price for their crop bybetter access to markets Enables other artisans and craftsmentoo to improve their business
  12. 12. Goals of clusters of PURA project To link mass of the population, tied to traditionalmeans of production, into modern commercial sectorof the economy; To enhance the development of traditional agricultureby lining them to broader market and technologicalopportunities; To bridge the gap between the development of themodern and the traditional sector of the economy,and To stimulate the development of entrepreneurshipbased on health and hygiene.
  13. 13. Flow Chart for Planning, Formation, Operationalizingand Maintaining the PURA CLUSTERSDetermining the criteria required for setting up PURA CLUSTERS suchas population density, extent of unemployment etcSelecting areas for formationDetermining the numbers of PURA CLUSTERSEstablish the centers: planning and organizing the activitiesIdentification, selection and training of project personnel and otherstakeholdersFormulate and implement the PURA CLUSTERS activitiesCONTD.
  14. 14. Evaluate Monitor the activities based on predetermined parametersExpectedOutcomes- GoodsNoYesContinue with theCurrent ActivitiesRedesigntheactivitiesFormulate and implement the PURA CLUSTERS activities
  15. 15. PURA in Uttaranchal Identified Cluster: Tehri Garhwal Lead Institution: G.B. Pant University ofAg. And Technology, Pantnagar Proposed Fund: 500 Lacs.
  16. 16. PURA Spearhead Team ApprovedSN Designation Position in PURA Team1. Director Extension EducationG.B. Pant Univ. of Ag. & TechnologyTeam Leader2. Dean College of Forestry and Hill Ag.,RanichauriCoordinator3. Training Organizer, KVK, Ranichauri Team Facilitator4. Chief Development Officer, TehriGarhwalMember5. Deputy General Manager, NABARD,Tehri GarhwalMember6. Secretary, Regional Rural DevelopmentSociety, Ranichauri (NGO)Member7. Secretary, Parvatiya Jan Jagriti,Sansthan, Ranichauri (NGO)Member8. Secretary, Bhoovneswahri MahilaAshram, Chandrabadani, Ranichauri(NGO)Member9. Secretary, Jagdamba Samiti, Gausali Member