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Compare credit cards

  1. 1. ==== ====To Compare Credit Card Offers and Find the Card Thats Right For You, please ====Credit cards nowadays are fast becoming the most effective means of financial transaction. Theconvenience and time saving benefits along with the safety and reliablity they offer make them thepopular choice. The wide network of shops, malls and retail outlets encourage a vast populace touse them extensively. As the consumer base for credit cards is expanding rapidly, more and morepeople are getting overwhelmed by the diversity of offers. This article takes a look at the popularcredit card prevailing in the market and their features.Balance transfer credit cardsAllow customers to transfer a higher interest credit card balance onto a credit card with a lowerinterest rate.The terms of balance transfer credit cards vary greatly with credit card issuer andoffer. It will be better to know these terms before deciding on a balance transfer credit card.Low interest credit cardsThese cards offer a either a low introductory APR. It can change to high rates after some time.The exact details can be found in the credit card offer. People generally take advantage of the lowintroductory APRs and make large purchases.Reward CardsThese cards usually give the customer incentives or rebates and even cashback for the amountthey spend by their credit cards. There are various types of reward cards. Some of the mostpopular are:Airline reward cardsThese give incentives towards purchases on air travel, like frequent flyer or airline miles credits.The incentives can be points based or cash based which can be redeemed towards further airtravel or as provided in the credit card offer. The exact details about the offer can be obtained fromthe terms and conditions of respective credit card.Cash back credit cardsYou get cash rewards for using these credit cards. The rates at which companies give cashbackvary. It is a very good credit card for those who follow their repayment schedule religiously. If usedproperly it can return a significant amout of money back to the customer.Gas reward credit cards
  2. 2. These give incentives towards purchases on fuel for automobiles and other vehicles. Theincentives can be points based or cashbased which can be redeemed towards as described in thecredit card offer.Bad credit or credit Repair cardsThese are specifically designed for those with bad credit. The interest rates for these cards arehigh but there are a few other options open for those with poor credit. Following the repaymentschedule will help the customer in reviving his/ her credit ratings.Secured credit cardsThese credit cards require collateral for approval. Available for those with poor credit these cardsoffer an option to rebuild credit history. The collteral can be anything ranging from property,jewellery, car, or any other valuable good acceptable with the credit card issuer. These cardscome with extra fees and strict repayment options.Prepaid or stored value credit cardsThe entire amount stored in the credit card has to be paid in advance to the credit card company.These cards are also known as debit cards. These types of credit cards do not have any financecharges and help avoid the credit card debt because you can only spend what youu have. Thesecards are a purfect budgeting tool.Business credit cardsThese are cards tailored to business credit needs. Coming with special business incentives likehigher credit limits, special business rewards, and additional cards for employees they helpstreamline the business processes. The offer and promotion varies with every credit card andissuer.Student credit cardsThese credit cards are usually the first step towards building a credit history. Tailored specificallyto the needs of the students these cards generally require no cerdit history. Helpin students withthe much needed finance, these cards come with a low interest rate and easy repayment options.It is strongly advised that a customer should first discuss his financial needs with a consultant andthoroughly acquaint himself of all the terms and conditions before getting any credit card. o matterwhat type of credit card you choose, be sure to discuss your specific financial needs with yourfinancial advisor or accountant before applying for any credit card.Matthew Fisher, providing the best credit card advice and offers is a freelance journalist havingexpertise in credit cards and finance. His lucid and informative articles help readers gain insightinto the concerned matter and take better decisions.
  3. 3. Article Source: ====To Compare Credit Card Offers and Find the Card Thats Right For You, please ====