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King presentation

  1. 1. Pockets of RuralPoverty:Seeing Beyond theCensus DataJosh King, Land of Sky Regional CouncilKaryl Fuller, Isothermal Planning &Development Commission
  2. 2. IntroductionO Isothermal Planning & Development Commission(IPDC)O Council of Government representing four countiesin North CarolinaO They are Cleveland, McDowell, Polk andRutherford. All but Cleveland are within ARCO IPDC provides a variety of services to theircounties including:O Workforce DevelopmentO Area Agency on AgingO Grant ServicesO Planning Services including staffing Isothermal RPO
  3. 3. Introduction, Cont.O Disproportionate development patternsleaving extreme income disparityO Fast and furious second home growth inthe 2000’sO Declining manufacturing employmentO Better ways to display and track locallyavailable knowledge for future plannersO Environmental Justice Compliance tool
  4. 4. Environmental Justice GuidesO IncomeO Areas where the Median HouseholdIncome Less than 50% of County’s HUDAverageO MinorityO Areas where %Minority is 10 points higherthan County Average or Greater than 50%
  5. 5. Map
  6. 6. ProblemO Data AvailableO Largely CensusO Economic Data is No Longer Collected during theRegular CensusO Rather, American Community SurveyO AdvantagesO ”New “ Data Available Every YearO DisadvantagesO Depending on Geography, Only Data Available is 5-Year AveragesO Sample Size is not 1 in 6 household like the long form.Each year, ACS attempts to sample 1 in 35-40households. Even over 5 years, sample 1-12.5households
  7. 7. ProblemO Size of Geography hasexpandedO In 2000—Block Groupsrepresented 600 peopleO Since 2010— BlockGroups represented1,500 people. CensusTracts representedaverage of 4,000.O Because of ACSsampling, the data is notreliable at BG levelO Census Tracts provide amore reliable sample
  8. 8. Problem, Cont.O Census Tracts arelargerO The smallest tract in4-county region is~1000 acres inMcDowell County.The largest is~100,000 acres inRutherford CountyO Variation is hiddenwith the larger areaand population size.Fewer Census Tractmeet the threshold
  9. 9. Kingstown ExampleO Town FactsO 89.1% BlackO 2010 MedianHousehold Income:$31,111O Total Population: 681O Census Tract FactsO 16.9% BlackO 2010 MHHI: $45,250O Total Population:6,855
  10. 10. Available DataO IPDC provides Grant Services to all fourcounties including Housing, UrgentRepair, Infrastructure and EconomicDevelopment. We also provideWeatherization Services to all 4 counties.O Most of the Grants require IncomeVerification, usually low to moderateincomeO Weatherization has income limits, as well.
  11. 11. Limitations/IssuesO Grant recipients’ addresses are posted.O However, Weatherization is not.O Brought in Grant data from 2005-O Grant recipients usually have liens on their housefor an extended period.O Small pool of applicants, but have parcel IDsO Weatherization recipientsO Currently, only 1 Year of data usedO Used Addresses and Geo-coded them UsingGoogle MapsO Solution-To use Spatial Analysis tools to bothobscure the individual addresses and highlight theclusters
  12. 12. ProcessO Grant RecipientsO All data was converted to point dataO Compiled/Attributed with SourceO Weatherization DataO Addresses OnlyO Geo-coded Using Google dataO Any data with Accuracy rating less than 8O Screened, UpdatedO Re-Geocoded
  13. 13. Process, Cont.O Weatherization & Grant Services werecombinedO Using Spatial Analyst, various cell sizesand search radius were explored.O Cell size of 2500 ft and Search radius of 2miles seemed sufficient
  14. 14. Results
  15. 15. Final Map
  16. 16. ComparisonResults MapOverlay MapResults Map
  17. 17. Final ThoughtsO Related Products—Highlights forMarketing/AdvertisingO Race—Use 2010 Block Group dataO Bring in More Weatherization dataO Technique is scalable to varying degreesO Continuous search for more incomequalified dataO Aging data can also be used to test againstCensus Age data