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Agril marketing extension   issues & strategies
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Agril marketing extension issues & strategies


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Marketing in Agriculture is difficult so this issue must be in focus.

Marketing in Agriculture is difficult so this issue must be in focus.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 2. Throes and Woes of Indian FarmerSmall fragmented land holdingsPoor per hectare yield as compared toInternational standardsInferior quality produceMarket competitivenessPoor post-harvest managementSeasonal dependence
  • 3. Multiple products in small quantities withheavy wastagesSelling every thing whole sale and Buyingeverything in retailPoor storage facilitiesPoor bargaining powerLess marketing intelligenceExploitation by the Commission agents
  • 4. Constraints in Marketing ofAgricultural Products in India Fluctuations in agriculture Prices and Supplies Conflicting Interests of farmers, middlemen andconsumers Under utilization of Resources Inadequate Transportation, Communication andInformation network Imbalance in the spread of Internal marketingnetwork
  • 5.  Improper Distribution system Seasonality, Perishability and Enormity ofproduction Improper Storage facilities Less awareness about Processing technologies Glut in the market Crop failures Unorganized marketing sector Lack of Marketing professionals
  • 6.  Less attention on Marketing strategies in NationalAgricultural Extension system Inadequate attention of Mass media Inadequate Advertisement about agriculturalproduce Inadequate Government mechanism to controlagainst exploitation / under pricing Inadequate Packaging facilities No Demand forecast of Agricultural commodities Imbalances in Agricultural production
  • 7. Challenges ….. Motivate the Extension personnel to learn thenew knowledge and skills of marketing Make the Farmers info-rich - The marketinformation should provide answers to questionslike What and how much to produce, When toproduce, In what form to sell, At what price to sell,When to sell and Where to sell Establishment of linkages between Agricultureline departments and Department of Marketing
  • 8.  Capacity building of Extension personnel andFarmers Reorganization of Agricultural Extensionsystem Strengthening of Infrastructure facilities Minimization of Post harvest losses Agro climatic zone wise and Enterprise wisegeneration of export oriented technologies
  • 9. Changing Roles of AgriculturalExtension ProfessionalsSWOT Analysis of the marketOrganisation of Farmers GroupsSupporting and Enhancing the capacities ofestablished Farmers GroupsEnhancing the Communication skills of farmersEstablishing the linkages between FarmersGroups, Markets and Processing unitsAdvice on Product planning
  • 10. Educating the Farming communityEncourage Direct marketingAcquiring complete market informationRegular usage of Internet facilityDisseminating the market information throughNews papers, Radio and TelevisionOrganisation of Study tours for FarmersGroupsAdvise on improved marketing practices
  • 11. Paradigm shifts from TOT Extension to Marketing ExtensionAspects TOT Extension Marketing ExtensionPurposePurposeEnd ResultEnd ResultFarmers seenFarmers seenasasFocusFocusTechnologyTechnologyContact withContact withFarmersFarmersTransfer of CropTransfer of CroptechnologiestechnologiesAdoption of PracticesAdoption of PracticesHigh ProducerHigh ProducerSeed to SeedSeed to SeedFixed package ofFixed package ofpracticespracticesIndividualIndividualTo get optimumTo get optimumreturnsreturnsHigh ReturnsHigh ReturnsAn EntrepreneurAn EntrepreneurMoney to MoneyMoney to MoneyDiverse Baskets ofDiverse Baskets ofpackage of practicespackage of practicesFarmers GroupsFarmers Groups
  • 12. Aspects TOT Extension Marketing ExtensionExtensionist’sExtensionist’sInteractionInteractionLinkagesLinkagesExtensionist’sExtensionist’sRoleRoleRecordsRecordsMaintenanceMaintenanceIT SupportIT SupportMessagesMessagesTrainingTrainingMotivatingMotivatingRecommendationsRecommendationsR-E-FR-E-FTOT & FeedbackTOT & FeedbackNot much importantNot much importantProductionProductiontechnologiestechnologiesJoint analysis of theJoint analysis of theissue - Consultationissue - ConsultationR-E-F extended byR-E-F extended bymarket linkagesmarket linkagesMarket intelligenceMarket intelligenceEstablishment ofEstablishment oflinkageslinkagesVery importantVery importantMarket intelligenceMarket intelligence
