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Who We Are: The Strategy + Innovation Group LLC is a group of Systematic Innovation and Strategy Specialists, whose methods have been applied in multiple industries from automotive, aerospace, retail design, as well as in semiconductor manufacturing & electronics designs.

"We are 'expert-coaches.' Drawing on our extensive Innovation experience, we help clients achieve specific measurable results while ensuring that they are 'in the driver's seat.'

We believe in doing an accurate analysis of your business issues, with guiding principle of determining what business results are most meaningful, we help clients translate their innovation strategy into an actionable and realistic plan.

To achieve these results, we help clients change the way innovation work gets done, and we do via a process that you can count on that will work for you in your organization. To ensure the results achieved are lasting, we help clients build in the capability to manage the change and continuously improve – enabling them to realize more of their full potential.

Mission: To provide the world with a better way to strategically and systematically innovate

While our specialty in systematic innovation being tied directly to the best strategy tools and frameworks out there, we specialize in complex problem solving and problem finding in product design, manufacturing processes and assertive strategies for business models.

We are mostly veterans of high-tech electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, who have delivered results in that tough demanding environment that comes from working in a Fortune 50 company with extensive experience:

Technology Development
Research and Development
Applied Research
Operations & Manufacturing
Product and Process Design and Development
Marketing and Sales
Capital Equipment Development
We have done this as both individual contributors or in senior leadership positions inside and outside of the corporate world.

Our people come from a number of areas, mostly from Intel and Tektronix, as well as a couple boutique consultancies and a couple from Small and Medium Sized companies.

We see ourselves as the Consumer Reports of innovation. If there is a methodology, framework, or tool that doesn't perform to standard every time, we'll tell you so. We don't want our clients or our students to be misled, ripped off or end up wasting time and money on a tool that is not effective. We come from the corporate world where the standards of performance are extremely demanding and the methods that we use to innovate MUST meet those standards of performance excellence and have value to the user.

We only teach what we KNOW works, and that does so repeatably and reliably, so that you know as a consumer of our work product that you can trust that you are getting the very best that can be delivered.

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What We Do For You - Introducing The Strategy + Innovation Group

  1. 1. "We Make Engineering Cool – Driving Innovation that Works" PROVIDING TRAINING, AND CLASSES IN THE FOLLOWING:  Systematic Innovation for Technology, Manufacturing. Engineering, Design Engineering, Software Engineering & Architects as well as for Business and Mgmt.  Advanced Systematic Innovation Methods (S-Curve Analysis, Technology Forecasting, Trends and Laws of Tech. Evolution, technology evaluation & forecasting for execs, technical leaders and individual contributors).  Design for Innovation in Manufacturing (DfIM) or Design for Organizational Innovation (DfOI)  Upon request we can create customized Strategy, Innovation and Change Agency training for you and your team’s needs. Tell us what you want and we’ll create a proposal crafted to your specific needs THE STRATEGY + INNOVATION GROUP About Us Established: September 2003 – Present We are a Corporate Privateering company specializing in Innovation Management and Strategy and New Product Development, a Private Equity firm (we invest in ourselves and our competencies) that enables and creates Corporate Sustainability Strategy + Innovation Group, LLC (S+I G) works with partner organizations in business, academia and government to establish, execute, and sustain programs involving innovation, intellectual property, rapid proto-typing, process improvement, and organizational change via change agency, coaching and training. The S+IG leads the identification and selection of innovation projects and opportunities within and without the client organization to drive both short and long term business and innovation objectives that result in the materialization of real ROI. Industrial Innovation and Corporate Sustainability Infrastructure Development: as core competencies are built, cultivated and sustained not hired or bought. Industrial Innovation and Corporate Sustainability Infrastructure Development: as core competencies are built, cultivated and sustained not hired or bought. THE STRATEGY + INNOVATION GROUP 206 NE 102nd Ave Portland, OR 97220 SERVICES INCLUDE: Application/Services Engineering:  Project and program management with an emphasis on an innovation management perspective.  Expedient product, process and technology development that is a more cost effective way for OEM R&D and product, technology and process development, since we use an approach that larger firms lack in speed and profitability. We can customize our training of methods and tools to support effective IP development, and help identify the best processes and approaches based on a strategic innovation point of view THE STRATEGY + INNOVATION GROUP "We Make Engineering Cool – Driving Innovation that Works"
  2. 2. We believe in a disciplined but better way of achieving success in New Product and Process Development – it is our competency that we work on every day S+IG Partners are veterans of high-tech firms, specializing in consumer & industrial electronics, industrial design, semiconductor manufacturing, and industrial engineering firms, specializing in commercial and military products development. delivering results in the demanding environments of Fortune 100 firms Our team members have extensive experience in:  Research and Development  New Technology Introduction,  New Product Introduction,  Applied Research  Structural and Thermal Analysis  Rapid Prototyping and Testing  Advanced Materials Development  Operations & Manufacturing  Product and Process Design and Development  Capital Equipment Development  IT and Knowledge Management  Root Cause Analysis  Failure Analysis & Failure Prediction Our Team has a rich history in leading innovation initiatives as individual contributors, private business owners, and in senior leadership positions inside the corporate environment. Strategy Development: First we do the necessary diagnostics 1st to find the leverage points both internally & externally for you, or we can train you to do the same. We provide you with an Innovation Performance Management System for strategic execution using:  A Disciplined approach to Strategy Development  Leveraging Systematic Innovation methods,  Effective application of corporate change agency methods So that you and your firm can create and maintain an Innovation Pipeline that embeds the most effective approach that you can use and modify as your firm grows in capability as your competency grows Beyond the Strategic we provide tactical Innovation Instructor “train the trainer” training and provide real time, side-by-side coaching with you and your team as they grow in talent and competency. We don’t leave you high and dry, we are in this with you. Your success is our success. We call it “Tactical and Strategic Innovation Methods Instruction, Coaching and Mentoring” “This makes sustaining Key operational indicators for improving innovation success; “It’s not failure, its rapid proto-typing of your process and your products and services, you are on a learning curve. We show you what to look for and avoid the novice mistakes when it comes to being strategically innovative. This isn’t some kind of cheap set of statements, this is about developing your own Applied Rate of Learning and gaining the competitive advantage that it provides. M&A support: Investigation of issues, challenges, obstacles and barriers to integration/value capture Key Human-resource Investigation: Managing the internal iceberg of resistance to corporate change initiatives. Skill analysis, retention and development of both informal and formal leadership A-list key players for transition in growth or contraction- Development of Corp. Change Agent methods, tools, frameworks and mind sets