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Jason Kelly, Northern Arizona Council of Governments, at the National Rural Transportation Conference.

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Kelly rpo2012

  1. 1. Northern Arizona COG ● Mobility Management
  2. 2. Mobility ManagementA system approach to addressing mobility demands by integrating and utilizing transportation resources (i.e. facilities, equipment, systems, services, functions, people and skills talents) Coordinated Transportation Network
  3. 3. Blending …into aindividual collectiveelements... system… …to generate maximum yield
  4. 4. State Context9 Planning DistrictsADOT goals Improve management of existingassets AZ Institute 4 Coordination Strengthen Regional Human Service Coordination Plans Develop Coordination Councils
  5. 5. NACOG Profile 4 Counties 48,000 square miles (Louisiana) 41% Native American Reservation land 350,000 pop.
  6. 6. Northern AZPopulation Groups % w/ Persons perJurisdiction Population % of state % aged 65+ disability sq mileApache 71,518 1.1% 11.6% 17.2% 6.4Coconino 134,421 * 2.1% 8.9% 12.1% 7.2Navajo 107,449 1.7% 13.3% 21.4% 10.8Yavapai 211,033 ** 3.3% 24.1% 16.1% 26.0Region 350,000 8.2% 14.5% 16.7% 12.6State 6,392,421 - 13.8% 11.2% 56.3
  7. 7. Northern Arizona = extremely rural
  8. 8. = low density
  9. 9. = isolated communities & resources
  10. 10. NACOG MM: Version ‘1’ Area Agency on Aging PlanningTitle III Transportation Human Services Coordination PlanningTechnical Assistance,Guidance, Standardization FTA Grant ProgramsStrengthen resource & Data collection &funding allocations management
  11. 11. MM Projects Underway NON EMERG MEDICAL Sr. Cntr – Para Transit NACOG DTD AAA PROJECT COG AAA – NOMT Senior Center COG – MPO Senior Transportation Network Development COG AAA – Para Transit Voucher program
  12. 12. MM Projects ‘on-deck’ Interstate 40 program (COG Community Services – Sr. Center partnership) 2 – Local Mobility Management Programs (operations) COG AAA – Para Transit Voucher program Catholic Charities inter-community service Tribal programs (AAA, Transit merge) New tribal transit implementation
  13. 13. Current landscape Medicaid Children Program Development Disabilities Family & Families Temporary Assistance Clayton School United Methodist Assistance for District Church Needy FamiliesSubstance Abuse Mental Health Medicare & Health HHS Medicaid Svcs Rural Transit Health Operators CareResources& Services Office of the Family Secretary Assistant Ride IncHead Secretary Child Soc. ServicesStart Planning Care Block Grant Evaluation Bureau ABC’s Transit Education Aging Community Services Centers for Independent Living State Governors Disability Rehab and & Rehabilitation Services Research Cabinet Secretaries Administration Employment ? Federal Education Agencies ? ? Office of Special Education Programs & Grant Shopping $ Local Office of Disability Government Employment Policy Labor Recreation Employment Training Medicaid Agency Transportation Office of the Urbanized Elderly Secretary Grant Program & Blue Top Taxi Disability Program Independence National Highway Federal Transit Easter Shows Traffic Safety Early Learning Administration Administration Rural Grant Program Center Metro Access Departmental Job Access DART Office of Assistant Secretary Reverse Commute Civil Rights for Transportation Program Policy
  14. 14. A New Paradigm Consumer with U.S. State & Local Employment Mobility Needs Government Funds, Policies, and Independence Health Care Regulations Family Education Recreation One Call Funding Agencies Public Private Transit Taxi Authority Transportation Disability ADA Education Interior Service Para- Provider transit Social Labor Security MedicalTransit Transit Pass Provider HHS Housing Agency Faith Transportation on Based Aging Transit Service Veterans Head Providers Agriculture Affairs Start
  15. 15. Show Low Sr Center Holbrook Round Valley Senior Sr. Center Center Timberline White Mt. Non-Emerg Apache Tribe Medical Little Reeves Colorado Foundation Behavioral Health WinslowCouncil on Proposed: Pinetop- Lakeside Sr. Aging Center Eastern rizona Coordi A nated SpecializedRim Country Mobility program Bannon Springs Sr. Center Assisted living Solterra NAU Civic Independent Service Inst. Living WM Public Mt. Top Transit Transport Community Veterans Counseling Center
  16. 16. Tips on keeping players @ the tableStrategy #1: Vision & GoalsStrategy #2: Don’t try to eat the whole elephantStrategy #3: Relationships & partnershipsStrategy #4: Identify & utilize resource pool
  17. 17. Tips on keeping players @ the tableStrategy #5: Empower the locals; nurture a championStrategy #6: Regionalization: crossing boundariesStrategy #7: Collect and develop data setsStrategy #8: Food!Strategy #9: WIFTStrategy #10: Focus on people