  • 13. Information to Extension System andFarmersPresent Agricultural scenario and Land UsepatternSuitability of land holdings to various cropsCrops in demand in near futureMarket prices of crops in demandCredit facilitiesDesired qualities of products by consumers
  • 14. Marketing network of the local areaPrice differences in various marketsAvailability of Storage and Warehouse facilitiesTransport facilitiesRegular updating of market intelligenceImproved production technologiesPost Harvest management
  • 15. Extension Messages…..Auditing of Local resources and FacilitiesProduct knowledge and Market segmentationProduct planningAdoption of Production practicesHarvest and Field operationsPackagingVACs / Pack- housesStandardization and Quality control
  • 16. Storage and WarehousingTransportationGeneral Agricultural marketing and WholesaleMarket managementRetail managementMarket informationPost harvest loss reduction AspectsInstitutional linkages for Training and ResearchMarketing credit
  • 17. Stages in Promoting AgriculturalMarketing ExtensionAuditing of local resources and facilitiesDetermining what the market wantsUnderstanding the marketing systemDecision making and Agreeing on an action planImplementing of action planReviewing to identify the deviations
  • 18. Roles and Responsibilities of AgriculturalMarketing and ExtensionS.S.NONOActivitiesActivities Agril.Agril.MarketingMarketingAgril.Agril.ExtensionExtension11 Product PlanningProduct Planninga.a. Market AwarenessMarket Awarenessb.b. Price InformationPrice Informationc.c. Credit FacilitiesCredit Facilitiesd.d. Networking of commodityNetworking of commoditybase potential areas withbase potential areas within the country & abroadin the country & abroade.e. Regular flow ofRegular flow ofInformationInformation
  • 19. S.S.NoNoActivitiesActivities Agril.Agril.MarketingMarketingAgril.Agril.ExtensionExtension22 Production TechnologyProduction Technologya.a. R & DR & Db.b. Varietal improvementVarietal improvementc.c. Pesticides free productionPesticides free productiond.d. Organic farmingOrganic farminge.e. Use of Bio fertilizersUse of Bio fertilizersf.f. Harvesting at right timeHarvesting at right time
  • 20. S.S.NoNoActivitiesActivities Agril.Agril.MarketingMarketingAgril.Agril.ExtensionExtension33 Post harvest managementPost harvest managementa.a. ProcessingProcessingb.b. GradingGradingc.c. StandardizationStandardizationd.d. Infrastructure supportInfrastructure supporte.e. Value additionValue additionf.f. PackagingPackagingg.g. Certification of AgencyCertification of Agency
  • 21. S.S.NoNoActivitiesActivities Agril.Agril.MarketingMarketingAgril.Agril.ExtensionExtension44 Storage and TransportStorage and Transporta.a. Creating awareness/ creationCreating awareness/ creationof transport facilitiesof transport facilitiesb.b. Creation of Storage facilitiesCreation of Storage facilitiesc.c. Networking of storageNetworking of storageinformationinformationd.d. Govt support for creation ofGovt support for creation ofSHGs in the area ofSHGs in the area ofinfrastructure developmentinfrastructure developmente.e. Credit facilities to SF & MFCredit facilities to SF & MFf.f. Development of Export zoneDevelopment of Export zone
  • 22. Agricultural Marketing Extension –A Holistic Frame workComponents of Marketing Extension Approach-Market Risk Farmer FacilitationTo Prevent Market Risk To Manage MarketRisk………………………………………………………………………………………….Price RiskDemand RiskQuality /Preference Risk
  • 23. Extension Approaches…..Product Planning ApproachGroup ApproachCoordinated Approach
  • 24. Major Strategies of AgriculturalMarketing ExtensionFaithful monitoring of the Government PoliciesProviding education to farmers about basicdimensions of Agricultural marketingStrengthening of Infrastructure facilitiesOrganisation of Farmers GroupsTrain the farmers to make them aware of GATTand it’s implications
  • 25. Farmers need to be exposed to consumer needsand preferencesTrain the farmers in producing the qualityproductsEstablishment of linkages between Agricultureline departments and Dept of MarketingIntensive training to the Extension professionalson Agricultural marketingReorganization of Agricultural Extensionsystem
  • 26. Reduce post harvest lossesPromoting processingUse of Cyber technology in disseminatingmarket intelligenceAdvise on improve marketing practicesAdvise on Alternate marketing
  • 27. Indian farmers have to shift their focusfrom“Supply DriventoMarket Driven”
  • 28. THANK YOU