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Keating ccts presentation

  1. 1. Chittenden County 2012Transportation SurveyNADO Rural TransportationPeer Learning Conference, Greenville, SCApril 25, 2013Conducted by Resource Systems Group, Inc
  2. 2. Study Background• Third iteration of a survey on public opinion• 2012 (conducted by RSG)• 2006 (conducted by National Research Center, Inc.• 2000 (conducted by RSG)• Survey assesses the public’s:• Opinions on the current system’s performance• Priorities for future transportation investment• Combined responses allow for analysis of changes inattitudes over time
  3. 3. Survey Methodology• Sample: 4,000 residentialaddresses in ChittendenCounty• Randomly selected• Population-proportional• Outreach:• Pre-notification postcard• Invitation letter
  4. 4. Survey Instrument• Two options for completing the surveyPaper-based (mail-back)Web-based
  5. 5. Survey Sections• Mode use• Agreement with statements in 6 categories• Highway/auto travel, transportation planning activities, publictransportation, bicycling and walking, transportation behavior, qualityof life• Importance rating of statements in 7 categories• Highway initiatives, expanding public transportation service, improvedbike/walk facilities, incentives to use transportation alternatives,preservation of existing system, improved safety, minor highwayefficiency projects• Topic importance• Rate (and rank) each of the above categories (highway initiatives, etc.)• Demographics
  6. 6. Mode Usage
  7. 7. Year-Over-Year Comparisons• The following charts present the trends in attitudesand opinions over time• Percentages are significantly different from oneanother when the margin of error bars () donot overlap• A semi-transparent box highlights key takeaways(where 2012 results are significantly different prioryear(s)
  8. 8. Highway/Auto Travel0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Traffic congestion affects the majority of trips I makeTraffic congestion gets noticeably worse every yearI dont know where to find information on traffic conditions andhighway constructionI often drive on back roads and residential streets to avoid congestedhighwaysI am often delayed by road construction, accidents, or special eventtrafficTraveling by car is safe in Chittenden CountyDriving in Chittenden County becomes more dangerous each yearThe major roads and bridges throughout Chittenden County are ingood conditionThe streets in my neighborhood are in good conditionIt is difficult to find a convenient parking spot in the older, downtowncommercial areas of the CountyThere are enough Park-and-Ride lots in Chittenden CountyThere are enough rideshare and carpool opportunities in ChittendenCountyOverall, driving is a pleasant experience in Chittenden County2000: Percent agree 2006: Percent agree 2012: Percent agree
  9. 9. Bicycling and Walking0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%The sidewalks and bike paths in my neighborhood, town, or city arein good conditionThere are enough sidewalks in my city or townThere are enough separated bike paths and/or bike lanes alongroads in my city or townI live close enough to walk to work, schools, shopping, services, etcI feel safe when crossing a road on footTraveling by bicycle is safe for teenagers and adultsTraveling by bicycle is safe for childrenOverall, walking is a pleasant experience in Chittenden CountyOverall, traveling by bicycle is a pleasant experience in ChittendenCounty2000: Percent agree 2006: Percent agree 2012: Percent agree
  10. 10. Transportation Behavior0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%If it cost more to drive my car, I would make fewer tripsNothing will replace my car as my main mode oftransportationI support increasing gas taxes to help pay for highways,transit, bicycle and sidewalk projectsI support increasing gas taxes to help pay only for highwayprojectsI would take the bus if the routes and schedule wereconvenient for meI would walk to work, school, shopping or other activities ifthey were close enoughI would walk more often if sidewalks were providedI have reduced the number of trips I make by using theinternet2000: Percent agree 2006: Percent agree 2012: Percent agree
  11. 11. Quality of Life0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%The noise and emissions from cars, buses and trucks are anenvironmental problemThe noise and emissions from cars, buses and trucks seem to begetting worse each yearThere is a significant amount of cut through traffic in myneighborhoodCompleted highway projects have been constructed in a way thatenhanced the areas in which they passThe streets in my neighborhood are safe and pleasant for all usersOverall, Chittenden Countys transportation system enhances thequality of my lifeFor a typical day, my car is the only safe, convenient and affordablemode available to meEnough is being done to address the transportation needs of allpopulations2000: Percent agree 2006: Percent agree 2012: Percent agree
  12. 12. Highway Initiatives0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Adding more travel lanes to congested roadsBuilding more freeways (interstate type highways)Building more local roads to provide additional connectionsbetween townsProviding new interstate interchanges2006: Percent highly important 2012: Percent highly important
  13. 13. Topic Importance0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Highway initiativesExpanded public transportation serviceImproved bike/walk facilitiesIncentives to use transportation alternativesPreserving the condition of existing roads, bridges, sidewalks, bikepaths and public transportation services and facilitiesImproved safetyMinor highway efficiency projects2006: Percent highly important 2012: Percent highly important
  14. 14. Topic Ranking6%5%16%15%18%36%7%9%12%13%18%18%20%9%11%12%16%13%21%11%21%23%29%46%46%57%67%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Highway initiativesMinor highway efficiency projectsIncentives to use transportation alternativesExpanded public transportation serviceImproved safetyImproved bike/walk facilitiesPreserving the condition of existing roads, bridges, sidewalks, bikepaths and public transportation services and facilitiesHighest priority Second highest priority Third highest priority
  15. 15. Survey Purpose• To periodically “gain the pulse” of our residentsattitudes towards transportation related issues andtrack any trends• To corroborate/support recommendations fromplanning studies• To effectively involve the general public intransportation planning and decision making• To identify areas for further research
  16. 16. Telecommuting in Chittenden CountyShare of workers who work from home* 5.2%Share of workers whose employer offers telecommuting** 23.3%Sources: * 2006-2010 ACS, **2012 Chittenden County Transportation Survey