Find and recruit qualified candidates with Twitter


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  • Find and recruit qualified candidates with Twitter

    1. 1. About Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association • Nonprofit 501(3) organization founded in 2005 • New Board elected in January 2013 • Mission to “educate the market about RPO” • Resources: RPO Buyer’s Guide, RPO Hub, Webinars, White papers, Newsletter • Visit us: • Contact us at:
    2. 2. Upcoming Events • March 12 & April 9 - RPO Monthly Summit • March 27- “Why bad hiring decisions are made and what can be done” • April 17 – RPO Panel Discussion • Register online at:
    3. 3. Housekeeping • Webinar recording • Available at Resource Center • Questions? • #TwitterRecruiting
    5. 5. Your Twitter feed (like the Facebook Newsfeed)Your Profile Trending topics: phrases that, at the moment, have a high volume of traffic Shortened Link: a link that has been shortened by Twitter or a 3rd party tool
    6. 6. Add a recentprofile picture
    7. 7. Add a relevant link (can include more than one in bio)
    8. 8. Start following people
    9. 9. Build Lists: Lists are groups of people you follow that have something in common)
    10. 10. TWITTER 101RT: Retweet – when you share a tweet that you found interesting. Usually precededwith the letters RTMT: Modified Tweet – Like an RT but the original copy of the tweet has been slightlymodified140: The maximium character length of a tweetFavorite: Tagging a tweet in your feed with a star, communictes that you liked thetweet and/or are sharing it for later# tags (hash tags): A way to categorize your tweets. For example #hiring isstandard hashtag used when tweeting about a job opening@ - first character in all twitter handles (twitter IDs).@ - Place a period before the @ sign if you want your tweet to appear in the publicfeedConversation: A series of tweets between two people; while everyone can see thesethey only appear in the feed if you are following both membres of the conversationFollowing: The people that you have selected to be added to your feed – you will seeall of their tweetsFollowers: The people that are following you
    11. 11. Advanced search and networkanalytics
    12. 12. SocialBro Best Followee Search Tool •Advanced search •Active user analytics •Quick multi-add •Influence insight •Profile browser
    13. 13. SocialBro Searching with SocialBro USEFUL FILTERS: • Time zone • Followers • Lists • Account age • Time since last tweet ADVANCED SEARCH: • Keyword or phrase • Name • Location
    14. 14. SocialBro: Search Results Profile Browser • Are they following me • Am I following them • Latest tweets • Follower/Followee Stats • Bio • Tweet directly from SocialBro • Add to list from SocialBro
    15. 15. SocialBro: Search Results
    16. 16. SHARING
    17. 17. Buffer ( Facilitates quick, easy, and well timed tweets
    18. 18. Create a schedule toautomatically share tweets that you feed to your buffer
    19. 19. Analytics show you which ofyour tweets are getting clicks and shares
    20. 20. Personalizing the link with acomment or question yeilds higher clicks and shares
    21. 21. Buffer BUFFER ( • Share links directly on • Where you see this icon • Using Chrome, Safari or Firefox plugins
    22. 22. Use LinkedIn to Fill Your Buffer Share Perspective
    23. 23. Advanced Feed Automation:
    24. 24. ENGAGE
    25. 25. Buffer Advanced Twitter Client
    26. 26. Engage Follow employees of your clients and targets Share posts and links that you find interesting Acknowledge meaningful events Tweetdeck: • Advanced Twitter tool • Display lists in columns • Monitor hashtags • Manage multiple accounts and shares Ask questions • Preview links, images and videos
    27. 27.• Searches your twitter followers• Crawls all links• Delivers links, photos, videos, and people
    28. 28. Twitter Chats• Specific day and hour that like minded people share tweets about a specific topic• Chat is identified by a hashtag (#)• Conversational in nature• Excellent way to identify new people to engage and followFull list:
    29. 29. Automatically appends the hashtag Contorls rate of refreshFeature and block specific users Favorite or retweet instantly
    30. 30. Topsy: Twitter Analtics• See trends for last month• Search topical trends• Evaluate traffic of chats• Share the results
    31. 31. Tools Reviewed
    32. 32. Get Started Today 1. Create your Twitter account 2. Search for users to follow a) Celebrities b) News outlets c) Peers d) Clients e) Big brands 3. Create lists 4. Share articles from LinkedIn Today 5. Participate in Twitter chats 6. Engage other users by sharing or commenting on their links 7. OPTIONAL: Register your official twitter handle with marketing