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Core rpo services rpoa matt rivera_final

  1. 1. Core RPO Services A Special RPOA Leadership Forum presentation Presented by: Matt Rivera, Director, Customer Solutions at Yoh Wednesday, July 10, 2013 It’s Not One-Size Fits All
  2. 2. About RPOA • Nonprofit 501(3) organization founded in 2005 • New Board elected in January 2013 • Mission to “educate the market about RPO” • Become a member!
  3. 3. RPOA Leadership Forum • Access Leadership Forum page • Request to present
  4. 4. Introductions Matt Rivera Director, Customer Services Yoh Lamees Abourahma Executive Director Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association
  5. 5. Agenda • What is RPO? • Types of RPO Engagements • Ideal customers • Delivery options • Why RPO? • RPO May NOT be for you if… Enterprise RPORPO Consult- ing RPO Project RPO Emerging RPO Services Point of service RPO
  6. 6. What is RPO? RPOA Definition: “An RPO provider acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method, and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce costs, and improve governmental compliance.”
  7. 7. What is RPO? Key Points of the Definition: • Acts as a company’s internal recruitment function • Manage the process • Hires a portion or all of jobs • Provide verifiable metrics It’s as much a process (P) as it is recruitment (R) Outcomes RPO= Accountable Functional ProcessBut there’s more
  8. 8. Types of RPO Engagements • Enterprise RPO •Long-Term, Company-Wide •Job/Location Specific • Short Term Project RPO • Point-of-Service/Limited RPO • Consulting RPO • Emerging RPO Services
  9. 9. Enterprise RPO • AKA full-service RPO or fully outsourced RPO • Company-wide outsourcing of all or most of the recruiting functions • Long-Term • Can be position or location specific • “Fully Outsourced” is the key term
  10. 10. Long-Term Enterprise RPO • Company-wide outsourcing of the recruiting function and department • Usually “end-to-end” recruiting through onboarding • Ownership of process, technology and results • All jobs, exclusively • Team at provider site • Customer branding • Contract length: Years
  11. 11. Position/Location Enterprise RPO • Job family or geographic outsourcing of the recruiting function •Examples: An R&D business unit/location, call centers, plant, corporate headquarters • May or may not include use of client’s technology • Ownership of process and results • Otherwise same as Long-Term Enterprise RPO
  12. 12. Who is the ideal client for Enterprise RPO? • Very familiar and/or comfortable with outsourcing as a company culture or strategy. • Companies that have a large, sustained need for recruiting – typical enterprise RPO contracts last two to three years. • Large companies (i.e. thousands of employees, Fortune 1000 companies). • Companies that have multiple locations and want to standardize their recruiting processes, and/or some locations don’t have adequate recruiting resources. • Mid-sized companies experiencing aggressive growth or expansion.
  13. 13. Project RPO • Specific project with specific term • EX: hire a sales force, fulfill a set number of hires, or help processes or locations that don’t have enough resources • Agreement reflects the scope needed and the metrics that are relevant to the project • Less responsibility overall on behalf of the provider – possibly shared with client • Contract lengths tend to be shorter (e.g., 6-12 month contracts) or until hire volume is fulfilled
  14. 14. Ideal Client for Project RPO • Any company needing a specific recruiting need met (i.e. certain number of hires, hiring for certain positions, helping one location or with one part of the recruiting process) • Any company needing recruiting help for just a few months • Not the best for 25 hires, but would be better for 50+ hires. However, this is not absolute. • Good for those that are looking for a structured process to meet recruiting goals – need consistent results and sustained activity • Good for companies not comfortable with total outsourcing
  15. 15. Point-of-Service RPO • Better known as limited RPO or selective RPO • RPO provider is taking responsibility for one component of the recruiting process • Examples: applicant intake, applicant screening, social media outsourcing/recruiting, or putting this data into the applicant tracking system • Similar to project RPO, but length varies (both short and long) • Hand-off to client HR or internal recruiting staff
  16. 16. Ideal Customer for POS RPO • Companies large and small that have a consistent volume of recruiting work • Any company that needs to outsource in a certain area • Companies that experience fluctuations in volume, where scalability would be tough to do on one’s own • Mid-sized and large companies are more likely to have the volume and the need to outsource one area • Companies with a defined process in place – no need for the RPO provider to design a program or process for the client
  17. 17. Consulting RPO • Company simply seeking the knowledge an RPO provider has on recruiting and improving the process. • RPO provider may offer advice on how to improve their processes, on what tools should be used, on how to do social media recruiting etc.
  18. 18. Who is the ideal customer for consulting RPO? • Anyone setting up a recruiting process or an HR department • Larger companies that are looking to consolidate their processes or to find someone to look at their overall picture • Those that are going through a merger or an acquisition, where different processes and/or employment brands need to be evaluated • Startups that are experiencing growth, and would need help with recruiting as well as setting up the process
  19. 19. Emerging RPO Services • Contingency/On-Demand RPO • Branded/White Label RPO • Co-sourcing
  20. 20. Delivery Options • On-Site – Recruiters are at the client’s location, sitting at a desk and recruiting directly. • Virtual – Provider has a hub or off-site location for the recruiters, but they are dedicated to the client. Recruiters are not on site. • On-Demand – This is for contingency/on-demand RPO, where essentially the service (or services) is delivered when the client asks and in the way that the client wants. • Supported – This means that the recruiters are not dedicated to one client, but this delivery option is designed for scalability. More recruiters can be added, or taken away, when needed.
  21. 21. Why RPO? • Transition fixed “headcount” costs to variable “services” line item • Increased value for reduced cost and scalability • Reduce dependency on agency fees Value Program Management Quality • Centralize recruiting services • Great variances of volume needs • Transfer transactional activities from HR to provider. More focus on strategy. • Current recruiters and strategy not achieving quality and metrics needed • Improve HM satisfaction • Need for consistency & predictability with measureable results • Design & change expertise • Ability to “flex” • Exceptional process and technological expertise • Variety of pricing models • Quality and efficiency experts • First year 15-20% savings • Specialized recruitment • 100% recruitment focus • Relationship management • Tracking & results • Real-time metrics & dashboards RPO Partner Delivers:
  22. 22. RPO may NOT be for you if you have… • Occasional needs • Needs you cannot quantify or qualify • Simple head hunting needs • Your company (or HR department) is not comfortable with outsourcing or change • Limited help for a completely broken process • No executive buy-in or support
  23. 23. QUESTIONS?
  24. 24. Where do you find qualified RPO providers? • RPOA Buyer’s Guide: free, searchable list of verified RPO companies provided by RPOA. • Access Buyer’s Guide: guide • Add your company: company • Upgrade your listing:
  25. 25. Recommended Reading
  26. 26. Recommended Readings • Project RPO: Thinking smaller can have a big impact [article] • Setting up for success: what to prepare for when selecting an RPO provider [webinar] • Recruiting process outsourcing 101 [webinar] • RPOA Buyer’s Guide [RPO Provider directory] • Preparing to work with an RPO provider [article]
  27. 27. Thank you! • Questions or suggestions? Email • Visit us online at • Follow us on Twitter @rpoassociation and LinkedIn Group: Recruitment Process outsourcing Association